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Verona - Verona
Giro d'Italia • Stage21

Verona - Verona
Giro d'Italia - 2 June 2019

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Thanks for joining us on the Giro live blog this year. We'll see you all very soon for that big race in France!

Ciao, amici.


Majka and Roglic leapfrog Lopez and Landa respectively, but otherwise the GC looks a lot like it did this time yesterday.


Haga gets top spot. Campenaerts was in second, with Thomas de Gendt a surprise third place.


Emotional scenes here in the arena at the heart of Verona. Carapaz salutes the crowds, looking pretty exhausted. He put a lot into that final TT effort.

The Ecuadorian fans inside are going nuts.


Richard Carapaz has won the 2019 Giro d'Italia.

Chad Haga gets the stage.


Carapaz is under the flamme rouge. He has a comfortable margin of 2:20 to cover this last 1,000m.

He has time to enjoy this.


Nibali almost knocks the phone from the hand of a fan as he just scrapes by the barriers on one of the final turns.

He kicks on for the finish line, over the cobbles and into the arena in Verona. That secures his second place in the GC, and he actually beat Roglic' time.

He is met with an enormous roar by the tifosi.


Nibali is nearing the finish line. He might just be in contention for the stage win, a remarkable performance from the Italian superstar.


Landa loses third place by eight seconds.


Landa is in the final 500m


Landa is 28 seconds down. That's going to lose him the third spot.


Roglic is home in 22:33. That means Landa needs to beat 22:56 to keep his podium.


That's a big underperformance in a discipline that is supposed to be Roglic' specialty.


Roglic has blown up a bit here. Many expected him to win this and he's rolled home in ninth.


Poor old Chad Haga is watching on tenterhooks in the finish zone as Roglic heads into the cobbles of the finishing 400m.


Nibali, meanwhile, has actually gained two seconds on Roglic at the intermediate time check. Not enough to make any waves in the GC, but impressive stuff from his Nibz.


Landa is performing incredibly here. A lot of pundits predicted massive time losses for the Basque rider from Movistar, but he's making Roglic work for every second.


Lopez crosses the finish line in a time of 23:27. That's going to see him slip down a place in GC, I believe.

We're now hearing that Roglic is closing that gap to Landa. He's gained 20-ish seconds so far.


Majka was looking faster than Yates at the intermediate and he has brought it home in 22:47. That's good enough to defend his seventh place. We'll see what sort of time Lopez finishes with - Majka may yet leap up one.

Roglic has come through the intermediate and he is 15 seconds down on Chad Haga's leading time. That's great news for the American's hopes of a stage win.


Yates rolls it in. He'll be happy to move on from this Giro.

23:07 for the Brit.


Roglic has already gained 10 seconds of the 23 he needs to overtake Landa.


Lopez has lost 58 seconds at the intermediate time check.


This is it. Nibali is out on course and Carapaz has just rolled down the start ramp! No more riders to come, and just 17km between him and the first Ecuadorean Grand Tour victory.


Sivakov finishes 57 seconds down on Haga's leading time. That's good enough for 17th place.


Zakarin, once a formidable force in the TT has rolled home in 11th place.

The Russian rider has shown some impressive consistency this year, bagging a stage win and a GC top ten. A reason to be cheerful for his Katusha Alpecin squad who have otherwise had quite a miserable season.


This really is the battle of the day. Landa vs Roglic for the third podium spot.


Cillian Kelly has done some SCIENCE.


Bauke Mollema, fifth at the start of the day, is on the road. Next off the ramp is Primoz Roglic.

Landa, meanwhile is sat with his feet up on a plastic chair waiting for the off. He looks bored, as usual.


You can hit the 'Classification' button up there ☝️ to see all the time gaps in the top ten of the GC.


Lopez is just ten seconds further ahead of Yates than Majka. We could see a little rejigging by the end of the day, as Lopez is also not a massively strong rider against the clock.


Majka and Yates are among the only GC riders that might trade places today in the overall.

Yates has been really strong in the TT over the last year or so (this race notwithstanding) and it's not exactly Majka's favourite. It's not impossible that the Vuelta champion overhauls the 33-second deficit and takes seventh place from the Pole.


Simon Yates is off and rolling. He's not bothered to shave his chin this morning, which kinda suggests he's not desperate to grab those marginal aerodynamic gains.

He spoke frankly and openly to us about his lacklustre Giro yesterday.

Video - Simon Yates - 'I'm very disappointed with how the Giro has gone ... I don't have an answer for it'


Who wore it better?


