Dina Asher-Smith says there is still a way to go in the fight against racism as she marked one year since the murdering of George Floyd.
Floyd's death resonated with people around the world and the murder sparked a global protest movement demanding an end to racism and police brutality.
Team GB athlete Asher-Smith has called on her social media followers to "keep pushing" in the fight against racial inequality.
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"George Floyd was murdered a year ago today. Thankfully Chauvin was found guilty," she wrote.
"Hopefully this marks a turning point for racial justice and holding perpetrators of police brutality accountable. Time will tell.
"But here, Black people are still being gaslit with the Sewell Report implying that institutional racism doesn't even exist, despite our own experiences directly contradicting that.
"Footballers are still being racially abused on social media. And we are banned by the IOC from even being able to express our hurt, frustration and outrage at racism, racist violence and racial inequality.
"Whilst it's been good to see so many more people become engaged and have their eyes opened to inequalities that we face, there is clearly still a way to go.
"We need to keep pushing - using our voices, dismantling barriers, destroying stereotypes, taking up space and continuing to be our most vibrant, unapologetic selves at all times.
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