Vuelta a España • Stage17

Peñafiel - Peñafiel
Vuelta a España - 15 September 2010

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Provisional overall standings: 1. NIBALI, Vincenzo (Liquigas - Doimo) 71h 19' 49"; 2. MOSQUERA MIGUEZ, Ezequiel (Xacobeo - Galicia) +39"; 3. VELITS, Peter (HTC - Columbia) + 2' 00"; 4. SCHLECK, Fränk (Saxo Bank) + 3' 44"; 5. RODRIGUEZ OLIVER, Joaquin (Katusha) + 3' 45"


Final stage standings: 1. VELITS, Peter (HTC - Columbia) 52' 43"; 2. MENCHOV, Denis (Rabobank) + 12"; 3. CANCELLARA, Fabian (Saxo Bank) +37"; 4. LARSSON, Gustav Erik (Saxo Bank) +50"; 5. SANCHEZ GIL, Luis Leon (Caisse d'Epargne)+ 1' 03"


Peter Velits claims an improbable victory with Denis Menchov second and Fabian Cancellara third.


Rodriguez is getting great support as he continues towards the line. Here he comes!!! He comes home in 56m 55s. That's 6m 12s on Velits. What a stage.


Nibali's time has passed and Rodriguez is still on the road and long way from home. Oh dear, oh dear.


Rodriguez powers along but you can see he's a long way from the finish. He may lose his place on the podium tonight. He may be as much as 4m down on Nibali but I'll have that confirmed.


What a great time trial this has been. Seriously, the drama and surprises have been great to watch...Nibali approaches the line...54m 38s. The gap to Mosquera has increased slightly. It's all down to Rodriguez - how much time will he lose today?


Mosquera is on his way...54m 56s. Now that's a gutsy ride. It'll be interesting to his time to Nibali now. Only Nibali and Rogriguez to come home.


The final few riders are beginning the last kilometres. He comes Frank Schleck at 56m 38s. His gap to Nicolas Roche is down to 26s.


"@#$%?! Where did Velits come from?" says George - No idea George. He trailed by more than a minute after 31km and thrn turned on the boosters. Will there be more drama? The course is clearly getting faster.


Roche crosses the line at 3m 29s down. A good ride but that ride by Velits has blown the GC wide open.


Rodriguez crosses the 31km check at 5m 27s down. He's had a nightmare. Peter Velits currently sits fourth. Rodriguez third and Mosquera second. Nibali is our leader on the road by around 30s.


I don't believe it!!! Peter Velits has knocked 12 seconds off Menchov's time - 52m 40s. That has come from nowhere. He was 1m 13s down on Cancellara and then flew for the final 15km.


Mosquera only gave up 2m 45s to Cancellara's time after 31km time.


Nicolas Roche is through 31km 3m 22s down.


Mosquera appears to be heading towards second place. Sastre comes over 1m 35s down. A pretty good final 15km from the Spaniard.


So Nibali is our leader on the road. Denis Menchov is our leader at the finish. I wonder what damage Nibali could have done if he hadn't been forced to change his bike?


Luis Sanchez comes in 51s behind Menchov - the fourth fastest time today.


Nibali is motoring along now. After 15km he leads the main contenders. Roche has taken back half the gap between him and Frank Schleck.


Vladimir Karpets of Katusha comes in 9th overall after a fine ride.


Nibali is two seconds better than Mosquera who himself has lost 1m 37s at 15km. Roche is 1m 46s down.


Schleck continues to eat up the kilometres. On the road Tondo is 2m 6s down on Cancellara at 31km.


Sastre is 2m 24s down after 31km. Not bad at all.


It appears Nibali has got a bit of luck after all and does have a water bottle on the spare bike. It looked like he may be dry for a while.


"Wow! Like I said, more drama here. Great Vuelta. Any­ more surprises today?" says Maxx92. Is that good enough for you?


DRAMA!! Vincenzo Nibali is off!!! Not sure what happened but Nibali stops on the road, drops his bike and gets another one BUT it has no water bottle. Does this guy have any luck??!!


Frank Schleck is now around five minutes from the first time-check.


Current standings: 1. Menchov 52m 55s; 2. Cancellara +25s; 3. Hostel +55s; 4. Zabriskie +58s


Joaquin Rodriguez, the red jersey wearer, is off. Will the pressure get to him? We're about to find out in the next 50 minutes or so.


"Huh Denis.....speechless" says Trina - you and me both Trina. A quite amazing ride.


Vincenzo Nibali is away and is off like a rocket. He means business and he needs to if he's to get that Grand Tour victory.


Ezequiel Mosquera is off to tremendous cheers around the wheelhouse. Nibali is up next and takes his place on the ramp...then it's Joaquin Rodriguez.


Frank Schleck gets underway. The crowd are still absorbing Denis Menchov's herculian effort in clawing back 58s on Cancellara to then lead him by 25s.


WOW!!! Denis Menchov pulls out at great last 15km to beat Cancellara and crosses the line in 52m 55s. What a ride, what a ride.


As promised Nicolas Roche is underway. Nic needs a big ride. I'm sure he'll deliver. I'll bring his latest time checks as I get them.


