25/07/15 - 12:15
Modane - Alpe d'Huez
Tour de France • Stage20

Modane - Alpe d'Huez

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Froome and Valverde cross the line together 1:38 down. Chris Froome has won the Tour de France! He holds on by 1:12 after a nail-biting finish...


Ryder Hesjedal takes third place at 41 seconds.


Nairo Quintana kisses his hand and points to the air as he takes second place 18 seconds down. Bravo - what an effort. But even with 6 bonus seconds it won't be enough...


Thibaut Pinot punches the air as he wins on Alpe d'Huez.


Pinot all smiles as he rounds the final bend...


Porte now drops back, his job done. Froome still has Valverde on his wheel, with Rolland right there.


Pinot has 21 seconds to play with under the flamme rouge - the win is his.


This could be the third successive French win on Alpe d'Huez. The gap is not coming down and Pinot may have got his win...


It's 25 seconds now for Pinot as he approaches the 2-to-go banner.


Quintana rides clear of Hesjedal, but the rangy Canadian has a dig. No can do, the Colombian will ride on. He's really going for it now - he at least wants this win, if he can't take the yellow.


Quintana is out of the saddle and giving it his all. He's about to catch Hesjedal. But his gap is not coming down on Pinot, nor growing on Froome.


Pinot or Quintana? It's touch and go...


Quintana just 33 seconds down on Pinot now. He has one minute over Froome. Remember, there will be 10 bonus seconds for the winner too.


Pinot is not wearing his earpiece so has no idea of the splits. He asks a cameraman, who puts his thumb up - but it's not guaranteed, he only has 45 seconds to play with. And Quintana is riding like a man possessed.


Poels has dropped back so Froome just has Porte now...


Now Quintana puts in a huge dig. He zips past his team-mate and compatriot Anacona and dances clear. He's 53 seconds down on Pinot so he could win today's stage... but can he take the yellow jersey off Froome's shoulders?


Just 5-to-go for Pinot now. He has 1:30 on the yellow jersey, and one minute on Quintana and Anacona.


This is a lot of fun but it's borderline crazy - so many people and flags and flares... the riders will relish the barrier section.


Crazy scenes at Dutch Corner - there's no space for any attacks whatsoever. Froome is struggling, and has Valverde sitting on his back wheel.


Pinot attacks ahead of Dutch Corner! He's followed not by Hesjedal but a naked man!!


It';s still a Sky team time trial with Porte and Poels burying themselves for Froome. They are keeping the gap to 30 seconds so it's ok for now - but they have to keep this up for another 6.5km.


Quintana and Anacona have caught Rolland, who digs deep. The Colombian is 30 seconds ahead of Froome now, with the leaders one minute up the road.


On the front, Geniez has been dropped by Hesjedal and Pinot.


Quintana and Anacona have dropped Valverde, who's job is done. They have a gap over the chasing Sky trio. This is very exciting.


The Movistar pair have passed Edet and Lampre's Plaza. They will soon catch Anacona, so we'll have three team-mates together. Froome still has Porte and Poels but he looks to be on the edge - and he's tiring...


Pinot joins FDJ team-mate Geniez - and they are soon joined by Hesjedal. These three riders lead the race.


Quintana has now managed to join Valverde out in front of Froome...


Quintana attacks again! And again! But Sky have it covered. Contador can't keep up though...


Valverde has 10 seconds over the others and trails Geniez by two minutes. Hesjedal and Pinot are back together, 20 down on the lone leader.


Valverde has attacked from the yellow jersey group - moments before Nibali fights back on.


Hesjedal kicks clear of Pinot.


Froome allows Poels and Porte to set the tempo - he's in a very good position, no doubt buoyed by news that Nibali is still fighting back after his puncture.


Geniez only has 30 seconds on Pinot and Hesjedal now - so he will be caught. The Canadian and the Frenchman exchange some words.


Meanwhile... Geniez still leads but has Hesjedal and Pinot in pursuit.


Quintana is now back with Froome - that's two attacks now, will there be more?


Navardauskas has been caught and passed by the main favourites. Wout Poels rides on Quintana's wheel after another attack from the Colombian. Froome, Porte, Contador and Valverde are a bit further back.


Sky have that attack covered and it comes to nothing - but it will damage Nibali, that's for sure. He's not back yet.


ATTACK! Quintana attacks before the first bend - or 21st bend, depending on how you look at it.


