Basketball is always a popular sport at the Olympics but the traditional format could be about to be eclipsed by a new, exciting way to play the game.
The Milwaukee Bucks only won the NBA Finals earlier this week for the first time in 50 years and basketball fans will now need a new focus to get their fix of basketball.
Up steps, 3x3 basketball, taking place at the Aomi Urban Sports Park over the coming days.
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Basketball has been a regular feature at the Summer Olympic Games ever since its debut in Berlin 1936, but Tokyo 2020 looks to be the opportunity organisers want to trial a new version of the sport, widely regarded as one of the world's most popular urban sports.

What are the rules of 3x3 basketball?

Just like five-a-side football following the rules of the traditional 11-a-side format, 3 on 3 basketball will simply be a condensed version of normal NBA games.
Teams consist of three players and one substitute and will be played on a smaller court - about half the size of a traditional basketball court.
3x3 basketball is set to be fast and furious and it's essentially the first team to score 21 points or whoever has the most points after 10 minutes wins the match.

The 3x3 basketball competition takes place at the Aomi Urban Sports Park

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If the game is tied after ten minutes the first team to score two points or get to 21 in overtime will be crowned victors.
The court is divided into two areas by a semicircle around a single hoop and net and players must take the ball back to around the semicircle after claiming a rebound. Possession switches after every score made.
There is also a 12-second shot clock to ensure the game is fast moving.
It's worth noting the ball being used is slightly smaller than the standard basketball used in five-on-five competitions but weighs the same.

Who are the 3x3 basketball favourites?

Dusan Domovic Bulut is aiming to lead Serbia to 3x3 basketball gold

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While USA boast 23 gold medals between the men and women's team in basketball to date, they aren't expected to triumph on the 3x3 stage.
The USA men's team failed to qualify for Tokyo while the women's 3x3 side are ranked 13th in the world - the lowest ranked team in the competition.
France and the Russian Olympic Committee team are among the contenders to scoop a medal.
In the men's competition, Serbia are tipped to dominate with Dusan Domovic Bulut the star of the show.
The qualifying men's teams are: Japan (host), China, Russia, Serbia, Poland, Netherlands, Latvia and Belgium.
The qualifying women's teams are: Russia, China, Mongolia, Romania, United States, France, Japan and Italy.
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