The Warm-Up: Mourinho's shock claim - 'I'll break Wenger's face'

The Warm-Up: Mourinho's shock claim - 'I'll break Wenger's face'

23/09/2016 at 07:45

The weekend starts here! (Unless you're working this Saturday - in which case it doesn't, sorry). Join Tom Adams for the Warm-Up.


Mourinho: I'll ‘break Wenger’s face’

A series of highly embarrassing emails and texts sent by Jose Mourinho over a number of years have been leaked to the media in a data dump which dumps all over his reputation, exposing some of the dark instincts of one of football’s most infamous men.

Oh wait, it says here that it’s all part of a new book, ‘Jose Mourinho up close and personal’ by journalist Rob Beasley, who has been given permission by Mourinho to release their correspondence. But that can’t be right, when the contents of these emails make him out to be a bit of a, well, arse.

'When Mr Wenger criticises CFC and Man United over the deal with Mata...I will find him one day outside a football pitch and I will break his face."

(Or, more likely, ask Rui Faria to do it)

"Mister Wenger wants Cech and he thinks about money...he is wrong!!! What I want is to f*** him."

It’s that kind of winning charm which made Chelsea such a nice place to be last season.

Rooney rubbishes critics

Speaking of "fat boy'', it turns out Rooney doesn’t appreciate your snide tweets and your earnest think pieces about his decline. The Manchester United captain is ignoring the mounting evidence around the expiration of his elite status and still reassuring himself that haters gonna hate.

Speaking on MUTV, he said of the scrutiny on his recent form: "Yeah, I think I’ve had that my whole career – a little bit more of late, I think, but that’s football. I listen to my coaches and my team-mates, the people around me, and I don’t really listen to what a lot of people out there are saying because a lot of it is rubbish.”

Unless by ‘a lot of it is rubbish’ he meant his own performances over the past six months - in which case Rooney pretty much got it spot on.

Adebayor unhappy with whisky rumours

Crystal Palace's Emmanuel Adebayor

Crystal Palace's Emmanuel AdebayorReuters

“For the avoidance of doubt I only drank water at this meeting and did not ask for whisky or have a cigarette.”

“We had a place in our squad for Manu, so I arranged to meet him for a coffee in Lyon,” Genesio apparently said. “But, to my surprise, when he arrived he asked for a shot of whisky in his coffee. He also had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.”

*Quizzical look whilst stroking chin emoji*


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if Usain Bolt firmed up all that big talk and actually played professional football, wonder no more.

Last night, Richairo Zivkovic scored this goal in injury time for Utrecht against Twente. You’re going to have to watch it twice to appreciate it - trust us.


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene WengerReuters


Okay, the Warm-Up understands it is a daily football feature, but how can you ignore the story that is dominating the world? The most sensational divorce in history? That’s right… THE DISINTEGRATION OF THE GREAT BRITISH BLOODY BAKE OFF. Like an overbaked pastry crust loaded with too much creme pat on a crap show stopper, it’s all crumbling before our eyes. To catch you up with the latest developments, Mel, Sue and now Mary Berry will all be staying with the BBC, meaning Channel 4 have essentially paid £75m for a tent, some dirty dishes and Paul Hollywood.

But then again, Juventus paid £75m for a rotund chap who looks like he might have a taste for cake this summer and that’s working out just fine. (There’s your football link - stop your whining).


Friday sees the usual spattering of matches across Europe, with Dortmund facing Freiburg, PSG taking on Toulouse and Real Betis facing Malaga. The first two are on BT and the Spanish one is on Sky, who also have Preston v Wigan in the Championship. Go out and live your life instead.

It’s just another manic Monday, as Adam Hurrey furiously tries to make deadline for you in the next Warm-Up.