France’s Simon Delestre is in second spot and has closed in on Brash with the gap between the two riders now narrowed down to 57 points.

USA’s Kent Farrington and Beezie Madden are in third and fourth places respectively meaning the top four riders remain unchanged from last month.

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However there is movement in the lower half of the top ten, as France’s Penelope Leprevost is up from sixth spot to fifth, while Germany’s Christian Ahlmann climbs three spots to sixth after an impressive January. It means Belgium’s Gregory Wathelet is down two spots to seventh, USA’s McLain Ward remains in eighth, Ireland’s Bertram Allen drops down two spots to ninth, whilst Germany’s Daniel Deusser stays tenth.

Further down the Longines Rankings List, Switzerland’s Pius Schwizer moves up from 32 to 25 as Ireland’s Denis Lynch makes an even bigger climb from 40 to 25.

Belgium’s Jerome Guery continues his rise, and is now at 27 after being 34 last month while France’s Roger Yves Bost climbs five positions to 28.

Germany’s Meredith Michaels Beerbaum makes a climb of six places to 29 after being at 35 last month, whilst another big climb comes from Great Britain’s Michael Whitaker who goes up 14 places from 47 to 33. Germany’s Marcus Ehning also continues to climb and is now at 39 from 43 last month as does USA’s Todd Minikus who is up to 46 from 51.

One of the biggest climbs comes from Ukraine’s Cassio Rivetti who goes up from 64 to 56. However the Netherland’s Jeroen Dubbeldam tops that by making an even bigger climb though going from 77 to 62.

USA’s Richard Spooner is up ten spots to 64, Belgium’s Niels Bruynseels goes from 82 to 73, while Germany’s David Will makes a huge climb back into top 100, going all the way from 109 to 85. Austria’s Max Kühner makes a similar big leap, now at 90 after being 104 last month.
Longines FEI World Ranking Jumping List No. 181
Top 10 Rankings as at 31 January 2016

1. Scott Brash (Great Britain) 2895 points
2. Simon Delestre (France) 2838
3. Kent Farrington (USA) 2755
4. Elizabeth Madden (USA) 2651
5. Penelope Leprevost (France) 2641
6. Christian Ahlmann (Germany) 2638
7. Gregory Wathelet (Belgium) 2605
8. McClain Ward (USA) 2554
9. Bertram Allen (Ireland) 2534
10. Daniel Deusser (Germany) 2355

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