The hotly anticipated Host City appointment process for the multi-sport European Championships 2026 is underway as the clock to Munich 2022 continues to tick.
With under 100 days to go until this year's international showpiece in Germany, interested parties for four years' time are invited to contact ECM at to receive initial information and open discussions for the hosting of the third edition of the prestigious Championships.
The dates of the European Championships 2026 are provisionally set from Thursday 30 July to Sunday 9 August, with cities expressing their interest being invited to attend the European Championships Munich 2022.
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And they will also form part of a specific programme to learn more about the young European multi-sport event, observing its sporting, cultural and media venues in operation.
The process - launched by European Championships Management (ECM) - is planned to be concluded with the appointment of the Host City at the end of 2022.
And an ECM Spokesperson said: "There is a good level of interest among cities in hosting the multi-sport European Championships in 2026.
"We have been building relationships with cities since the first edition in Glasgow and Berlin in 2018 and while many are currently expressing an interest in staging the event in 2026, we know there is a long journey to secure the necessary support to put a serious candidature forward.
"We are ready to support potential cities in their initial feasibility assessments and, if there is a positive interest, we will work with a potential host to develop a comprehensive project in line with the city's own sporting, economic, cultural, and social objectives
"Many cities have the existing facilities and scale to stage the European Championships on their own and there are even more potential candidates if cities within a country or a region start working together. A dual-city concept can only be considered, though, if two or more cities are to bid at the same time for the staging of different sports within the European Championships programme.
"The innovative and cost-efficient staging model is designed to make it accessible and affordable to a broad range of cities. It generates higher costs than the individual European championships forming part of it but at the same time massively lower costs than for an Olympic Games - while still generating very strong benefits for the host city.
"What we are finding interesting from discussions with potential host cities is that we are learning that the set of objectives they are aiming to realise with the hosting of the event is multiple and diverse and not only focused on the media exposure. In quite some cases local, social, and environmental factors are playing an increasingly important role."
Projects with one or more cities wishing to host the European Championships will be taken into consideration in accordance with the technical requirements and the objective to use existing sporting infrastructure to optimise sustainability efforts.
The European Championships bring together the continental championships of some of the leading sports into one multi-sport event to create a must-watch, must-attend experience that elevates the Champions of Europe.
The innovative staging model for the best European athletes is specifically designed so that a major international event can be delivered in a cost-efficient and sustainable way affordable for many cities in Europe.
Following the success of the inaugural European Championships in Glasgow and Berlin in 2018, the second edition will take place in Munich on 11 to 21 August 2022 as the centrepiece of the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Olympic Games in the German city.
The 100-days-to-go milestone was marked yesterday, Tuesday 3 May, ahead of a total of 4,700 athletes competing in 177 medal events across 9 Olympic sports (Athletics, Beach Volleyball, Canoe Sprint, Cycling, Gymnastics, Rowing, Sport Climbing, Table Tennis, Triathlon) this summer.
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