24/05/11 - 12:30
Belluno - Nevegal
Giro d'Italia • Stage16

Belluno - Nevegal

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Wow: Alberto Contador crosses the line a huge 34 seconds up on Nibali to take the victory - in both this stage, and surely the whole Giro.


Contador is gritting his teeth... he looked to be suffering but he's approaching the finishing straight with loads of time to play with. Incredible!


This will be a good time for Scarponi, but not sure it will be enough. The Italian is just four seconds down on his compatriot. So only Contador can beat Nibali now.


Nibali hits the closing straight... and it's a very good time indeed. It should be the best for the time being... just. Yes, 29:29 for Nibali, five seconds better than Rujano. Just two to go now.


Gadret sets the 13th best time, 40 odd seconds back.


These fans are WAY too close to Contador... one false move and he's down. The man in pink doesn't look that good. He's not as comfortable as usual, that's for sure.


Nieve is well down at the finish - 1:40 off Rujano.


Nibali is looking pretty supreme on the slope. And boy do the home fans love him. Ditto Scarponi, who is surrounded by cheering spectators. As for Bertie, a load of men wearing pink t-shirts try chasing him for a bit, but they tired and sink back into the crowds.


Here comes Rujano... and this is a very good time from the Venezuelan. It's the fastest time in fact: seven seconds better than Garzelli! What a superb mountain section - the Androni man was 18 seconds down at the first check.


One fan is brushing the road in front of Scarponi with a huge, erm, brush. Someone should tell her this isn't curling...


Menchov goes close: 3rd place, six seconds down on Garzelli.


Contador is out of the saddle on this steep section, splitting a sea of fervent fans.


Provisional second place for Kreuziger, three seconds down on Garzelli.


Ok, the moment of truth, Alberto Contador approaches the first check... and the pink jersey is 13 seconds down on Nibali in 13th place. But he's got a huge advantage in the GC, plus the mountain will be his playground.


Rodriguez crosses the line for provisional 5th, 19 seconds down.


Gadret was well down at the first check, but he's now onto the hill, and that's his real terrain.


First check for Scarponi... and the Italian is off the pace, 9 seconds down on Nibali in 9th place.


Nibali takes the fastest time at the first check, one second up on Stef Clement. But further back, Contador looks supremly comfortable.


Hot favourite Alberto Contador grits his teeth and then rolls down the ramp to get his time trial under way. Full pink attire today for the Spaniard: he's gone for the shorts today as well as glasses, helmet and jersey (obligatory for the race leader).


Nibali overshoots one tight left hander and almost slams into the barriers.


Italians Vincenzo Nibali and Michele Scarponi are on course now. Just one more to start now: the pink jersey.


HTC's Kanstanstin Sivtsov went one better than Rodriguez, just 1 second down on Clement at the first check. And now he's heading down the finish straight... it's good, but not good enough. 7th at 40 secs.


Not bad by Rodriguez, who goes through the time check just 2 secs down on Clement. Given the slopes are his terrain, that's a good start for the Spaniard. Kreuziger is 6 secs down.


Vincenzo Nibali prepares himself in the start area - he'll be off three minutes after the next starter, John Gadret.


Stage 15 winner Mikel Nieve down the ramp and onto the road, like many Spaniards wearing a black ribbon on his arm in memory of the late Xavier Zondo, who tragically was killed in a domestic accident yesterday.


Jose Rujano on course now. He'll be followed by the top five riders.


Winner of the mountain time trial last year, Stefano Garzelli has put in another top ride and takes the lead from compatriot Pinotti, shaving 12 seconds off his time. A good effort from the Acqua & Sapone rider, esp in light of his titanic effort the other day to take the Cima Coppi prize. So, the new best time is 29:41.


Denis Menchov on the road. He's been quiet but constant this year.


Astana's Roman Kreuziger, wearing the white jersey as the leading U26 rider, leaves the start ramp.


New best time: Marco Pinotti has set the fastest time, just one second off Samoilav. The Italian HTC rider, who wore pink after the opening TTT, has set a time of 29:53.


Joaquim Rodriguez gets his ITT underway. Possibly not steep enough for him out there today - esp with that early flat section.


Vasily Kiryienka of Movistar sets the third fastest time - although he's just been pipped by Paolo Tiralongo of Astana. Acqua & Sapone's Vladimir Miholjevic came home just five seconds off the summit and is currently second.


Sastre can only manage the 8th best time at the finish, 57 seconds down on current leader Samoilav.


Zoncolan winner Igor Anton is out of the start gate. The Euskaltel rider will be one of the favourites today.


Pinotti passes Thiago Machado on the uphill. RadioShack made a lot of noise about Machado's chances in this year's Giro, but to be perfectly honest, the Portuguese rider has been largely anonymous.


Stefano Pirazzi, Colnago's attacking kingpin, sets the 4th fastest time, 40 seconds down on Samoilav. One thing's for sure, Pirazzi will definitely try and get in a break over the next five days. So will Johnny Hoogerland, in all likelihood.


