Sweden beat Switzerland 6-1 whilst Norway recorded an entertaining 10-4 victory against Australia in the seventh mixed doubles curling session at the National Aquatics Centre.
Oskar Eriksson and Almida de Val eased past Swiss pair Martin Rios and Jenny Perret, meaning Sweden climb to second in the table and overtake Team GB in the process. Australia are still seeking their first win and remain rock bottom after an unsuccessful comeback attempt, whilst Norway remain eighth and still within a medal shot after their convincing victory.
Sweden led 2-0 after the first end. Switzerland’s Perret had the chance to make things difficult for Sweden to take the lead in the end’s penultimate throw, but after a poor effort falling just short of the button allowed Sweden to take a 2-0 lead.
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Perret, though, had the hammer and managed to salvage a point for Switzerland in the second end after a strong final throw knocked a Swedish stone off the button to take its place.
After two throws into the third end the angles were in favour of Sweden. Switzerland’s Rios attempted to blast the two Swedish stones off the button and was successful with one, but Erikkson soon restored Sweden’s advantage, who went on to gain another point after a strong finish.
Sweden found themselves in trouble midway through the fourth end, with Eriksson’s rink taking a strategic time-out to analyse the best angle to guard their stones on the button. Rios had the hammer and attempted to smash his way through the guard and knock Sweden off their perch, but was a whisker wide of the mark and the latter gained another point, leading 4-1 at half-time.
Switzerland used their power play at the beginning of the fifth end but it wasn’t to good effect. Rios second throw left Sweden with a lot to tidy up, knocking the two Swedish stones out of the house completely, putting his team in a good position with two throws to go. Sweden’s fifth throw was risk or reward, De Val missed the corner guard by millimetres to deny Switzerland four points, whilst Perret’s final throw was far over curled and from nowhere, Sweden picked up another point to make it 5-1.
Perret attempted the triple run back with the last throw of the sixth end, but it didn’t come off and Sweden scored their sixth point to make it 6-1, with their third consecutive steal.
At this stage Sweden were well ahead, and just needed to keep their composure to see out their lead. They had four stones on the button after their final throw, and despite having the hammer, Switzerland could do nothing about it and bowed out of the tie.
Sweden progressed to second in the table after playing six times, winning four and losing twice.
Towards the bottom of the table, Norway beat Australia to keep themselves in contention for a top four finish and the chance to play for a medal.
It was a huge opening couple of end’s for Norway, who managed to score four in the opening end, and two in the second.
Australia pegged them back in the third and notched a point to keep themselves in the tie, and after conceding another point in the fourth, scored three in the fifth end to mount an unlikely comeback at 7-4.
However it wasn’t to be for Australia, as Norway blew them away in the sixth end to score three more points and finish the contest early.
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