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Feltre - Monte Avena
Giro d'Italia • Stage20

Feltre - Monte Avena
Giro d'Italia - 1 June 2019

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Zorionak, Pello.


That's your new GC. Small shuffling of places but that barely tells the tale of a stage that saw a momentous shift in the power dynamics of this race.


Miguel Angel Lopez loses 1'50".


Roglic did everything he could to fight his way back into contention and looks to have blown up in the final metres. He crosses with a 54 second time loss to Landa, putting the Basque onto the GC podium.


Bilbao first. Landa second. Ciccone in third it looked like.


Pello Bilbao takes the victory!


Landa is outstripped by Bilbao.


Landa is sizing up Nibali...


They hit the flat bit before the finish.


Carapaz pace setting for Landa to try and ride his domestique onto the podium.


Flamme rouge for maglia rosa group.


Roglic is grinding hard 43 seconds behind. Lopez is about 40 seconds down on the Roglic group.


Carapaz looks so cool here. He's actually riding tempo while Landa sits on his wheel.


Nibali goes for another big acceleration and this time sheds Madouas and Kangert. Ciccone, Bilbao and the Movistar riders are equal to it though.

The Shark of Messina must be wondering what more he can do!


Kangert and Madouas also still in the lead group.


Carapaz just pushes Landa through to the front as Nibali pulls off. Ciccone, Nieve, Bilbao are all still hanging in there.


Not good news for Lopez.


Gritted teeth from Nibali as he does everything to shed Carapaz and Landa from his wheel.


Maglia rosa group has caught the leaders. They're one group now. Still a minute down for Lopez.


Here's that Lopez moment again. The Colombian understandably upset.


I tell a lie. The other breakaway riders have caught Madouas. Nibali lights it up with a huge acceleration. They're running out of road now.


So it's Madouas. Ciccone at 16 seconds. Maglia rosa group at 25 seconds.


That is savagely bad luck for Lopez. He's lost a minute.


Madouas hits 5km to go and Landa is hot on his heels.


Lopez looked furious there, he actually struck the fan a few times.


Miguel Angel Lopez has been crashed out by a Colombian fan.


NIbali, Landa and Carapaz have hit Monte Avena. They have a few seconds on Roglic, which is great news for their GC and podium hopes.


Nibali has made the junction with Landa. Carapaz sits in Nibali's wheel.


Majka has crashed after slipping out on a turn and almost taking out Sivakov.


Nibali is doing what Nibali does best and tearing this GC group apart with his phenomenal descending skills.


Madouas has 21 to Ciccone and pals. Landa is 22 seconds further back. The maglia rosa is 1'01" down on Madouas.


The maglia rosa group also over the crest.


Yates is dropped from the maglia rosa group.


Landa, hands in the drops, is absolutely crushing this climb now. Landani mode fully engaged.

The break is over the crest of the Croce d'Aune and beginning their descent to the foot of the Monte Avena.


Roglic just received a very, very long push from a couple of fans. Not sure how the race jury will view that but it could mean a time penalty. It didn't look like he had a mechanical issue of any kind.


Now Ghebreigzabhier lights it up. He's trying to cross over to Madouas in a last-ditch attempt for stage glory.


Landa surfs the moto wheels as he seems to be going faster and faster up this hill.

Nibali puts Pozzovivo to work closing the gap.

Madouas meanwhile is still 25" clear of the break.


This is perfect tactically for Movistar. Landa is a threat to Roglic' 3rd place, so the Slovenian must chase him down. That effectively takes the pressure off Carapaz, meanwhile, who can just follow.


Landa has attacked!


That was just a tester, you would imagine. No real venom in the attack from Lopez, but Zakarin is going backwards as a result.


And there he is, just like clockwork Miguel Angel Lopez attacks.




Pedrero is chugging up this incline for Movistar. The gap is still hovering around 1'40". The gap between Madouas and the rest of the break, meanwhile, is growing. He has 24".


Ciccone almost overshoots it on a bend as he and the other riders in the break chase down Madouas - who is the latest of them to try and go it alone.


With 18km and two peaks to come, this 1'37" lead that the break has is not looking very resilient.


Seven becomes four. Kangert, Ciccone, Dunbar and Bilbao make the cut.


Madouas, jersey aflutter, is looking pretty strong here. Next up to attack the break is Tanel Kangert the Estonian rider for EF Education First.


