Top-level sport is about fine margins, with often miniscule amounts separating the elite athletes at professional level.
The European Track Championships are taking place in Switzerland, live on Eurosport, and riders are battling for glory in the velodrome.
Jeffrey Hoogland is one of the fastest men on a bike, but even the greats need more than just talent to see them through.
European Championships
‘Dominating!’ - Archibald and Evans seal Madison for GB
09/10/2021 AT 19:30
During his heat with Daniel Rochna in the Sprint, the Dutchman was gearing up to make his challenge when his saddle fell off. It didn’t just come loose, it fe;l clean off - to the shock of the Eurosport commentary team.
“Wow,” said Tony Gibb. “I’ve never seen that before, a saddle snapping off in the middle of a competition. That’s unbelievable.”
Gibb’s co-commentator, 2016 Olympic gold medallist on the track, Callum Skinner added: “I’ve seen saddles snap before, when you are going round a corner there’s a huge amount of G Force going through the saddles.
“On the bikes we have that are so stiff, it is often the saddle that gives up. But it is rare that you see a saddle fall off.”
The sight of Hoogland sitting on the bar of his bike was strangely amusing, but the Dutchman had the last laugh as he beat Rochna with ease once he was given a bike with a stable saddle.
European Championships
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European Championships
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