Short format, high adrenaline racing!
The UCI Track Champions League is a new series bringing together the world’s top riders in the velodrome as 72 athletes, 36 men and 36 women, compete for equal prize money across five meetings in 2021.
UCI Track Champions League
UCI Track Champions League 2021: The best of the Sprint action
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You can watch all of the action live on the Eurosport app, eurosport.co.uk and discovery+.


The 2021 series takes place over five rounds across four countries, with each meeting condensed into a fast-paced two-hour programme.
  • Round 1: Mallorca, Spain – Saturday 6 November
  • Round 2: Panevezys, Lithuania – Saturday 27 November
  • Round 3: London, UK – Friday 3 December
  • Round 4: London, UK – Saturday 4 December
  • Round 5: Tel Aviv, Israel – Saturday 11 December


Both the men’s and women’s leagues are split in two, creating a Sprint Championship and Endurance Championship for each. Each league will see 18 riders compete for glory.


The league is stripped down to cycling’s two most exciting sprint formats.
  • Keirin: The two fastest riders from three heats will qualify for a six-athlete final.
  • Sprint: Heats of three riders will culminate in a head-to-head final.


Again, it’s boiled down to the two races that promise the most drama, but this time with all the riders competing at the same time.
  • Scratch race: A shorter, faster version than deployed at other events.
  • Elimination race: One rider eliminated every two laps until just one remains.


Riders score points in every race for every position – so every point matters. Results are tallied up in the respective leagues, leaving four champions (men’s sprint and endurance; women’s sprint and endurance) after the final round in Tel Aviv on December 11.


Selection is determined by a range of criteria including results at the Tokyo Olympics and other major events. Previous palmarès and general status in the sport are also considered. Stay tuned for rider announcements – more athletes will be selected via results in the upcoming UCI Track Cycling World Championships later in October.
The full list of riders to earn their golden tickets are:


  • Harrie Lavreysen (Netherlands) - Two-time Olympic gold medallist, six-time UCI world champion and three-time European champion
  • Nicholas Paul (Trinidad & Tobago) - Pan American Track Championship gold medallist and flying 200m world record holder
  • Jeffrey Hoogland (Netherlands) - Olympic gold medallist, four-time UCI world champion and eight-time European champion
  • Vasilijus Lendel (Lithuania) - European Championship bronze medallist and UCI World Cup gold medallist
  • Maximilian Levy (Germany) - Four-time UCI world champion, six-time European champion and three-time Olympic medallist
  • Denis Dmitriev (Russia) - Four-time European champion, former UCI world champion and Olympic bronze medallist
  • Jean Spies (South Africa)
  • Mateusz Rudyk (Poland)
  • Jair Tjon En Fa (Suriname)
  • Tom Derache (France)
  • Jordan Castle (New Zealand)
  • Kevin Quintero Chavarro (Colombia)
  • Mikhail Yakovlev (Russia)
  • Kento Yamasaki (Japan)
  • Rayan Helal (France)
  • Stefan Botticher (Germany)
  • Jai Angsuthasawit (Thailand)
  • Hugo Barrette (Canada)


  • Emma Hinze (Germany) - Olympic silver medallist and three-time UCI world champion
  • Mathilde Gros (France) - UCI World Championships bronze medallist and two-time European champion
  • Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania) - Two-time UCI world champion and three-time European champion
  • Kelsey Mitchell (Canada) - Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold medallist
  • Shanne Braspennincx (Netherlands) - Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold medallist
  • Olena Starikova (Ukraine) - Tokyo 2020 Olympic silver medallist
  • Lauriane Genest (Canada)
  • Lea Friedrich (Germany)
  • Miriam Vece (Italy)
  • Martha Bayona Pineda (Colombia)
  • Riyu Ohta (Japan)
  • Sophie Capewell (Great Britain)
  • Yana Tyshchenko (Russia)
  • Daria Shmeleva (Russia)
  • Laurine Van Riessen (Netherlands)
  • Anastasiia Voinova (Russia)
  • Mina Sato (Japan)
  • Yuli Paola Verdugo Osuna (Mexico)


  • Corbin Strong (New Zealand) - Current points race UCI world champion and team pursuit silver medallist at the 2020 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
  • Ed Clancy (Great Britain) - Three-time Olympic gold medallist, six-time UCI world champion and five-time European champion
  • Sebastián Mora (Spain) - Former UCI world champion and six-time European champion
  • Yacine Chalel (Algeria) - Current leader of the UCI Men Elite Elimination Rankings
  • Kelland O'Brien (Australia) - Two-time team pursuit UCI world champion and Olympic Games bronze medallist
  • Tuur Dens (Belgium)
  • Rhys Britton (UK)
  • Roy Eefting (Netherlands)
  • Alan Banaszek (Poland)
  • Jules Hesters (Belgium)
  • Gavin Hoover (USA)
  • Michele Scartezzini (Italy)
  • Kazushige Kuboki (Japan)
  • Claudio Imhof (Switzerland)
  • Aaron Gate (New Zealand)
  • Iuri Leitao (Portugal)
  • Erik Martorell Haga (Spain)
  • Rotem Tene (Israel)


  • Katie Archibald (Great Britain) - Two-time Olympic gold medallist, three-time UCI world champion
  • Kirsten Wild (The Netherlands) - Eight-time UCI world and European champion, Tokyo 2020 bronze medallist
  • Annette Edmondson (Australia) - Three-time UCI world champion and two-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist
  • Yumi Kajihara (Japan) - Olympic silver medallist in Tokyo and reigning UCI world champion
  • Anita Yvonne Stenberg (Norway) - Norwegian national champion
  • Maggie Coles-Lyster (Canada)
  • Hanna Tserakh (Belarus)
  • Tania Calvo (Spain)
  • Michelle Andres (Switzerland)
  • Alžbeta Bačíková (Slovakia)
  • Gulnaz Khatuntseva (Russia)
  • Emily Kay (Ireland)
  • Silvia Zanardi (Italy)
  • Karolina Karasiewicz (Poland)
  • Maria Martins (Portugal)
  • Olivija Baleisyte (Lithuania)
  • Eukene Larrarte (Spain)
  • Kendall Ryan (USA)


Britain’s six-time Olympic champion Chris Hoy: “By making it more accessible [for the fans], they're going to get to see all the detail... they're going to get to see things like the power outputs, heart rates, the data behind the performance, and they're going to get to see the best riders in the world, week after week.
“The only time you normally get to see all the best riders together at the same time is the World Championships or the Olympic Games. So every four years, you'll see them five times.
“And we're going to see them in this amazing series, at their best form just off the back of a World Championship. So I think for the fans, it's super exciting.
“It's going to be nice and simple. It's going to be quick, it's going to be condensed into a two-hour package. I think it's what the fans really want. And I think it's what the riders want too.”
Britain’s three-time team pursuit Olympic champion Ed Clancy: “I'm into motorsport but when you see even a go kart or a Formula car... there's no lights, there's no number plates, there's no fat.
“The only things on the bikes are the bare essentials and it's designed not for comfort, not to be quiet and refined, just to go fast.
“It's the ultimate combination of man and machine with no other purpose than to go fast in this gladiatorial stadium and do battle.”
- - -
The UCI Track Champions League is coming and you can watch all of the action live on the Eurosport app, eurosport.co.uk and discovery+. Find out more about the "mind-blowing" new era for track cycling, with the first event on November 6 in Mallorca.
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