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How did Tyson Fury get up? Fans react - 'He literally popped up like The Undertaker'

How did Tyson Fury get up? 'He literally popped up like The Undertaker'

02/12/2018 at 12:28Updated 02/12/2018 at 13:45

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The boxing world was stunned when Tyson Fury produced a real-life Rocky moment on Saturday evening, getting up off the deck to carry on after what had seemed to be a huge KO.

Fury's bout with Deontay Wilder had been much hyped, but the fight more than lived up to its large billing, with the pair producing a contrasting but fascinating clash of styles.

Going into the 12th round Fury looked to be on the way winning on points and knew to expect some big shots from Wilder. And big shots are exactly what he got.

A brutal combination from the American saw Fury knocked to the floor, head bumping off the canvas in trademark knockout fashion. And by the looks of the celebrations from Wilder and his entourage, they thought the fight was over. In fact, everybody thought the fight was over...

Except for Fury.

He somehow managed to get up off the floor and continue the fight eventually sealing a controversial draw.

But it is that moment that will live long in the memory of boxing fans, who were talking of little else after the bout.