Dylan Groenewegen has revealed the extent of the abuse he received after his involvement in a crash in last year's Tour de Poland which left Fabio Jakobsen in a coma.
Groenewegen was suspended for nine months for the crash, which sent Jakobsen flying over the security barriers and left him with a fractured skull, a bruised brain and several teeth missing.
Groenewegen needed a police guard at his house for the days after the incident and says that he even received a noose, with a note urging him to hang his unborn child.
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“There were such concrete and serious threats that we called the police a few days after the crash,” Groenewegen told Helden magazine.
“The following days and weeks the police guarded our door. We could no longer spontaneously leave the house. If I wanted to go outside for a moment, an officer was by my side so that nothing could happen.

Tearful Dylan Groenewegen sorry for Tour of Poland crash which put Jakobsen in coma

“We received handwritten letters in the mail, which even included a noose that we could hang our child on when it would be born. When you read that message and see that piece of rope, you are shocked. That was the deciding factor for me that it could not continue like this.
“I went to the police and reported it. The police immediately took action after seeing those letters. That does reflect the seriousness of those threats. Of course that affects you. What happened here? How is this possible? What sick world do we live in?
"The most crazy things go through your head. Getting out of bed in the morning was quite a challenge at the time.
“In the beginning, you really have a shock in your body. We have an alarm on our house and it broke down exactly during that period.
"Then you get the craziest things in your head. For example, we also had a false alarm a few times, then you get scared. While I just forgot to turn off the alarm in the morning.
“I also remember that we had dinner with my parents one evening. On the way there was a car behind us. It started to signal and drove diagonally behind us. In the end he overtook us on a road where that was actually impossible.
"Panic then sets in. Moments later he just turns right and there is nothing wrong. You start to imagine things that are not there at all."
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