Up front, Ciccone senses that the break will soon be caught and he shoots off the front of the escape. Bilbao is immediately onto him.


Movistar are not content to defend the pink jersey, they are trying to deliver a stage win as well by chasing down the break.


Fausto Masnada is dropped from the maglia rosa group.


Nieve and Ciccone looking good. Bilbao pretty souplesse also. Movistar are tearing it up in the peloton too.


And we're climbing! Ciccone sticks the boot in immediately and Capecchi pops.


The finale to this stage is a one-two punch. Croce d'Aune is 11km at 5.5%, almost immediately leading into the Monte Avena, which is 7.3% for 6.9km.

It's the final chance for Nibali and Roglic to close the gap to Carapaz, or for Landa to leapfrog them onto the podium.

And it all begins in 5km!


Ghebreigzabhier is getting some service from the car. Meanwhile, in the maglia rosa group, Ivan Sosa of Team INEOS hands a water bottle to Primoz Roglic. Nice bit of fellowship among competitors.


Break has 3'15". They are rattling down the extremely long descent off Passo di Rolle. 41km in its entirety.

They begin climbing again at 22km to go.


Interesting balance in this main group at the moment. You have some stage hunters mixed in among the men with GC ambitions.

Masnada, who was off the front alone for a while earlier, is safely tailgunning in the bunch conserving energy. Hugh Carthy may not fancy his chances of unseating Miguel Angel Lopez in the white jersey competition, but could perhaps nab a stage win. Jai Hindley could also save quite an anonymous Giro for his Sunweb team if he could bag a victory.

With Yates ailing, you have to look at Nieve - currently in the break - as Mitchelton's best chance of adding another stage victory. Dunbar, likewise, could make Team INEOS' Giro a lot better if he could cross the line first.


The riders are snaking their way down the serpentine descent off the Passo di Rolle. This truly is one of the most beautiful places in the world and you kind of feel bad for the riders having absolutely no time to take it all in.

The break has just gone through San Martino di Castrozza, site of Esteban Chaves' victory yesterday.


Ciccone bags some more KOM points as he hits the crest of the climb at the front of the break. He's already won the jersey by absolutely miles, but I'm sure his team manager will appreciate the cash prize.


What's the Italian equivalent of a siesta? Whatever it is, the peloton is enjoying one at the moment.

While we wait for the next salvo of attacks, I'm off for a doppio.


Ghebreigzabhier is going full gurn at the moment. The Eritrean not particularly enjoying this climb, it would seem...


Perhaps our new PM will do the same and shell out for everyone in the country to have Eurosport Player throughout July?

Someone get on petitions.gov.uk!


The break is actually building its lead on the maglia rosa group. They are working well together and the gradients of the Rolle are benign enough for them to get a decent benefit from pulling through in a paceline.



Six km to the summit of the Passo Rolle. Ciccone and Madouas have made contact with the leaders but shed Capecchi somewhere along the way. This group of seven has 2'43".


Don't know if you were all aware of this, but bike races through the Italian mountains can be quite photogenic...


Here's the inimitable Juan Antonio giving you his recon of the final climb today to Monte Avena.

The stage finishes with 1.5km of 10%, then 200m on the flat. It's going to come as the final haymaker in an all-day slobberknocker and I can't see more than a handful of riders making it over the top together in the lead.

Video - Flecha recons the final climb of the 2019 Giro d'Italia


Ilnur Zakarin really needs to find somebody to teach him how to descend. We can see on the TV pictures that he's had a tumble on the descent off Passo Manghen, which is just the latest in a string of downhill disasters for the Russian rider.


Ciccone and co. are slooooooowly making their way across the gap but it's taking ages. You wonder if their hearts are really in this move, or if they are conserving for later on after a hectic first 120km.


The Passo di Rolle is next. Not a particularly taxing climb, but it is 20km-long.

A chase group including Giulio Ciccone, Eros Capecchi and Valentin Madouas is 1'22" down on the front of the race. The pink jersey group is 2'12" down.

Movistar's domestiques are multiplying. They have five now!


They're taking it very easy in the valley now, as the maglia rosa group goes through the feed zone. The relaxed pace is letting more and more riders regain contact, including Simon Yates.

