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Tom Bosworth devastated after race walk disqualification

Bosworth devastated after race walk disqualification
By Sportsbeat

13/08/2017 at 22:55Updated 13/08/2017 at 23:56

The script continues to be torn up and discarded at the IAAF World Championships after home favourite and potential medallist Tom Bosworth received his first disqualification in more than four years during the 20km race walk.

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With Usain Bolt picking up a solitary bronze medal from his farewell championships and Mo Farah falling short of another long distance double, Bosworth was the latest to fall prey to the fickle London 2017 scriptwriters. Taking the form of a ten-lap race up and down The Mall, Bosworth was prominent on the front of the 20km field and in third position, two seconds off the leaders, at the halfway point of a race eventually won by Colombia's Eider Arevalo in a time of 1:18:53 - one minute and 20s faster than the Sevenoaks racer's best.

Following an early red card he had settled into his racing and appeared to be establishing a lead on the remainder of the field when he picked up two more red cards in a single lap - all for both feet being off the ground at the same time - leading to a disqualification and tears on the course.

"It is devastating but it's part of the event and today I felt great, I felt in control and I was testing the pace myself, so it shows I'm fit enough," said the 27-year-old who finished a shock sixth at last year's Rio Olympics.

"But that's race walking. Technique has to go with the fitness.

"Today I was going at a speed I've never ever gone before. So there's positives to take from this, and it's part of the event.

"After the first card I was just concentrating. Then I put in a little burst to really open up my stride. But I felt strong and I normally know when I'm pushing the boundaries and when I'm not.

"So yeah, it was a real shock. That's why it was quite difficult to take, I didn't feel bad. They were all for lifting and I was out.

"One of the chief judges, who I know very, very well, called me out and looked devastated for me.

"It was just heart wrenching because you're not allowed to finish the race and I felt like I was only just getting going."

Bosworth first came to the British public's attention during that breakthrough race in Rio, and thousands lined the Mall to see if he could bag a medal for the home crowd.

Following an earlier disqualification for fellow Brit Dominic King in the 50km race and no home female cracking the top 25 in their 20km event, all eyes were on Bosworth - only for disaster to strike.

"Of course I wanted to do it for the crowds. I've worked so hard and felt fit enough and strong enough to go with the lead pack," he added.

"I'm already running through things to do differently next time.

"Clearly my stride went from smooth and low and looking comfortable, to there being something that was giving me away.

"Maybe I was pushing a bit too hard. But that's what the judges are there for.

"If I thought one of my rivals was looking odd and maybe pushing too hard then I'd want the judges to act, but that's what happened to me today and I've got to take it."