It was a German one-two in Canada as Jamanka and Drazek finished ahead of Stephanie Schneider and Ann-Christin Strack while the hosts could only manage a third-place finish courtesy of Christine de Bruin and Kristen Bujnowski. Jamanka and Drazek survived a near-crash on their final run to secure a 1.06 seconds gap between themselves and their German rivals with the Canadian pair coming home 1.17 seconds behind the new world champions.
Defending champions Elana Meyers Taylor and Lake Kwaza crashed out on their third run and were unable to finish the race.
"We were so proud of ourselves that we made the track record and it was so fast. And then the fourth one was so bad. I nearly cried in the sled," said Jamanka.
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"This was a competition that had everything. The bad, the good. Everything."
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