Daily News February 24

Daring Girls : Daily News February 24
By Eurosport

24/02/2006 at 17:59Updated

"International Day"


Hello everyone! So now you know Ivan Borisov! I know, I'm not the best ski runner ever, but it was so fun to ski with an athlete, although the weather wasn't easy at all. Today I went all around Turino, to gather funny stuff: Pin's! Like when I was a child! It was fun, and it made me meet some funny people. You'll see it tomorrow night. Otherwise, yesterday night was the Daring Party. Kathi and I had so much fun! Let's watch the pictures on the Kodak Gallery. We have been dancing all night long in the Eurosport Pavillion, and it was very pleasant to relax a little bit because we actually had a hard week! Well, talk to you tomorrow guys! Fabie.


Hey one and all ! Fabie is right, yesterday night was a good fun. By the way, did you like my interview with the Brasilian journalist? It was kind of fun to be the interviewed one and not the opposite! Tomorrow you will see how I became a volunteer, as I told you yesterday... It'll be moving but funny, trust me! Well, I heard that my people from Hamburg are supporting me strongly, I want to thank them for all that! Warm regards to you all, Kathi.