There's Gordon Banks' save from Pele, Maradona surrounded by six Belgium players at the 1982 World Cup.
The past week has revisted the vivid scenes that were captured by camera as Manchester United won their famous Treble in 1999.
But in south-western France, during a charity football match between football and rugby legends on Monday, another picture has left football supporters speechless.
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Zinedine Zidane scored from the penalty spot in the charity match

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Arsene Wenger's reputation as a fine television pundit this season has added to his own legend among Arsenal supporters, but the former Gunners boss has quite possibly surpassed all his previous achievements.
Looking lean and in total control of the ball, Wenger is pictured rolling away from none other than Real Madrid manager and 1998 World Cup winner Zinedine Zidane.
The 69-year-old spent his entire playing career featuring for clubs in the lower reaches of the French footballing pyramid, but the former Ballon d'Or winner had no answer to his clear turn of pace (or so the image would have us believe).

Zidane had no such difficulty getting past former rugby player Sebastien Chabal

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Zidane's fall from grace, having won virtually everything there is to win in the game, has now been confirmed, and fans on social media marvelled at the remarkable picture.
One user tweeted: "Wenger leaving Zidane for dead in midfield might be my favourite sporting picture in history."
Another wrote: "Wenger. Zidane. Not a photoshop."
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