Baku, one of the richest capital cities in Eastern Europe thanks to the oil money in Azerbaijan, witnessed the singer perform a set which was widely acclaimed as a superb centrepiece for the ceremony as the first ever European Games opened up on Friday night.
It subsequently emerged that her performance didn't come cheap, with the eye-watering sum (for a set of just 10 minutes) in stark contrast to the nominal £1 fees demanded by the likes of Paul McCartney at the opening of the London 2012 Olympics.
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Was it worth it? Liam Morgan of Inside The Games said yes, even if he found Gaga's flower-strewn piano somewhat offputting: "It was difficult not to stand back and think that having Gaga perform was a true coup for the event as a whole.
"There would have been many inside the stadium who thought she was more than worth the money but it is fair to say that she should have had a much more central role rather than being hidden behind a bush.
"Gaga would have gotten used to being stowed away however as she was reportedly kept hidden in a hotel in Azerbaijan before the ceremony in order to maintain the element of surprise."

Lady Gaga at the European Games 2015 opening ceremony in Baku

Image credit: Reuters

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