Movistar have three riders to support Carapaz and they are working to control the quintet in the lead; Dunbar, Ghebreigzabhier, Kangert, Nieve, Bilbao. The gap is 1'56".


As we wait for the riders to decide how the next bit of the stage will play out, here's Sir Wiggo on his top five climbs in professional cycling.


Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier, Tanel Kangert and Eddie Dunbar are trying to bridge to create a small lead group with Bilbao and Mikel Nieve.


All sorts of faffing about here. They can't decide who should be allowed into the new 'breakaway'. Caruso tries. Then Bilbao. Then even Nibali gives it a dig.

Amador and Landa both looking interested near the front of the GC group. Their leader, Carapaz, is sitting on the wheel of Vincenzo Nibali.


The riders are in the valley now and there's been a small cessation of hostilities, which has allowed Pello Bilbao to attack off the front of the group. He'll once again act as a bridging rider for Lopez should he be needed.


Not a complete disaster for Roglic and Nibali, then, but definitely a crack in the armour that Movistar will endeavour to exploit again and again on today's three remaining climbs.

As the descent shallows out, the riders are trying to get some food on board, shed gilets and reorganise themselves.


Fausto Masnada has just 44 seconds left of his lead on the chasers, who now are being shown as the maglia rosa group on our screens.

Nibali and Roglic have regained contact with that group too.


As the pink jersey crests the climb, Pavel Sivakov has caught and dropped Nibali and Roglic. He's showing incredible promise for the next 10 years of GC racing.

They are hammering it down the descent now and there are riders all over the road.


Landa, Lopez and Carapaz have connected with the breakaway. That means Movistar and Astana have multiple domestiques again.

Masnada is doing this descent with an unzipped gilet after struggling to fasten it up over the summit. I bet he's chilly right now.


Masnada takes the 2019 Cima Coppi as he crests the Passo Manghen amid the snow-lined slopes. Lots of chilly looking tifosi out there today.


Jan Hirt pulls off the front and Lopez lights it up. This is amazing from the Colombian, he's dropped Nibali, Roglic and pretty much everybody else in the race.

Now it's just Landa, Carapaz and Lopez in a trio of GC contenders. They are only 2 minutes behind the break.


This power boost from Astana has decimated the peloton and shave a minute off Masnada's lead. He now has 3'11".


Might've put the mockers on Astana there. Zeits has just been dropped. So that's one domestique (Jan Hirt) left for Miguel Angel Lopez.


13 riders left in the pink jersey group. Three of them are from Astana, with two more up in the break. The squad from Kazakhstan is looking fearsomely strong.


Yates has lost the wheel in the maglia rosa group. He still has Lucas Hamilton with him.

Sivakov, Majka and Landa meanwhile are all still here.


Astana have hit the front of the peloton and they are giving it some. They are doing big damage.

Roglic is isolated already, with 119km to go as his domestiques are dropped.

The gap is 4'09" to Masnada, who is looking pretty smooth as he enters the final 3km before the summit of the Giro 2019's highest peak.


Ciccone has only made 30 seconds worth of inroad into the gap. It's a long, long old climb but he'll need to dig in a bit more if we wants to catch and overhaul Masnada before the top.


Jasha Sutterlin of Movistar explained his team's motivations to us earlier today at the start in Feltre.


Ciccone has attacked out of the peloton. He's mathematically safe in the maglia azurri so this isn't about points. He must be motivated by the Cima Coppi prize, the award given to the first rider over the summit of the race's highest peak.

The Manghen was not originally going to be the Cima Coppi in this year's race, but the bad weather that affected the Gavia stage means it steps up to the plate.


Here's a fantastic interview with Mitchelton Scott DS, Matt White.

Lots going on for this team!


Confirmation that Bauke is in the fold.

Masnada has 40 seconds on the other breakaway riders. 4'21" on the peloton.


The gap between Masnada and the peloton is just tickling the four-minute mark now. Movistar clearly not too bothered about the stage win here.

I think Bauke Mollema must be back in the bunch as we're not hearing anything about him.


Does Masnada think he can win from 130km out? Surely not. Is he going to hoover up a lot of irrelevant king of the mountains points along the way? You betcha!


One Bora - Hansgrohe rider has joined the chase effort, helping to give the blue-shirted Movistar riders a slight reprieve.

Masnada, meanwhile, has built on his small attack out of the break and now has an advantage of 45 seconds.