Peter Velits is away. This is where the battle really begins but with some big time gaps the overall standings may not change as much as we thought at the end of stage 16.


Xavier Tondo is off now. Not long before Nicolas Roche has a dig at podium glory. Then it's the big four...


DISASTER!!! David Garcia has a front wheel puncture straight away as soon as he leaves the wheelhouse. It's a quick change but he's lost at least 25 seconds. Not ideal.


Sastre is off and away out of the wheelhouse. He's straight into the TT position and looks very focused.


Menchov is through 31km and his on his way home. He's drifted to 58s behind Cancellara. Gilbert is 1m 44s back. It's worth nothing that Cancellara is time trial world champion and the best in the world at this discipline. Just getting close will be an achievement today.


"Question: does the top three in the TT receive the­ overall time bonus as well as rewarded in the other­ stages?" asks Mark - No Mark, time bonuses for both the team time trial and the indivdual time trial are not awarded.


Carlos Sastre is off soon. Nicolas Roches is 15 minutes away then it's the top four of Frank Schleck, Ezequiel Mosquera, Vincenzo Nibali and then the red jersey of Joaquin Rodriguez.


Vladimir Gusev of Katusha is off. He's chasing Ruben Plaza of Caisse D'Epargne. Now it starts to get interesting. Hold on as anything could happen in the next half hour.


Out on board with Denis Menchov. It's a bit windy, which the riders won't enjoy. But the Russian continues to plug away.


So far only three riders are within a minute of Cancellara with most losing more than a minute over the second half of the stage.


Philippe Gilbert also goes through 15km. He's 58s down and just three seconds ahead of Mark Cavendish.


Right then. Denis Menchov has decided to put in an appearance. The Rabobank rider has gone through 15km at 44s down. Not great but a lot better than the rest of his Vuelta so far.


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The first 80 riders are through 15km. Garmin sprinter Tyler is slowest so far. But Wouter Weylandt has the dubious honour of being the slowest rider of the day overall so far. He's 9m 42s off Fabian Cancellara who still leads this individual time trial.


Current standings: 1. Cancellara 53m 20s; 2. Hoste + 30s; 3. Zabriskie +33s; 4. Millar +50s


Philppe Gilbert is off and underway. He'll be followed on the road by David Lopez, Carlos Barredo and Denis Menchov - who's due a big ride.


David Millar keeps it together in the final few kilometres and finishes 50s down on Cancellara in 4th place currently.


Former red jersey wearer Philippe Gilbert is off in 10 minuites or so. Denis Menchoz is off shortly after. Then we'll begin the countdown to the big guns.


Millar drifts to 53s off Cancellara's time. The middle stint of this TT is where a few riders are losing time.


drunkcaveman2003 asks "What time is Roche off at anyone?" - 15.33 is when the AG2R rider will bid for a podium finish.


David Millar is 24s down after 15km. That's a pretty good start from the Garmin rider.


But he can't do enough and Hoste finishes 30s behind and sits in second.


Leif Hoste of Omega Pharma-Lotto has put his hat into the ring after 31km. He sits 37s off the lead. The final 15km could see a new leader.


Zabriskie closed the gap but not enough and posts a very respectable time 33s behind our current leader Fabian Cancellara.


Fabian Cancellara sets down the first marker of the day by sweeping home in 53m 20s some 2m 34s ahead of Ignatiev in second place. At the 31km check David Zabriskie of Garmin is just 45s off Cancellara.


Lars Bak is the first man home in a time of 56m 11s. Arnaud follows him 3m 39s back with Astana's Valentin Iglinskiy 4m 41 behind.


The temperature is a fairly warm 28C but could turn cooler later. Will it have an effect? We'll have to wait and see.


David Millar has just set off and will be aware of Cancellara's time. It'll be interersting to see how he reacts.


All aboard!!! The Cancellara train thunders through the 31km check and is 1m 13s ahead of Ignatiev and 2m up on Bak. He shows no signs of letting up.


Ignatiev is the fastest at 31km by 47s from Bak. Cavendish moves up to third 58s down. The Cancellara train should be through soon.


The first few riders have now made it through the 31km time-check and some are really struggling. Lars Bak is the first through in a time of 37m 30s. That's around 2m quicker than the next man who is Arnaud Labbe of Cofidis.


Cancellara's time is a real wake up call to the rest of the field. He covered the first 15km in 17m 27s which is no mean feat by any standards. Ignatiev is 15s back with Guarnieri 53s adrift. Cavendish sits fourth so far but more than a minute down on Cancellara.


Time-trial specialist Fabian Cancellara has just blazed through the first 15km and tops the standings by 15s. Impressive stuff.


The riders are coming out think and fast now. Mark Cavedish is the latest to top the standings after 15km. His time of 18m 28s is currently 16s better than Juan Haedo of Saxo Bank.


The first riders are off and underway on this 46km course. Mikhail Ignatiev is the first out of the wheelhouse. He stands a whopping 3hrs 22m 2s behind Rodriguez. It's safe to say he won't trouble the red jersey today.


The sudden failure of former leader Vincenzo Nibali on the final climb of stage 16 has meant this time-trial could decide the Vuelta as a race.


Good afternoon and a very warm welcome to today's extremely important individual time-trial at Penafiel.