The four-times overall World Cup champion completed the course in one minute 4.36 seconds and showed no signs of the back pain which troubled her in St Mortiz last week.
It was the 78th World Cup race win of Vonn's career but the first since the downhill at Garmisch in January.
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Vonn finished 0.31 seconds ahead of Italy's Sofia Goggia with Norway's Ragnhild Mowinckel in third.
"I had a bad start to the season, and now I'm at a much better level, this win is very important for me," she told Swiss television, adding that she would also race in another Super G on Sunday.

Lindsey Vonn of USA takes 1st place during the Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Women's Super G

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"I hope the weather helps tomorrow and we can have a good race."
Liechtenstein's Tina Weirather, third in the overall World Cup standings at the start, crashed on a steep curve high on the course but skied away unharmed.
Switzerland's Lara Gut, recovering from an anterior cruciate knee injury, was ninth.

Lindsey Vonn wins her 78th world cup

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1. Lindsey Vonn (U.S.) 1:04.86
2. Sofia Goggia (Italy) 1:05.17
3. Ragnhild Mowinckel (Norway) 1:05.25
4. Nicole Schmidhofer (Austria) 1:05.53
5. Joana Hahlen (Switzerland) 1:05.56
6. Johanna Schnarf (Italy) 1:05.68
7. Viktoria Rebensburg (Germany) 1:05.74
8. Laurenne Ross (U.S.) 1:05.83
9. Lara Gut (Switzerland) 1:05.86
10. Michelle Gisin (Switzerland) 1:05.93
11. Romane Miradoli (France) 1:05.94
12. Corinne Suter (Switzerland) 1:05.98
13. Tiffany Gauthier (France) 1:06.06
14. Tamara Tippler (Austria) 1:06.18
15. Anna Veith (Austria) 1:06.21
16. Federica Brignone (Italy) 1:06.25
17. Ricarda Haaser (Austria) 1:06.27
18. Jasmine Flury (Switzerland) 1:06.28
19. Priska Nufer (Switzerland) 1:06.35
20. Stephanie Venier (Austria) 1:06.38
21. Anna Hofer (Italy) 1:06.47
22. Alice McKennis (U.S.) 1:06.48
23. Nadia Fanchini (Italy) 1:06.84
24. Alice Merryweather (U.S.) 1:06.89
25. Christine Scheyer (Austria) 1:06.91
26. Laura Gauche (France) 1:06.93
27. Tessa Worley (France) 1:07.05
27. Stephanie Brunner (Austria) 1:07.05
29. Ramona Siebenhofer (Austria) 1:07.19
30. Jennifer Piot (France) 1:07.21
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