Trek teammates Nicola Conci and Bauke Mollema have attacked from the peloton. This is the first move from a rider with GC ambitions.


Fausto Masnada skips out of the break to grab himself max points in the intermediate sprint at Telve which, yes, is part of the Passo Manghen climb. That puts the Italian into the lead of the intermediate sprint competition.

Masnada will take some solace in being the winner of that classification, after being completely outgunned by Giulio Ciccone in the King of the Mountains jersey.


The gap has ballooned out, due in part to a comfort break taken by the race leader back in the peloton.

It now stands at 3'31".


They're now on the climb. It big.


The peloton has been whittled down to around 65 riders after the first climb and subsequent descent. The next mountain on the menu is the Passo Manghen, which ascends to a mighty 2,047m above sea level. That's well into altitude territory.

The gap to the break is 2'40".


A reminder of the top ten on GC after yesterday's stage.

Nibali and Roglic will need to take time today from Carapaz if they're to stand any chance of taking pink tomorrow. The maglia rosa is not a fantastic TTer, but the route tomorrow is just 17km and to lose two minutes would be more than careless.

Further down, Landa lurks at the edge of the podium, while Bauke Mollema is still inexplicably above Miguel Angel Lopez, despite the Colombian's late surge at the end of Stage 19.

The 21-year-old, Pavel Sivakov, is also having a phenomenal ride at this Giro.


The gap to the breakaway is 1'18". Richard Carapaz' Movistar teammates are doing the work of pulling the peloton along. Will they let the break get away again as they did yesterday, or keep a tighter control on things?


And we're getting an indication that Pascal Ackermann has already been dropped from the peloton. The time cut will be about 46 minutes today, we expect. The German, who leads the sprints competition, would really have hoped to keep in contact a bit longer to ensure he does indeed make it to Verona tomorrow.


Cute! 😍


Well this is looking pretty punchy!

Andrey Amador (Movistar), Fausto Masnada (Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec), Pello Bilbao and Dario Cataldo (Astana Team), Damiano Caruso (Bahrain Merida), Eros Capecchi (Deceuninck QuickStep), Tanel Kangert (EF Education First), Mikel Nieve (Mithcelton Scott), Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier (Team Dimension Data), Eddie Dunbar (Team INEOS), Ilnur Zakarin (Katusha Alpecin) and Jai Hindley (Team Sunweb) have made it into the break.

Hindley took 18 points for first over the KOM at Cima Campo, followed by Masnada and Caruso. Koen Bouwman is chasing in the gap between


20km into the stage and it looks like a group of 10 to 15 riders has a small gap. Fausto Masnada and Pello Bilbao are among the names up there.


Relive that gorgeous Chaves stage win in this funkily soundtracked video.


We've had attacks from Cesare Benedetti and Mattia Cattaneo in the last few minutes. Benedetti would love to add another victory to his palmares after his unlikely breakaway win on Stage 12 to Pinerolo.

Eddie Dunbar has also had a dig at forging clear of the peloton.


We sent roving Eurosport reporter, Matt Stephens, to visit a medieval torture chamber in Italy to get him properly primed for today's fireworks.


Because you can never have too many emojis...


I can tell you that the peloton has finished the neutralised part of the stage start and they are officially off and racing.

Already we've seen attacks from Marco Haller of Team Katusha Alpecin and Ryan Gibbons from Team Dimension Data.


And let's not forget that yesterday, this happened...

A cathartic win for Esteban Chaves, crossing the line as stage winner for the third time at the Giro d'Italia, and hopefully bringing down the curtain on a painful and difficult act in his career.

The question today is will he go fro two-from-two, use his energy to try and help Simon Yates climb a few spots in the GC, or simply roll it into Verona content with what he's already achieved?


Quite the menu today, with five categorised climbs packed into the 194km between Feltre and Croce d'Aune - Monte Avena. None of them below a category 2 either.

There's not much in the way of antipasto, either. The first mountain begins just 9km into the stage, that's only slightly further than the distance I'll cover walking to and from the Eurosport canteen today.


Good morning folks, it's going to be an up and down day in the Dolomites as the destiny of the 2019 Giro d'Italia is all but decided.

It's me, Tom Owen, n for Felix Lowe this weekend, as the big man is off on triathlon husband duties. It's a real thing, honest.

You can find me on Twitter, @tomowencc...