"This is of concern to WADA and the broader anti-doping community," WADA Director General David Howman said in a statement.
"We will discuss the documentary allegations ... and will engage the authorities in Kenya next week during a regional meeting in Nairobi."
WADA said it has seen the Kenyan television program which contains a number of allegations surrounding the influence of the athlete entourage in relation to the provision of banned substances.
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"Where evidence from the documentary leads to breaches of the World Anti-Doping Code, WADA would expect the appropriate bodies to fully investigate and take action," said Howman.
Kenya recently partnered with WADA and the Chinese and Norwegian anti-doping agencies to develop an effective anti-doping program to help root out drug cheats in the east African country famous for its middle and long-distance runners.
Dozens of Kenyan athletes have failed doping tests in the past two years with government officials pointing the finger at foreign agents and Athletics Kenya's failure to educate its sportsmen and women properly.
Rita Jeptoo, a three-times winner of the Boston Marathon, is among the high-profile athletes to test positive for a banned substance after she was nabbed in an out-of-competition test last year.
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