26/10/19 - 09:00
Giant Slalom - Women • Final

Giant Slalom - Women

Pete Sharland

Shiffrin falls 0.06 behind the young Kiwi and at 17 years of age Robinson has won her first World Cup event.

What a performance, what a day. Skiing is well and truly back.




Robinson goes into the lead!

What does Shiffrin have?


Brignone can't catch the leaders and she's into third as thing stand. We're down to Robinson and Shiffrin...


Hrovat crashes out, just a lapse in concentration and she will be furious to have thrown away those World Cup points.


Holtmann goes into second, there are four to go with Hrovat up next.


Tviberg's incredible run is over!

Last year's champion Worley is the new occupant of the leader's chair. Her overall time is 0.67 ahead of Tviberg but even she couldn't match Tviberg's second run time.


Nope. The world champion finishes 0.75 off this is absolutely remarkable.


Right we've got Vlhova up next, let's see if she can put a dent into Tviberg's time.


Rebensburg is the latest skier to fail to match Tviberg's pace in the second run. There aren't many racers left...


Right we're back underway now, fingers crossed for Schild that it wasn't as bad as it looked


Schild's injury is definitely serious, the helicopter is being readied for her. That's a real shame to see.


THe race is currently on hold and Nick and Finlay on commentary fear that it looks like an ACL injury, Schild is still on the course.


That's it for Austria. Bernadette Schild is down and on the slo-mo replays that does not look great at all.

She's slow to get up as well, hopefully it isn't anything too serious. The Austrian crowd has fallen silent.

The pressure on the left knee there looks really bad.


Marta Bassino begins with a half-second advantage over Tviberg but again she can't get close to the Norwegian. That second part of the run from Tviberg is looking more and more impressive by the minute.


THat's an aggressive start from Gut-Behrami, she managed to stay on her skis but has to settle for 0.43 off the pace.


Michelle Gisin can only go 0.44 behind the leader, really goes to show how impressive of a run Tviberg put in.


Remember what I said about the musical chairs thing?

That hasn't really proven to be the case as it turns out. Tviberg remains top as a few of the racers struggle to get to grips with the course.


Ricarda Haaser is down but she hasn't missed a gate so she gets back up and finished the run but unsurprisingly is in last place and a way off the pace.


Maria Therese Tviberg has moved into the leader's chair.

That's one of the great things about these second runs, it's like a game of musical chairs.


Pace now being set by the Austrians. Franziska Gritsch is first and Ramona Siebenhofer has just gone into second.

That'll please the home fans.


Great second run from Alex Tilley she's set the pace of the second leg with a time of 1:09.91


Let's hear from Alice Robinson after that first run.


Welcome back!

Hope you enjoyed the break in which England managed to reach the rugby World Cup so well done to them.

Back to more important things though and we have the second leg from Soelden coming up!

Can anyone stop Mikaela Shiffrin? If anyone is it looks like it'll be Alice Robinson.

Great Britain's Alex Tilley will be up first.


And here is Tilley's run


A good first effort from Alex Tilley in her first run of the season. She's currently 23rd and fingers crossed for the British racer that she can make the second run!


Another strong showing from an Italian, this time from Francesca Marsaglia who goes into the top 10!

As Finlay rightly points out on commentary the risk-takers are being rewarded here today.


Lara Gut-Behrami, wife of Swiss midfielder Valon, is 2.08 off the pace and currently 14th, not bad at all.


I tell you what the piste is holding up wonderfully, very encouraging for the latter racers.


Great stuff from Mina Fuerst Holtmann as she puts in a strong final stage to move into the top five.


Meta Hrovat and Thea Louise Stjernesund have both put in good runs and they're now 0.95 and 1.66 behind Shiffrin to stand in the current top ten.


Here is that run from Alice Robinson

Remarkable stuff


Blimey that is a quite sensational run from Robinson. The 17-year-old is just 0.14 behind Shiffrin.

This kid is special.


Right now it's time for Alice Robinson, quite possibly the most exciting young rider on the circuit


There are some high hopes for Kristin Lysdahl this season but unfortunately she's the first to crash out this season.


Federica Brignone skis well in the closing stages of her first leg and she goes into second place.

Still 0.86 behind Shiffrin though...


Here is that run from Shiffrin

Amazing stuff...


What a start from Shiffrin!!!

She's gone 1.24 ahead of Worley. That is absolutely absurd from the American


Here comes Shiffrin...


And we have a new leader!

Last year's winner Tessa Worley has gone into the lead with a new best time of 1:09.13

Great start from the Frenchwoman!


Bit of rust from Wendy Holdener in her run she's finished 0.60 behind Vlhova.


It's the world champion Petra Vlhova who gets us underway and she sets the pace with a time of 1:09.36


Prediction time!

It's hard to look past Shiffrin to be honest. She was crowned the skier of the year before the race weekend and she is the queen of the slopes.

Petra Vlhova looks to be her closest challenger, particularly in the slaloms, Super-G might be far more interesting with Goggia back and fully fit.

Mikaela Shiffrin of US poses with the 2019 Skieur D'Or trophy during the Forum Alpinum event prior to the FIS Ski Alpine Worldcup opening in Soelden, Austria on October 25, 2019.

Finlay Mickel and Nick Fellows are on the ground and in the commentary booth for us today and here's Finlay's report from the course!


And we chatted to Ester Ledecka about what on earth you can do after doing the impossible...


We have more videos as well with Sofia Goggia talking about her return from injury and how she tries to balance her risk-taking nature with her newfound experience.


And speaking of we were at Atomic a few weeks ago to talk to Mikaela Shiffrin, Manuel Feller and Marco Schwarz about his retirement.


It's been a long old off-season but over seven months after the final meet of last season we are ready to go again!


Good morning and welcome to live coverage of the very first Alpine Skiing World Cup of the 2019-20 season! Hope you're all as excited as I am!