Dave Ryding had British fans dreaming of an elusive first Beijing 2022 medal after a rapid second slalom run saw the Rocket soar into the top spot with 13 riders to go on Wednesday.
He clocked 50.44 seconds for a combined time of 1:45.57. Was it to be the moment when GB's wait for a Winter Olympics medal would finally be over?
“Look at Ryding go!” said Europsort commentator Nick Fellows as each of the Briton’s splits lit up green down the slope.
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“Lightning-quick moves from Dave ‘The Rocket’ Ryding,” added co-commentator Finlay Mickel, “Dave can be really happy with that second-run performance.
“He gave it his all. Fantastic second run for him.”
Subsequent riders fell as they pushed for gold and two DNFs in a row followed Ryding’s run, allowing fans at home to begin picturing that gold medal round the World Cup winner’s neck.

‘Ryding is there!’ – GB star storms into lead after ‘lightning’ second run

“He’s gone! Another one down, 13 to go for Dave Ryding,” said Fellows as Atle Lie McGrath of Norway fell near the top of the course.
“This will be a nervous wait if it continues like this. If I were you, I’d put your goggles down and your seatbelts on because this could be a bumpy ride.”
It was not to be.
Daniel Yule pushed Ryding into silver medal position before Giuliano Razzoli and Ramon Zenhaeusern extinguished the Briton’s medal hopes for good, dropping him to fourth.
He ultimately finished 13th as Clement Noel won gold ahead of Johannes Strolz.
“Great work from our top skier from Lancashire in the north of England, born and bred on a dry slope," said Fellows.
“It’s 13th position for Dave Ryding, not quite as good as his ninth four years ago, but another solid performance from the British number one – counted with the best in Beijing today.”

‘A lot of pressure to deal with’ – Rutherford and Carrick-Anderson analyse Ryding run

Ryding had shown promise with his first run, starting explosively but slipping up slightly at the course’s midway point.
He had a lot to do for his second run and he delivered, but his overall time was ultimately not enough to trouble the medal positions.
Great Britain will have to wait a little longer for that medal.
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