After Marianne Vos won the opening stage on Monday, Moolman Pasio clinched the second stage with an impressive solo sprint on the virtual 46.2km Cobbled Climbs in Richmond.
Lauren Stephens was second for Tibco, with Vos back in third.

Watch the finish: Moolman Pasio storms to victory on Stage 2

Tour For All
'Breaking down barriers' - Moolman-Pasio excited for future after Zwift Tour for All
08/05/2020 AT 17:40
With three riders in the top six for Tibco, the team now lead the overall standings with 161 points to CCC Liv’s 133. Canyon SRAM are back in third with 118 points.
“I’m still out of breath!” Moolman Pasio told Eurosport after the race. “I had to work for it. I was pretty active during the race, it was amazing team performance.
“I’m lucky to have experience with Zwift. I’ve spent seven weeks on it during the lockdown in Spain, I was pretty confident and wanted to make the race as hard as possible.”
She added: "I have a beautiful big screen TV and a massive fan to make sure I stay cool through the ride. But actually, in Spain at the moment it’s pretty hot so today I even had to have some ice in a big cooler box and had an ice sock down my back and every now and then I was getting a nice ice cold towel to put over my shoulders to help cool myself down. Luckily, I had some great support in the room so it really was a fun day."
Moolman Pasio also learned of Paris-Roubaix's inclusion on the women's tour after it was announced the race would make its debut in October.
Speaking straight after her win, Moolman Pasio said: “I didn’t know about the women’s Paris-Roubaix… Wow – it’s really awesome.
There was always opportunity in challenging times like this but sometimes it takes shifting your mindset to be able to see the opportunity so I think today, with the new calendar being announced, there is opportunity for women’s cycling after the lockdown and it’s pretty awesome to hear that we will have a women’s Paris-Roubaix.
“The women’s peloton is definitely ready for it – we’re hungry to go and prove ourselves in a really tough race like Paris-Roubaix so I’m super excited.
“In terms of the calendar in general, I’ve managed to find my place in the lockdown and enjoyment in it, embracing Zwift racing. Today proved [to be] a great thing with my teammates on Zwift and talking about this.
“I get a real pump out of it and I really enjoy it but I’m really happy to hear that a calendar has been announced and there is hope we’ll be racing outdoors sometime towards the end of the year and I hope it does materialise.”
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Both men's and women's racing will be screened each day between 1400 and 1600 BST with some of the best cycling teams in the world including Mitchelton-Scott, EF-Education, NTT, Alpecin-Fenix, Bahrain-McLaren, Canyon//SRAM Racing, CCC-Liv and Boels Dolmans competing for race honours. Teams and the top 25 riders will gain points across the week alongside a daily individual race winner. There will also be intermediate points on each stage and double points for the Top 10 on the Queen Stage (Stage 5).

All you need to know about Zwift's 'Tour for All'

Stages will range in distance from approximately 45km to 75km and approximately 400m and 1700m in elevation with race times estimated to be between 1hr 15min and 2hr, depending on the distance and elevation of each stage. Results will be points based and determined by the team’s performance and results for each stage.
The Tour for All professional racing series will open a month-long charity fundraising initiative that will see Zwift donate a total of $125,000 to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and its COVID-19 crisis fund. An additional $125,000 can be unlocked once 250,000 people complete a stage of the Tour for All. The professional racing series is designed to showcase the mass-participation stages and encourage Zwifters to take part by riding some of the same courses that the pros have raced. For more information on Zwift’s Tour for All head to Ride -

Zwift Tour for All exhibition racing series coming to Eurosport

Stage Schedule

5th May - Stage 2
Our first hilly stage.
Course: Cobbled Climbs, Richmond. Elevation Gain: 126m (413ft). Total distance: 46.2km (28.5miles)
6th May - Stage 3
Our first mountain stage. We begin by taking Ocean Boulevard around to the reverse Hilly KOM, which is the first half of the Figure 8 route. Then it’s over to the Volcano and up to the top before descending down and heading to the Italian Villas then the Mayan Jungle for a reverse loop of the circuit. After climbing out of the jungle, we descend back to sea level, hit The Esses and spin a quick around the Volcano Circuit. Then it’s through downtown Watopia and out Ocean Boulevard once more to the forward Epic KOM. Our route finishes at the Epic KOM banner.
Course: Medio Fondo, Watopia. Elevation Gain: 981m (3220ft). Total distance: 72.9km (45.1miles)
7th May - Stage 4
We give everyone’s climbing legs a break with a mostly flat and fast stage. Enjoy it while it lasts because tomorrow is the Queen Stage!
Course: Sand and Sequoias, Watopia. Elevation Gain: 147m (482ft). Total distance: 42.6km (26.5miles)
8th May - Stage 5
The Queen Stage with a finish up Alpe du Zwift.
Course: Quatch Quest, Watopia. Elevation Gain: 1710m (5610ft). Total distance: 46.5km (28.9miles)
Tour For All
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Tour For All
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