The 2016 world champion who is regarded by many as one of the top speed climbers, took 12.12 seconds to achieve the feat as part of a Red Bull event in Warsaw.
Few would have given Dzienski a fighting chance in the man-versus-machine battle up six floors, but the 26-year-old defied all expectations to climb up a specially designed wall and pip the elevator in a close contest.
Tokyo 2020
Introducing Sport Climbing to the Olympics
16/04/2021 AT 13:18
Dzienski, who honed his skills as a youngster scaling apple trees in his grandfather's orchard, is raising awareness about sport climbing which will make its Olympic debut next year.
The combined event in Tokyo will see athletes' ranking across the three disciplines of speed, bouldering and lead climbing merged to give a cumulative score.
Tokyo 2020
Coxsey up to speed and set to scale heights in Tokyo
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Tokyo 2020
How to master ‘Dynos’ – the most difficult moves in climbing
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