FIA European Rally Championship promoter Eurosport Events has come in for significant praise from the man who heads up the governing body’s rally department.
Yves Matton, the FIA Rally Director, was asked for his thoughts on the work of Eurosport Events during the 2020 season and its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Matton said: “For sure Eurosport Events did great work. They started soon after the first lockdown ended in a country [Italy] that really suffered in the first wave. But they were always fighting for it, changing their plans and anticipating. At the end, we had a really interesting championship and also some good surprises, like Rally Islas Canarias. When it’s raining, it’s not normal for this rally but it’s good for the drivers and co-drivers to be challenged in every condition. It gave more value to the title.”

The 2021 ERC season is due to get underway on Rally Serras de Fafe e Felgueiras in Portugal from March 12-14.
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