Italy's Giovanni Visconti, the national road champion, comes home 1:08 down on Samoilav to set the 7th best time. Interestingly, Visconti has been wearing the No.150 number in this Giro - he's the only team leader who's number finishes with a zero. That is intentional - the number marks the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.


Sastre out of the saddle as he ploughs up the hill, in search of the kind of form he had a few years back when he won the Tour de France on the back of a strong ride up Alpe d'Huez.


Marco Pinotti, the Italian time trial champion, heads down the ramp.


We have a new best time: Movistar's Branislau Samoilau knocks a large 34 seconds off Clement's time. The Belarussian has the best time now: 29:54. Meanwhile, Danilo Di Luca comes home more than two minutes down.


Carlos Sastre on the road now. He's had a bit of a shocker this year, has the Spaniard.


RadioShack's Yaroslav Popovych sets the 74th best time, almost three minutes down on Stef Clement. Things on his mind, perhaps?


Former pink jersey Pieter Weening on course now. He's had a good race, the Rabobank Dutchman.


There was a minute's silence before today's stage in honour of Spanish rider Xavier Tondo, who died yesterday in a freak domestic accident. The thoughts of everyone here at Yahoo.Eurosport.com is with Tondo's family, friends and colleagues.


Movistar's Branislau Samoilau (Blr) set the third best time at the first check but now looks to be toiling on the climb.


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Impressive amount of fans out there beside the road. Of course, given the nature of an ITT, spectators do get their money's worth, so to speak. It's a great day out, and if you're in luck, you get to be watching at a point where, say, Contador catches Scarponi.


Belkov is about to catch another rider at the finish, but he's still a minute or so down on Clement, who remains in the lead.


Vacansoleil's Maxim Belkov is second through the first check, 8 seconds behind Clement, but he's already caught the man in front of him on the climb. This looks good.


There's a roar from local fans as Danilo Di Luca, the man who rides for Katusha for free, jumps down the start ramp and gets his ITT under way.


It's a very technical start in Belluno: the streets are cobbled and there are quite a few bends. Of the big guns, Denis Menchov in particular will have to pay attention.


Not bad from Millar, who notches the third best time at the finish, 23 seconds down on Clement. Alessandro De Marchi (Androni) is in second, 19 down.


Britain's David Millar (Garmin-Cervelo) is on course and has just set the second quickest time at the first check: 13 seconds slower than Clement. But with the mountain now on the cards, surely the Scot will slip down a little...


Rabobank's Stef Clement has set a new best time at the finish: 30:28 at an average speed of 25.010 km/h. That's 36 seconds ahead of Simon Spilak (Slovenia) and 51 seconds ahead of Pavel Brutt (Katusha). Previous leader Minguez is down to fourth.


So, who do you think will win today? The obvious money is on Alberto Contador, but maybe the Spaniard will let someone else take the spoils - as is his magnanimous custom. Joaquim Rodriguez has been quiet, so too has Denis Menchov. Jose Rujano's a great climber, but he's been quiet since his stage win. Anton could be one to watch. Nibali probably not a good enough climber. Nieve? Of course, there's Michele Scarponi - he looks in good nick. Or John Gadret.


Great ride by Miguel Minguez - the Euskaltel rider was not even in the top 25 best times at the first check, but is now leading Giairo Ermetti by 24 seconds at the finish. Can the Basque team make it three in three? It's unlikely that Minguez will set today's best time, but the likes of Nieve and Anton must be in with a shout...


The first three riders have finished their rides, with Rabobank's Jos van Emden setting the early best time: 33:24. Expect six-odd minutes to be shaved off that when the big guns come out to play...


We have a new best time at the first check: Italy's Giairo Ermetti (Androni) shaves two seconds off Rick Flens' previous benchmark.


Yesterday was, of course, the rest day - but before that, Mikel Nieve of Euskaltel won the Giro's toughest day after almost seven and a half punishing hours in the saddle. Alberto Contador said it was the hardest day of his career - which gives you an indication of how brutal it was out there in the rain.


It's hot today: currently 28 degrees in Belluno at the start, with the sun peaking out from behind the odd cloud.


At this early stage, Dutchman Rick Flens (Rabobank) has set the quickest time at the first check at Caleipo. Flens came over the 5.3km mark in a time of 8:02, 13 seconds quicker than second-placed Dane, Alex Rasmussen (HTC).


The last 151 riders in the GC will take on today's arduous test at one-minute intervals before the top 15 head off three minutes apart. The last out of the gate will be pink jersey Alberto Contador, who will start at 15:45 GMT.


The first 5km of today's time trial is pretty flat - there's even a 1km downhill segment - before the climb to Nevegal commences. The last 7km averages at 8.3 per cent with the last 4km hitting a maximum of 14 per cent.


Matthew Wilson down the ramp and up the hill to start today's ITT.


Welcome to live coverage of stage 16 of the Giro d'Italia, the uphill 12.7km mountain time trial from Belluno to Nevegal. First up will be lanterne rouge, 166th place Matthew Wilson (Garmin-Cervelo). The Australian will start at 12:30 GMT.