The Brazilian took his current tally to five goals in just three games for City after he struck an impressive hat-trick in the 4-1 win over Dinamo Zagreb in their Champions League clash on Wednesday.

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Prior to his recent flurry of goals, he went eight games without scoring and has conceded that he put too much pressure on himself to produce for Pep Guardiola's side.

"Honestly, last month I was no good and I wasn't happy. I played eight or nine games and I didn't score and I missed chances so I'm not happy with that,” Jesus said after City's triumph in Zagreb.

"When this happens of course I cannot be happy. Sometimes football is like that. You have to keep working hard and try to score, try to help the team and work and that's what I have done.

"Always I think: ‘Wow I have to score’ because I'm playing for a big club in big competitions with big players.

I think it happens with other players. I cannot talk about other players I can only talk about me when I’m not happy with me I want to shoot myself in the head because it's difficult for me.

"I take it [personally] of course. I think: ‘Oh my god I have to score, I have to score, I have to score’. When I have the chance sometimes I miss because I think too much and put too much pressure on myself. I try. I'm getting better. I’m working to score and don’t think about the pressure.”

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The 22-year-old marked his prolific evening by passing a century of goals in his career playing for City, Palmeiras and Brazil.

"I'm a blessed guy,” he said of the personal feat. "I try all the time to do my best and sometimes I cannot do it and that's the way.

"It's important for me to score goals and keep scoring goals because I have to. I'm at a big club and play with big players.

"I’m in a single competition with Sergio - a friendly competition. I hope that when he plays he scores. I always want him to help the team and his team-mates. When I play he does the same, which is amazing.

"I have to learn from him because he's scored a lot for the club and throughout his career. And I'm happy with 101 goals in my career."

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