The Flanders peloton suffered an unscheduled pause when they were held up by a train arriving at a level crossing.

The riders were forced to stand and wait until it was safe to continue, with some being a little too keen to set off again and forcing their way through the safety line held out by race officials.

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However it was a fortunate piece of timing for one rider in particular, with Edvald Boasson Hagen launching a lone attack off the front of the bunch just moments before reaching the level crossing, and just making it across before the barriers came down.

Tour of Flanders peloton held up at a level crossing

"Edvald’s got through. What a great move that was," joked Adam Blythe on commentary." He couldn’t have timed his attack better probably."

Although the incident isn't completely unheard of in professional racing, the riders forcing their way through the tape early was disappointing to see, with Dan Lloyd saying:

"They should have been waiting for the jury to take the tape up before setting off, but again it shows the desperation that sets in at this point of the race. When this happens at this point in a race, everybody’s walking up the side on the grass trying to get themselves towards the front."

And Blythe gave a little bit of insight (perhaps a bit too much insight) into what it's like being a rider in such a situation.

"It happened to me a few times where you try and force your way to the front," Blythe said.

You can’t really stop for a wee at this point during a race because it’s an important time and often people really need the toilet, so I’ve had people just sort of doing a wee in the middle of the road and in the middle of the bunch stood waiting for the train to come.

"It’s not a pleasant place to be."

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