Plat du jour: Anyone who negotiates all those dizzying hairpin bends and frantic fans to complete the final test of the Tour de France deserves a hearty Raclette - a circle of semi-firm cow's cheese which is melted on a stove and scraped off onto a plate of potatoes and mixed charcuterie.


Nibali has three Astana team-mates with him - but this will dent his chances of taking Valverde's place on the podium.


Puncture for Nibali! Karma, perhaps, for the Italian who needs a bike change just before the start of the climb for the pack.


Lars Bak has been dropped straight away on the climb...


Did you know: Only one rider has ever crested the summit of Alpe d'Huez in pole position and not won a stage on the Tour: Italian Moreno Moser, who led the race over the first of two Col de Sarenne-sandwiching ascents of Alpe d'Huez in the centenary race in 2013.


We're onto the final climb to Alpe d'Huez - it's an hors categorie ascent of 13.8km at 8.1%.


Two Lampre-Merida riders here in Serpa and Plaza, and two Cannondale-Garmins with Hesjedal and Navardauskas, who takes second place in the intermediate sprint when they zip through.


Geniez has passed through the intermediate sprint. The climb is about to start for him...


The chasing group is now nine strong after that duo were caught: Pinot, Rolland, Plaza, Serpa, Hesjedal, Anacona, Navardauskas, Bak and Edet. They are 2:10 down on Geniez and 1:35 ahead of the pack.


Not long to go until Dutch Corner...


The Rolland group is closing in on the Bak/Edet duo. They are 2:25 down on the lone leader, with the peloton at four minutes. Finely balanced ahead of this final climb of the Tour.


There's a bit of a headwind which will make it different for Geniez. He was ninth in the Giro and he's 4:08 ahead of the yellow jersey group. Will it be enough?


Geniez has completed the descent and is riding alongside the Lac du Verney en route to Bourg d'Oisans. The Rolland chasing group have caught Navardauskas so the Lithuanian joins his Cannondale-Garmin team-mate Hesjedal to give them a numerical advantage of sorts.


Geniez is being chased by Bak and Edet, who are 1:40 down on the Frenchman. Navardauskas is a bit further back, then the six-man Rolland group is at 3:15 and the yellow jersey group at 4:05.


Believe it or not: Winner on Alpe d'Huez in 2006, Frank Schleck's absence in this year's race owing to injury means this Tour will be the first in a decade without either of the Schleck brothers. Younger brother Andy famously won on the Galibier in 2011 - and was first over the summit one day later en route to Alpe d'Huez - before injury forced him to retire early from the sport.


Geniez has gone over the brow and is on the next section of the descent. The temperature is down to 19 degrees Celsius for now.


Froome now has four Sky team-mates in Thomas, Poels, Roche and Porte. They trail the lone leader Geniez by 3:45 with the Rolland group 40 seconds further ahead. Rolland is wearing the red dossard as yesterday's most agressive rider.


Winner at Alpe d'Huez in 2011, Pierre Rolland (Europcar) and moustachioed José Serpa (Lampre) have joined Pinot, Anacona, Plaza and Hesjedal on this uphill section.


Geniez is on a slight uphill segment that cuts this descent in half. You sense that there will be further regrouping on the 15km flat segment in the valley ahead of today's showpiece final climb. Can Quintana make up 2:38 on one climb? It's highly doubtful - but he'll no doubt try, and perhaps win the stage in doing so.


Pinot has joined a four-man chasing group on the descent with Hesjedal, Anacona and Plaza. Lone leader Geniez still has 3:20 over the main pack.


There's a bit of regrouping on this descent with Froome now having three Sky team-mates with him, plus the likes of Contador, Rodriguez, Bardet, Pinot, Frank, Talansky, Gesink, as well as the Movistar duo of Quintana and Valverde.


Froome took 8pts over the Croix de Fer in the KOM competition while Bardet took none - so the yellow jersey is also the polka dot jersey with 95 points to Bardet's 90 ahead of the final climb. There's a maximum of 50 still left up for grabs today.


Here's a video of that earlier attack by Quintana...


So the top four of the race have come together at the start of this descent. It's perfectly poised.


Quintana and Valverde crest the summit 2:17 down on the lone leader, with Nibali and Froome just five seconds back.


Nibali has a dig and edges clear of the Sky pair... but Froome closes the gap. Porte has now been dropped.


The likes of Bardet and Gesink have al been dropped. It's just Froome, Porte and Nibali in pursuit - and they're closing in on the two Movistar riders. Valverde is clearly tiring and Quintana is already looking over his shoulders.


