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Wiggins lauds Brailsford after cancer revelation

Wiggins lauds Brailsford after cancer revelation
By Eurosport

13/09/2019 at 13:27Updated 13/09/2019 at 16:15

Bradley Wiggins has lauded Dave Brailsford for revolutionising professional cycling after his former boss revealed a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Brailsford, who masterminded Wiggins’ triumph at the 2012 Tour de France, had surgery last month in Birmingham.

He admitted to The Times to being "overwhelmed" by his diagnosis and has taken steps to address his work-life balance.

"He’s done so much for cycling, I know he’s faced a lot of criticism over recent years," Wiggins said on Eurosport prior to Stage 19 at La Vuelta.

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"We were talking at dinner last night about just how different cycling used to be. Cycling’s been elevated to such a level in the UK and it’s largely down to his vision and drive.

"We see where it is now with Team Ineos and the money involved in the sport. We had Tao [Geoghegan Hart] on here yesterday who’s a product of that system, the likes of Owain Doull, even the Yates brothers [Adam and Simon] … came through Dave’s initial baby that was British Cycling.

"I think everyone wishes him well for the future."

Brailsford oversaw British Cycling’s transformation into a global force, with his contributions widely credited for the sweep of medals at recent Olympics.

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Brain Smith added: "In my era, all the riders that tried to get to the top pretty much did it on their own back.

"Dave has changed all that… I only wish that I was born in a different era so that I could have worked under Sir Dave Brailsford because what he’s done is absolutely phenomenal."