Czech-Canadian alpine ski racer Jan Hudec, who represented Canada until 2016, took bronze at the 2014 Winter Olympics in the super-G, and former World Cup alpine racer from Croatia Ivica Kostelić, say there is a dire need for athlete representation among FIS skiers.
The top 15 v 30 decision at Cortina left many coaches and athletes alike infuriated, but with little recourse to influence any type of significant change.
“If the athletes were better protected they would not be afraid to speak the truth," Hudec told The Next Turn Podcast.
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"In skiing these are some of the best athletes in the world period. You have the top athletes in the world that basically have zero protection compared to all other professional sports, and they’re basically served on a pedestal to the TV, and if someone falls off, nobody is responsible and nobody is accountable to them.
"So basically protect the athletes, give them a bubble of protection and then the athletes will speak the truth and the athletes will together fight for justice.”
Kostelic said: “I believe that a lot of athletes are afraid about what their team is going to say, what their bosses are going to say, coaches. National federations run the show; not the athletes.
"The Federation speaks for the racers. This is of course a problem today.
I believe that racers should be heard more than they are at the moment, and they shouldn’t be afraid to speak.

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