The 24-year-old last raced on January 26, winning a super-G in Bansko, Bulgaria, a week before Jeff passed away aged 65 at his home in Colorado.

"I have been able to ski and train a little bit over the last few weeks. It has been a slow process," she said in a video posted to her social media channels.

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"I have struggled with being able to maintain my focus as long as I normally can, but it has been therapeutic to be on the mountain, maybe even healing.

"I’ve found training to be a place where I can feel closer to my dad, yet it provides enough of a distraction so that feeling of closeness can be separated from the pain.

"As far as racing goes, I am flying to Scandinavia today. I have no promises if I’ll actually be able to race. I don’t really even have goals. Any time the topic of winning would come up in the conversation with my dad, he would always say, ‘But, did you make any good turns?’ That’s sort of the basis of our family’s entire philosophy.

"So, I guess, that would be my goal. I just want to make a few good turns. I think that would make him happy."

Shiffrin is currently 153 points behind Federica Brignone in the World Cup standings heading into the last seven races as she bids to win the title for the fourth straight time.

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