Alexandre Geniez goes over the top to take 25 KOM points for FDJ.


Porte is doing a brilliant job for Froome, reducing the yellow jersey group to just five riders: the two Sky men, plus Contador, Nibali and Pinot.


Quintana has joined Valverde and the two Movistar riders have a small gap.


Porte leads the chase for Froome, but Roche has blown. Bardet and Contador are there, and Nibali a bit further back.


No reaction from Sky as Quintana catches and passes Jose Serpa of Lampre-Merida. What scenes!


ATTACK: Nairo Quintana has bounded clear!


Geniez is the lone leader, with Navardauskas in pursuit. Edet and Bak are further back, while Valverde trails by 3:10. The Spaniard has 35 seconds on the pack, which is being driven by Roche, Porte and Froome.


Scarponi is leading the chase for Astana team-mate Nibali, who is in a battle for third place on the podium with Valverde. Also, Nico Roche has managed to get back with Froome and Porte, which will be a bonus for the race leader.


ATTACK BY VALVERDE! The Spanish national champion pings off the front and there's no response.


Froome has lost all his team-mates except Richie Porte. Thomas appears to be having another off-day...


Movistar and Astana have come to the front of the peloton to pile on the hurt - and they've caused a bit of devastation with ridders popping all over the shop.


More on today's stage and yesterday's controversies - plus the win by Nibali - in today's Bonjour Le Tour. Click link below for more...


Attack by Alexandre Geniez of FDJ! The Frenchman has decided to go from distance in his bid to become the third consecutive French victor atop Alpe d'Huez. Will he do it? Probably not. In fact, almost certainly not.


Warren Barguil has been dropped by the pakc and is currently being nursed along by his Giant-Alpecin team-mate Simon Geschke, the victory at Pra Loup last week.


The lead of the four escapees is down to just 4:05 now on this, the penultimate climb of the 102nd edition of the Tour.


It's the bandaged figure of Peraud who is still driving the pace for Ag2R-La Mondiale. The French veteran was runner-up last year but is 60th at the moment, well over two hours down on Chris Froome. In fact none of the riders from last year's podium are back there again, with third place Thibaut Pinot in 16th at 40:40. Nibali, of course, could make it up there at the expense of Valverde should things go his well on Alpe d'Huez.


Earlier, FDJ's Geniez punctured but he managed to fight back on to the leaders after a rear wheel change.


And the three chasers have been caught, so it's just the initial four escapees out now. They are: Lars Bak (Lotto-Soudal), Nicolas Edet (Cofidis), Alexandre Geniez (FDJ) and Ramunas Navardauskas (Cannondale-Garmin)


Plaza drives the pace on a small downhill segment halfway up this climb. Behind him you can see his two fellow escapees, Majka and Anacona, but also the Ag2R-La Mondiale-led peloton, which is closing in.


The four leaders have 5:20 over the three chasers, who themselves only have 12 seconds over the pack. Many riders have been shelled out the back of the peloton already.


History: Christophe Riblon's win in 2013 means the only former winners on Alpe d'Huez in the race are him and fellow Frenchman Pierre Rolland, winner in 2011.


Barguil has taken his foot off the gas and been rejoined by the peloton. The gap is very small between the chasers and the pack. Plaza has been joined by Majka and Anacona, but the others have all been caught by the Ag2R-La Mondiale train.


Steven Kruijswijk (LottoNL-Jumbo) and Dylan van Baarle (Cannondale) are also in this chase group - but it's Plaza who steps on the pedals to force a selection.


The heavily bandaged Jean-Christophe Peraud sets the tempo for Ag2R-La Mondiale. They need their man Bardet to get as many KOM points as possible over the Croix de Fer otherwise he'll struggle to stay out ahead of Froome in the polka dot jersey standings.


Cyril Gautier of Europcar also tried to bridge the gap but he's been swept up alongside Feillu by the pack, which is now being led by the An2R-La Mondiale team of Romain Bardet. Their rider Christophe Riblon was the last rider to win atop Alpe d'Huez in 2013.


There's another group trying to come across to the Majka group with the likes of Romain Sicard (Europcar) and Bob Jungels (Trek) in it. The yellow jersey pack still trails the leading quartet by 7:25.


Rafal Majka (Tinkoff), Winner Anacona (Movistar) and Bartosz Huzarski (Bora-Argon 18) have joined Barguil and Grivko to form a select chase group. Feillu is no longer there.


