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1. FC Köln - RB Leipzig
Bundesliga - 1 June 2020

Bundesliga – Follow the Football match between 1. FC Köln and RB Leipzig live with Eurosport. The match starts at 19:30 on 1 June 2020. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Markus Gisdol or Julian Nagelsmann? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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Thanks for your company - that was a really good game. Night.


Leipzig go third, Koln stay 11th.


Full-time: FC Koln 2-4 RB Leipzig


FC have done their best, but ultimately they'v been outcalssed, and here come RB again! Sabitzer charges through, but Horn narrows the angle well and blocks his loft.


Now RB break, but Forsberg hangs onto the ball too long - so long, he can't find Werner when he ought to have out him through, forced to over to Angelino on the other side. The pass forces him wide, and Horn comes out to claim.


Ball into Werner who looks to touch around the corner so he can run in behind, but Czichos gets his body in the road.


I wonder what RB can get up to in Europe, if such a thing becomes so. I would not want my team to have to play them.


There'll be four added minutes.


Forsberg fouls Hector to foil a break, and is booked.


One pass, Skhiri to Modeste, and he's in! Gulasci comes out, he looks confident, then passes a finish wide! Looking again, he might just've been offside, but that was not edifying.


Forsberg replaces Olmo, who's had a very good game.


Koln are being shouted forward by GIsdol, but their legs and lungs can't be having it.


RB menace down the left with Nkunku, then switch it right and back left before Sabitzer eventually drags a shot wide.


FC are absolutely bushed.


Oh! Suddenly RB are all over it, Sabitzer sliding Werner in ... but this time, he can't quite get his body-shape where he wants it, and he motors into the box then shoots high.


Lovely again from RB, the ball zipping between Nkunku and Olmo, then Nkunku and Olmo, the latter bending a shot just wide after a lovely touch-off.


Two more changes for FC, Mere and Terrode replacing Schmitz and Jakobs.


Perhaps that little headrush will get RB going again.


Drexler sends a lovely low cross into the box which Modeste collects beautifully, moving away from Klostermann who slides in, gets some of the ball, all of the man ... and the ref gives a penalty! Then checks his work, ungives it, and there we go. If we've got to have it, that is how VAR should work.


This made me laugh.


RB are just getting back into it now. They know it's there for them.


Haidara replaces Shick, who's played well.


Things have gone a bit quiet. RB will want to address that, because if FC score next, this is a fight.


And here come RB, Werner screeching down the inside-left channel and into the box ... Horn gets out well to save, and Shick heads the rebound wide.


FC, though, aren't just letting it happen, pushing RB back and sending another ball into the box which Modeste opts not to volley; he doesn't get a better shooting opportunity.


This is not news, but RB are a team.


Eesh! Drexler slides in hard, missing the ball but introducing studs to Shick's shin - try saying that after a Babycham - and he's booked. He might easily have been sent off.


The excellent Laimer is replaced by Adams.


Double change for FC, Kainz and Rexhbecaj coming off, Thielmann and Drexler coming on.


GOAL! FC Koln 2-4 RB Leipzig (Olmo) Jakobs heads a corner straight to Olmo, who takes a touch and, using the defender as a screen, wrong-foots Horn to punnch-bend his first Bundesliga goal into the net.


WHAT A GOAL! FC Koln 2-3 RB Leipzig (Modeste) Klostermann makes a klostermess of a cross, allowing Modeste to take the ball, send him for a currywurst, and power-bend a huge finish past Gulasci from 20 yards! We got ourselves a ball-game!


RB must be absolutely disgusting to play against - they're quick, strong, clever and fast, everything you don't want. What they need to take them to the next level is for one or two of their players to become top-three in the world, because that's usually what it takes.


You fear for FC if RB can be bothered.


GOAL! FC Koln 1-3 RB Leipzig (Werner) ...Gulasci swings a brilliant pass straight out of his hands, which puts Werner in! That can't possibly be good defending, but it is brilliant from the keeper and what's going to happen next is never in doubt, Werner speeding off to pass an expert's finish into the bottom-right.


Rexhbecaj wins a free-kick out on the right ... which Kainz directs into the arms of Gulasci...


FC were a threat all the way through that first half, so I doubt they'll just sit in for the next half-hour.


Again, RB move it quickly, and Nkunku's shot hits Czichos on the hand! It definitely moved towards the ball and wasn't down by his side ... that's close to a penalty ... but the ref and pals say no.


RB are immediately back into stride and Upamecano flicks a lovely lofted pass out to Angelino, whose cross is useless.


Off we go again...


Right then, eyes down.


That was a lot of fun. RB are a quality side, and FC have chosen to take them on. I'll be back in 15 for more of the same.


HALF-TIME: FC Koln 1-2 RB Leipzig


More lovely passing from RB, Olmo, Laimer and Shick combining but Leistner clears the eventuating cross.


This is one of the better Bundesliga games I've seen lately.


Nice from RB, suddenly easing through the gears to send the ball spinning between Laimer, Sabitzer and Angelino, whose cross is a decent one ... but Shick heads wide.


There'll be three added minutes.


A low one to the near post - not Hector's finest hour - goes behind following a ricochet, and the ref gives a goalkick.


Bit of possession for FC, the ball going wide to Kainz whose cross wins a corner. There's no Cordoba, but you never know...


Solemn stuff.


Do FC go for it, or try and get to the last 15 minutes just a goal down? It's hard to see either plan working.


FC are in trouble now.


LOVELY GOAL! LOVELY GOAL! FC Koln 1-2 RB Leipzig (Nkunku) Horn yanks a clearance into centrefield, but there looks nothing on until Laimer leaps into it, a luscious first touch taking the ball out of the air and into his stride so that he can send Nkunku in with a sensational pass. Horn races out, but Nkunku sees him a coming, a deft dink sending RB into the lead and Gisdol into a temper!


