Olympic silver medallist Mallory Franklin believes switching coaches will give her a crucial edge ahead of the new international canoe slalom season.
After more than 10 years working alongside Craig Morris, the Windsor star has switched to two-time Olympic silver medallist Richard Hounslow.
Under Morris, Franklin won silver at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, five World Championship golds and six European golds.
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But after a decade of success, the C1 world No. 2 felt the time was ripe for a change.
"Having worked with Craig and had the success I had with him, I think it probably surprised people that I moved away from that," said Franklin. "Our training group with Kimberley (Woods, world bronze medallist) and I was a very successful training group, but it meant there were a lot of athletes, with both of us doubling up.
"It's five athletes at every race, and there was a lot of time there. I just felt like I wanted to have more time with my coach.
"I'm experiencing and trying to build a new relationship and get to that same level of being able to perform, the autonomy and freedom on race day.
"For me, this year is a little bit more about building that relationship and getting to a really good point with it.
"I used to be coached by Craig Morris and had been for 10-plus years. I made the decision at the end of last season to change coaches.
"It's a bit of a crazy one and an odd change, but I feel like I needed it at this point."
Franklin is the leading light of the British slalom team embarking on the first international racing season of the Paris 2024 Olympic cycle.
She will continue to double up in canoe and kayak disciplines with the season culminating in the ICF World Championships in Munich, coming 50 years after the city hosted the 1972 Games.
She added: "It's Olympic selection next year, so you're always going to want to get results.
"I'm going into this year, and I'd love to be medalling again, but realistically it's about building that picture and that relationship and then trying to push on even further next year.
"I'd love to come away with medals, but I paddle because I enjoy it.
"I want to push on and learn more, and part of that was taking the step to change the environment around me.
"I don't know exactly how that's going to go."
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