We're getting into the serious end of this TT now. It's swinging from the specialists who have been conserving energy for the last week, to the guys who have duked it out on GC every day.

Zakarin is on course now and we've just caught a glimpse of his compatriot, Pavel Sivakov, looking moody in the start house.


Race leader Richard Carapaz will roll down the start ramp in 29 minutes!

Giro Italia 2019 (20ª Etapa), Richard Carapaz
" "If you get hit by a little Colombian like that it's not really going to hurt, is it?""

We've spoken a little bit about the Lopez fracas yesterday, but as yet we haven't heard much from riders in the current pro ranks.

Here then, is a survey we took of some riders at the Tour of Norway. Not a lot of sympathy for the fan in question, it must be said.

Video - 'It's been coming for a while' - pro cyclists discuss Lopez's fight with fan


Tanel Kangert is tackling the climb right now in his Estonian champion's skinsuit. The EF Education rider has had a great Giro, mixing it up in the top 20 of GC and bringing home an impressive sixth place yesterday from the break.

Kangert's teammate, Hugh Carthy, is off at 15:16 and the Lancashireman would love to leapfrog his way into the top ten. He's 11th right now, but some three minutes down on tenth-placed Pavel Sivakov.


Yesterday's winner Pello Bilbao has put in a good effort there. he has finished in a time of 22:24. Not enough to trouble the fastest, but not bad going with a couple of stage wins in the legs.


You can just tell Jungels is out of sorts by the time it's taking him to get back into the aero bars after the turns. Everything is a chore for him right now, after three torrid weeks getting dragged up and down mountains by the best in the business.


Jungels goes seventh at the intermediate check. Would require a Herculean effort to pull it back from here.


Jungels has had a wardrobe change today.

Instead of his white, blue and red Luxembourg national road champion's jersey he is wearing his blue, red and white Luxembourg national time trial champion's skinsuit.

I almost didn't recognise him.


The Shark is in the water...


Bob Jungels rolls down the ramp. A fantastic time triallist having a (by his standards) lousy Giro. Can he turn it round today with a barnstorming blast around Verona.

De Gendt was on a good day, he's slotted into that third place spot, knocking Ludvigsson out of the podium places.


Ion Izagirre, another likely top tenner today is now out on the course.


Interesting! Thomas de Gendt, who has seemed decidedly out of sorts the last few days - actively taking to Twitter to play down his chances on a couple of occasions - has posted a very good intermediate split time.

He's fourth fastest at the moment and riding well.


If you don't already, do give Chad Haga a follow on Twitter. He does a fantastic daily summary of the stage called #GiroOversimplified.

Here's what he had to say about yesterday's eventful day in the Dollies.


Jay McCarthy has just overtaken his minute man, Tosh van der Sande.

Van der Sande lives near Javea in the Alicante province of Spain. He once told me off for not wearing a helmet while I was out riding on the roads down there. He was on a moutnain bike and I a road bike, but he still went past me then quite a lot quicker than McCarthy passed him just now.


Speaking at the finish, Haga has described the descent mid-course as "extremely technical". He also admits to having watched a video of the climb 20 times this morning on the team bus as part of his recon.

It really hammers home just how much precision and preparation is required to excel in the modern peloton.

Haga also described the potential stage win as "redemption" for his Team Sunweb squad.


Tobias Ludvigsson crosses the line in third place. He dug deep, but just fell a little short.

Luke Durbridge also finishes, but his time isn't good enough to trouble the top three.


Haga rode a negative split to beat Campenaert's time, passing through the intermediate six seconds down on the Belgian the overhauling his lead on the back end of the course.

If Ludvigsson can ride a similar way, going faster in the second half of his effort, he might yet be on for a new best time.

Still wouldn't bet on him, though.

Here's Sho Hatsuyama receiving his black jersey for finishing dead last on GC, the Giro's equivalent to the lanterne rouge.


Ludvigsson is going well and has just passed Danilo Wyss of Dimension Data. The Swede looks good as he stands up out of the saddle to drive on towards the summit of the climb.

He's gone through the time check 11 seconds down. That's down, but not out of contention!


Tobias Ludvigsson wins my 'skinsuit of the Giro' award. Unfortunately, that's probably the only thing he'll be winning today...

He's a handy rider, but this is a world-class field and that Haga time is scorching.

Tobias Ludvigsson (Groupama-FDJ), lors de la 4e et dernière étape de l'Etoile de Bessèges 2019

Wow! Big time from Chad Haga and he goes into the lead...

The American has delivered for his team on the final day of the race. That's very impressive of him managing to dislodge Campenaerts. New fastest time is 22:07.

