Alexey Lukyanuk, the FIA European Rally Championship leader looks ahead to ERC newcomer Rally Fafe Montelongo.

It’s a new event for you and all of your ERC rivals but what do you know about the event through your research?“Basically, not much because this is the first time for this rally to be in the European calendar. I just found some videos of the past years online and it looks similar to Canarias in places. It looks like the road is wide and flowing, extremely fast but technical with a flat surface so I expect a very interesting rally.”

In that case, given your success on Rally Islas Canarias you must head to Portugal with a lot of confidence?“I feel confident for the Tarmac rallies in general. It will be different to Canarias because in Canarias you have a unique type of Tarmac, quite abrasive in places and it makes a big difference. But we will try to set up the car in the best possible way [during our test on Wednesday] and have a nice easy-to-control car. Once you have that we know how to handle [the rally].”

What are the good and bad points about driving on asphalt?“For me the best feeling is the level of grip, the precision and late braking possibility. They are the main things you feel when you jump in an R5 car on Tarmac. When it comes to wet conditions it makes the game quite hard but, hopefully, we will not have these conditions in Portugal.”

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