Daily news February 10.

Daring Girls : Daily News February 10.
By Eurosport

10/02/2006 at 19:14Updated

Follow Kathi and Fabie each day in their adventures at the heart of the Turin Games.

News from Kathi:

Hi this is Kathi, I'm so excited to be here!!!! We well arrived in Turino, and our first day is already a real gift. We went on site by helicoptere, and it was very fun!!! Then, we went to see the Olympic flame, and even I touched it!!

I hope you enjoyed the first show where you learned a little bit more about us (please don't laught about the pictures when I was a child!!). Today, I had my first dare that you'll discover tomorrow on Eurosport, I hope you'll like it, let me know. See you tomorrow on! Kathi

News from Fabie:

Hi everyone! As Kathi said so far, it is really really exciting. The helicoptere was so scary! But I made it. Hey girls, one advice: come over Italy, guys are gorgeous! And guess what.... Tonight, I met one of the guy the whole planet wants to marry.... even I talked to him!!!! Watch Eurosport on saturday night if you want to know more about it!!!! See ya! Fabie