Frenchmen Brice Feillu (Lampre) and Warren Barguil (Giant-Alpecin) have also bounded clear of the Sky-led pack in pursuit of Grivko and Plaza. Barguil was in the top ten until fading in the last few days. He's now 14th at 27 minutes and realistically cannot get higher than 13th today because of the huge time gaps.


ATTACK: Stage 17 winner in Gap, Ruben Plaza of Lampre-Merida has danced clear of the peloton. He's provoked a reaction from Astana's Andrey Grivko.


Stage 20 in a nutshell: Because of a landslide, the shortest road stage of the race outside Paris no longer takes the peloton up the Col du Telegraph and Col du Galibier, but adds a second ascent of the Croix de Fer ahead of the showpiece finale on the Dutch Mountain.


Navardauskas leads the break on the nursery slopes of this climb. They have 7:50 over the peloton.


The four leaders are onto the Cat HC Col de la Croix de Fer (29 Km at 5.2%). They are tackling it from the opposite side as yesterday meaning once they pass the turning to La Toussuire they will be riding up the road they descended yesterday - the one where Nibali led Rolland down, and Bardet had a mechanical issue with his derailleur.


Team Sky have come to the front to control the tempo. It's a big day for them as they bid to win their third Tour de France in four years. They have all their riders except British national champion Peter Kennaugh, who withdrew earlier last week.


The gap is up to five minutes for the leaders - but they will need every second they can get. That said, Geniez is not a bad climber and so you never know...


There are 75 KOM points available today - 25 for each climb and another 25 as a bonus for the winner. It's going to be a big ask for Bardet because you sense Froome will want to win this one and seal up the Tour in style.


There's an intermediate sprint at Bourg d'Oisans today ahead of the deciding climb but it probably won't be contested: Peter Sagan is leading the competition by over 100 points and is all but certain to pick up a fourth consecutive green jersey in Paris tomorrow. The top five are: Sagan 420, Andre Greipel 316, John Degenkolb 281, Mark Cavendish 191 and that man Froome on 128.


Alexandre Geniez (FDJ), Ramunas Navardauskas (Cannondale-Garmin), Lars Bak (Lotto-Soudal) and Nicolas Edet (Cofidis) now have 1:40 over the peloton after the pace eased up with the pack.


We will have numerous battles out there today - for the stage, for the yellow jersey and also, for the king of the mountains competition. Yesterday, Frenchman Romain Bardet - winner of stage 18 at Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne - prised the polka dot jersey off the shoulders of Joaquim Rodriguez. Bardet leads Chris Froome in the KOM standings by just three points, with Rodriguez 12 points back: Bardet 90, Froome 87, Rodriguez 78.


This leading quartet has 20 seconds with Mark Cavendish (Etixx-QuickStep) leading the peloton on this fast downhill slog.


Simon Geschke, the German who won in Pra Loup three days ago, is chasing from the peloton as well as Pippo Pozzato of Lampre-Merida.


It's Nicolas Edet for Cofidis and Lars Bak for Lotto-Soudal. This quartet have opened up a small gap.


The first 25km of today's stage are downhill ahead of the first of two climbs. It was Alexandre Geniez of FDJ who made that move, taking Ramunas Navardauskas (Cannondale-Garmin) with him. There are riders from Cofidis and Lotto-Soudal there too.


They're off! And there's a flurry of activity right from the outset with an attack by an FDJ rider...


The remaining 160 riders are rolling through the neutral zone in Modane ahead of today's official start. After heavy showers overnight, the sun is out and it's 23 degrees Celsius.


Quintana's attack on the final climb yesterday reduced his deficit on leader Chris Froome to 2:38 ahead of today's final day in the mountains. The Colombian's Movistar team-mate Alejandro Valverde is third at 5:25 but will have to look over his shoulder at Astana's Nibali, who is 6:44 down and will hope to end on the podium in Paris.


Nibali won his stage in controversial circumstances, however, after the Italian made his decisive attack just as Froome pulled to the side of the road with a mechanical issue. The yellow jersey confronted his rival after the stage and heated words were exchanged... it was also a tough day for Froome with regards to the fans, with an old man caught abusing him and another fan caught spitting on the Team Sky rider. Read all about it in our daily Tour de Farce blog below...


Hello and welcome to live coverage of stage 20 of the Tour de France - the all-important short and sharp 110.5km ride from Modane to Alpe d'Huez. The riders tackle two monster climbs - the Croix de Fer and the famous 21 hairpin bends of Alpe d'Huez, the Dutch Mountain.