With another hopeful for today, Jos van Emden, coming over the line in fifth place, I can't see that Haga time being bested for a little while.


Campenaerts sets the new fastest time at the finish of 22:11.

That last 500m is really unpleasant, with cobblestones to the line causing the riders to bounce around all over the bike. Not particularly aero, and also not particularly kind on the undercarriage - one would imagine.

Here's Sir Wiggo on the importance of those aero gainz earlier today in our live broadcast.

Video - Bradley Wiggins explains the precise details between winning and losing a time trial


Jos van Emden is keeping it cool in the finish zone.


This is going to be very close for Campenaerts. He's all over the bike now as he enters the last kilometre.


And as we expected, Campenaerts sets a new best intermediate split time of 14:08.

He's looking a little ginger on the descent from the climb.


Campenaerts is apparently keeping it steady at 500 watts. That's huge. I can do 500 watts for about 11 seconds before being violently sick and he's managing it with apparent ease.

Jasha Sutterlin has just rolled over the line with a new second best time. He really gave it the big hoon at the end there.


Campenaerts is tucked up tight as he grinds into the incline. He's a little bit over halfway through the course with less than 9km to go. We should get an intermediate time check on him any moment.


Chad Haga, another man with big hopes of a result today, is out on the road.

Sunweb have had a Giro to forget, this year, after losing their GC hopeful Tom Dumoulin early in the race. A win from Haga could really pep them up.

Video - What You Missed: Dumoulin's retirement and a brilliant finish!


Think Ackermann is enjoying himself today.


Now then! Victor Campenaerts, current holder of the world hour record, is out on course.

He's a big favourite for today, having only lost the stage 9 ITT thanks to an excruciating mechanical mishap. He'll have a long time to sit in the hot seat if he does set the sort of time of which he's capable - the serious TTers are mostly up towards the final riders on course.

Video - What You Missed: 'Rookie' mechanic mistake costs Campenaerts stage win


Pascal Ackermann battled through the race's final mountains yesterday to all-but-secure his maglia ciclamino. The German sprinter has had a fantastic Giro and will surely be out to enjoy his final moments in the race today as he soaks up the sun and the atmosphere in fair Verona.

There is a time cut today, but so long as the riders can keep it to under a half hour they should be safe from a final day elimination. Sho Hatsuyama was 3 minutes down on Bohli.


It looks like the Swiss rider Tom Bohli will be the first man across the line. Sho Hatsuyama has been overtaken by his minute man, a fitting end to his Giro really.

22:41 is the time for Bohli.


Hatsuyama rides for Italian outfit, Nippo Vini Fantini, who have had their best Giro d'Italia ever - thanks in large part to the stage win of Damiano Cima.

Fantini are a wildcard invitee team, so they will be delighted to have delivered a victory on the biggest stage in Italian cycling.

It has, to be fair, been a great Giro for the little guys. Androni Giocattoli have also bagged a stage through Fausto Masnada. Israel Cycling Academy have also strung together a hatful of top tens through their sprinter, Davide Cimloai.


Hatsuyama passes through the 10km-to-go banner. Davide Cimolai rolls down the ramp. Connor Dunne, meanwhile is out on course and looking smooth.


The whole of Ecuador will be tuning in today to watch their man Richard Carapaz secure the country's first ever Grand Tour victory.

The president of Ecuador has made the broadcast available for free on national television today. Up until now it had only been watchable on pay TV. It's a moment.

Carapaz kibice

Hatsuyama is more than six hours down on the GC. He'd have to ride through a wormhole to get that back in a 17km TT!


So, about the course. It's 17km long and features one fourth category climb.

The route is really quite technical, with lots of 90 degree turns. It's also almost all going through the city, so the riders' lines of sight are going to be pretty limited.

The maglia nera Sho Hatsuyama is on course now. As the last-placed man in the GC, he gets the honour of riding the course first.


The big story we're all still mulling over from yesterday is this, of course.

What do you think? Was Superman in the wrong, or did he have every right to send that baseball hat spinning off in the direction of the planet Krypton?

Let me know your thoughts on Twitter. @tomowencc

Video - Wiggins defends Lopez after Astana man attacks fan


It's me Tom Owen in again for you instead of Felix Lowe. Evidently, Eurosport thought it would be funny to have someone who deplores time trials do the live blog on arguably the biggest TT of the year so far.


Morning all. It’s that rarest of things today, a time trial that could actually be exciting! 17km around Verona, with the podium places in the general classification still to be decided... not to mention 2019’s final stage win.