The members of the Club of International Dressage Riders (IDRC) held their annual General Assembly on December 7th in a zoom meeting. One of the main points on the agenda was the election. Several functions of the top board were up for election, one of them president. Finnish Olympian dressage rider and trainer Kyra Kyrkland, who was elected as president in 2010 following Margit Otto-Crepin, decided to step back and is new vice-president.
Three new faces on the top board
This years election saw three new candidates – all coming from Germany - taking over functions of the top board. Elected as president of the IDRC is Isabell Werth, who was the only candidate for this position. She can count on the support of Klaus Roeser who was appointed Secretary General. Michael Klimke, brother of eventing rider Ingrid Klimke, has been appointed Treasurer and is the third party from Germany who is new on the top board of the IDRC.
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The IDRC is the official body for representing the international athletes with the FEI. Founded in 1986 the mission of the IDRC is to assist the governing bodies and the international organisers of dressage events in improving the image of the equestrian sport and uphold the spirit of good sportmanship. One of the main goals is to represent the interests of active international dressage riders. This is what Isabell Werth recognizes as the main task as president of the IDRC. Dressage riders need a strong voice for their interests.
And Isabell Werth's voice is going to be strong. There is no one like Isabell Werth when it comes to dressage riding. The multichampionesse has won more medals than anyone else. Her knowledge about how to train horses is valuable in every respect. Isabell Werth had been asked before to candidate, but refused. Corona times have changed her mind, offering far more quiet time to think over things. Now Isabell Werth is going to speak up for the dressage riders.
Isabell Werth and Klaus Roeser know each other since years, as both are highly committed to Dressage. Klaus Roeser's experience in working for the FEI is a benefit for the goals Isabell Werth is having in mind.
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