Race profile: Midnight Sun Marathon - Tromso, Norway

Race profile: Midnight Sun Marathon - Tromso, Norway

13/06/2018 at 08:48Updated 14/06/2018 at 10:15

The world’s northernmost race, the Midnight Sun Marathon is as unusual as it is spectacular with runners soaking up the Arctic summer conditions.

When does it take place?

More specifically, at 20:30 in the evening, challenging runners to finish by midnight.

Where is it held?

Located 400km north of the Arctic Circle at 70˚N, the city holds the status of Norway's gateway to the Arctic.

More than 6,000 runners from over 65 different countries take part in the race every year.

When did it start?

The first race started back in 1990 and quickly began attracting runners from around the world keen to run in the midnight sun.

Its 29th edition, the 2018 race will be joined by a half-marathon, a 10k, a mini-marathon and a children's race.

It is the world's most northern AIMS certificated marathon.

Midnight Sun Marathon (Credit: Truls Tiller)

What is the course record?

The men's record of 2:20.56 is proudly held by Knut Hegvold of Norway, who achieved the mark in 1996.

The women's record of 2:38.22 is held by Brynhild Syntsnes, also of Norway, who set the time in 2001.

What is the route?

The race starts and finishes in the city centre with the final stretch receiving quite a buzz from the bar-lined streets.

Perhaps the toughest section is the Tromsø Bridge after 2 km, then again on the return at 20 km.

How would you describe it?

"Running in the northern summer night you’re exposed to perfect outdoor temperatures to boost your performance," says race director Nils I. Haetta.

" The Arctic experience of running with snow-covered mountain peaks in the background, while knowing it’s high summer, makes the race truly unique."
Midnight Sun Marathon (Credit: Truls Tiller)