Iconic 'Scary Tree' gets disappointing new nickname after storm

Iconic 'Scary Tree' gets disappointing new nickname after storm
By Le Buzz

10/02/2020 at 10:53Updated 10/02/2020 at 11:09

Le Buzz

Snetterton Circuit’s iconic 'Scary Tree' has received an unwanted rebrand after Storm Ciara wreaked havoc at the British Superbikes venue.

The tree’s arm-like branches were ripped off by high winds on Sunday, leaving it looking rather ordinary. Just like any other tree, in fact…

"It's with great sorrow that we have to inform you that Snetterton's most popular piece of topiary has been reprofiled during Storm Ciara over the weekend when the remnants of its arm-like branches fell victim to the high winds," read a statement.

"The Norfolk circuit's iconic landmark will remain rooted to the outside of the circuit at the Wilson hairpin… but will henceforth be known simply as 'Tree'.

"The plant formerly known as 'Scary Tree' declined to comment."

The British Superbikes season starts at Silverstone on April 10, while the first sighting of Snetterton's new-look 'Tree' arrives in June.

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