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08/09/10 - 11:03
Vilanova i la Geltrú - Pal
Vuelta a España • Stage11

Vilanova i la Geltrú - Pal
Vuelta a España - 8 September 2010

Vuelta a España – Follow this cycling race live with Eurosport. The action starts at 11:03 on 8 September 2010. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
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Joaquin Rodriguez comes in fourth.


Mosquera comes in second and Tondo in third.


Igor Anton has came back from a 15 minute gap to claim this stage.


Igor Anton has passed Nibali, and then Mosquera.


Rodriguez has dropped behind, and his expressions suggest that he is in pain. Igor Anton is close behind Mosquera.


Mosquera is now in front, with Nibali close behind in the final stages of this section of the Vuelta.


The pack has caught them. Joaquin Rodriguez is now one of the front runners, Katusha has another three riders up next to him.


Cherel is the first to be caught by the pack, and it seems as if Fofonov and Tschopp will be also.


Dmitriy Fofonov has taken the lead.


Fofonov has caught the leaders, the rest of the pack is only seven seconds behind.


The leaders have now reached the bottom of the grueling slope, as they hold on now to a slim advantage of 25 seconds.


Mark Cavendish is set to lose his green jersey as he falls behind the pack during the sprint. Mikael Cherel comes first, closely followed by Johann Tschopp and Tyler Farrar comes in third.


It looks like the front runners may be caught as there are 15km's left and have a small lead now only have a lead of just over one minute.


As the cyclists enter the principality of Andorra, the gap is ever decreasing, it is now 3:21.


Another minute has been cut off of the advantage. The riders are only 6 kilometres away from the second intermediate sprint.


Rabobank have formed a line at the front of the pack in an attempt to catch up with the two leading men.


A gap of 5:46. The road won't stop rising until the finish now, and will only get steeper.


The escapees slowly being caught by the pack, now have a lead of 6:09. Still comfortable, but they have 36km to go.


Rabobank is working extremely hard to make up the differance, and have made up another minute and are now 7:44 behind.


After having a lead of nearly 15 minutes, the pack has reduced the deficit to under 9 minutes with less than 50km to go.


The advantage has been cut to under 10 minutes as we head towards the final 50km with the pack desperate to catch up with Cherel and Tschopp.


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The two front runners, Cherel and Tschopp, still holding onto that 10 and a half minute advantage as the pass through the town of Organya.


The gap is still falling as the pack manage to pull it back to 10:27.


Filippo Pozzato (Katusha) has a punctured tyre, and requires help.


The lead continues to decrease. Rabobank still fighting to regain some time and now the advantage is 11:27.


Cherel and Tschopp's lead is gradually falling, as it is no reduced to 12:08. Still a healthy lead, but not as strong as it was.


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The pack is trying to keep up with the escapees, and reduced the gap to 12:55. Phillip Deignan has pulled out of the stage.


Swiss Johann Tschopp, of team Bouygues Telecom, is still one of the leaders in the 11th stage of the Vuelta. Check here for the full


The pack, lead by Katusha and Rabobank, have also arrived at the refeuling point, and have also decreased the advantage to 13:40.


The two leading men have made it to the refeuling point, still in front by nearly 15 minutes.


The advantage of the two leaders, Tschopp and Cherel, has increased to 14:52 as they go past the half way point. Relatively easy conditions from this point, until the last 10km when they face a slope with an average gradient of 6.6%.


The wind starts to make it difficult for the riders as they pass by Sanauja.


The escapees of the pack have opened an advantage of 12:10.


The advantage is now 11:38. Katusha have moved to the head of the pack.


The riders have left the downhill slope. The two at the front have a lead of 8:55.


Jean-Francois Rodriguez, directeur sportif of Sports Bbox Bouygues Telecom, on the escape: "The only drawback is they are faced with a strong wind. All scenarios are possible… At least we tried and we will have nothing to regret. "


The two frontrunners arrive at the summit of Alto del Refugio. They have built a 4:24 lead on the peloton. The top three: 1. Johann Tschopp, 2. Mikael Cherel, 3. Philippe Gilbert


Johann Tschopp and Mikael Cherel are now leading the pack, and have an advantage of 1 minute 28 seconds.


The pack is still tight as they head up the first set of slopes on their way to the top of the Alto del Refugio.


Gilbert comes out on top in the first intermediate sprint, followed by Pablo Urtasun Perez, and Jose Luis Arrieta in third place.


Philipe Gilbert is among the pack at the front of the race, as they head towards the first intermediate sprint.


Another five riders have tried to break away from a very compact group, but all attempts to become the front runner fail.


Markus Eichler, who is 125th in the Current General standings, tries to break away. Here is the top 30 in the


The pack is still tight at the front of the race as they reach tunneled areas in Carera d'Anola.


Cofidis, Milram, Rabobank, Omega Pharma Lotto and Quick Step are the teams that are maintaining the fast start. Team Milram, are however, without Markus Fothen, who has a bruised leg.


The pace at the start of this stage is high, and the cyclists are riding in a line. Check here for a report of yesterdays action.


A pack of 30 riders pass through the town of Vilafranca del Penedes, as Dario Cataldo (Quick Step) made an early break, but was soon caught by the other riders.


A fast start to the race, with no team taking the lead in the cloudy Vilanova i la Geltru.


The riders have set off from Vilanova i la Geltru and have embarked on their 208km journey to Pal, Andorra.


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