FC slow things down, knocking the ball from keeper to centre-backs and back.


I thought Leipzig would get after it once they equalised, but they've not hit their stride yet. They've put together a few nice moves, but haven't been able to sustain the attacks.


...which comes to nothing.


RB move it nicely through midfield and again hit a switch over to the right, Laimer for Mukiele. He tries a cross, earning a corner...


In fairness, FC have played pretty well so far, and Markus Gisdol, their manager, is currently a one-man crowd. Nagelsmann worked for him earlier in their careers, so he'll be extra keen to sort him out.


RB's centre-backs are spending a lot of time on halfway, which is to say that RB are dominating territory but do not look impregnable.


Upamecano has wheels, legging it back along the left touchline to rob Kainz.


Werner goes down the right and wins a corner off Czhichos, the ball going short and eventually out to Angelino. His cross is a good one too, but Shick takes it away from Werner, who was in a better position, and heads over the bar. Perhaps the noise of the crowd meant he didn't hear the call.


This made me laugh, I can't lie.


Cordoba departs to be replaced by Modeste. He was good when coming off the bench against Dusseldorf, but this is a very different thing and Cordoba was on one.


Katterbach shoves Mukiele over, but the ref doesn't mind.


That goal has lifted RB, who are charging about now; FC need to hang in there, because they're about to endure some pressure.


Cordoba is back off.


Cordoba is back on.


GOAL! FC Koln 1-1 RB Leipzig (Shick) Excuse me while I interrupt myself! Leistner gives it away cheaply and Upamecano steps into the play, moving the ball left to Angelino. He takes a touch, has a look, and swings a cross over the Shick on the other side of the box and teaching Czichos a lesson, all over him while planting an expert's header across Horn.


Talking of injuries, it has today become apparent that Yousef Poulsen won't play again this season, which is not good news for Leipzig.


This doesn't look good. Cordoba might run it off, but currently he's properly limping, so leaves the pitch.


Cordoba hurts his ankle so takes some treatment.


Update: Nagelsmann's trousers look too short, and his Nike Air Dunks (I think) do not compensate.


Better from RB, a few quick passes giving Sabitzer the opportunity to shoot from outside the box. He drags wide.


The goal came out of nothing but FC have been good since getting it.


Sabitzer darts a ball into Werner, but Czichos reads it and nips in ahead of him.


Jakobs wriggles space down the right and crosses low then, when the ball's cleared, Skhiri sends one in for Cordoba, who really fancies it tonight. He can't quite turn nothing into something, but he looks a proper handful out there.


Katterbach sends a searching cross into the box, seeking Cordoba, but Klostermann heads clear.


Someone's had a Liebfraumilch!




That Werner miss looks a real oversight now. But if RB keep doing what they've been doing, he'll get more opportunities.


GOAL! FC Koln 1-0 RB Leipzig (Cordoba) Cordoba finds Kainz on the right, who steps inside and slides a gorgeous pass into the space behind Upamecano which Rexhbecaj attacks! He's in! He opens his body and passes a finish across Gulasci ... but the ball hits the base of the post ... only for Cordoba to reappear and absolutely lamp a finish into the roof! We got ourselves a ball-game!


RB have started confidently here. If they get an early one, it could be a very long night for FC.


Chance! A swift switch sends Mukiele away down the right and Olmo jumps over his cross, leaving it for Werner ... who shoots quickly, low and hard ... but too close to Horn, who extends a leg and saves. Not quite ye've gottae score territory, but ye expected him tae.


Nagelsmann is wearing a black Nike t-shirt and black tracky bums. He's so laidback, but if the weather in Cologne is anything like the weather in London, he's also exceedingly uncomfortable.


RB move down the right and Mukiele trips over the ball. It's lovely to see.


Immediately, Werner hustles forward, sticking a ball into space for Shick, who can't quite catch up with it.


Away we go!


The players are with us.


We've talked a lot about Leipzig, so FC. A return to the Europa League now looks extremely unlikely, and it'd take a very special effort to get relegated from here. But they won't feel entirely safe without one more win.


Er, this is normal.


BT are rounding up the weekend's action. Robert Lewandowski has 43 goals this season, including a jazzer against Dusseldorf the other day.


And those gifts at Dortmund, lovely to see.


This is a pretty good essay on competence. The pace is obviously intense, but so is the instinct and desire. He'd score a load in England.


While-u-wait: All Timo Werner's goals this season.


Nothing to do with anything but I was just enjoying these, so it's only fair to share.


Mark Uth isn't starting or on the bench, so I can only assume he's injured. He's been one of FC's better players since the restart.


What a world.


I do wonder about Werner, specifically whether he can play as the centre-forward in a 4-3-3, rather than next to a bigger man. But he's got a lot of talent, speed and knack, so there's a decent chance he coujld find a way.


I'm glad to see Kainz getting a start - he's looked lively off the bench - and Hector is also a useful player. Erik Thommy gave Katterbach a proper going-over last weekend, which will be good for him in the long-term, provided he can recover from it. John Curtis never quite got over being escorted to Sketchley by Marc Overmars, aged, like Katterbach, just 19. Bornauw is suspended, which is not what you want when facing an attack as nasty as RB's.


And here's FC's XI....


As for Timo Werner, he and Liverpool very clearly want each other. He doesn't quite fit into their first XI, as they use their centre-forward to make the play, not to score, but he'd be a brilliant second option and get plenty of games deputising for Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane. Who knows whether anyone has any money, but there's a fair chance that one happens, especially if Jurgen Klopp thinks that Joe Gomez will be good enough. If he doesn't, then Liverpool's principal need is for a centre-back.


I'm not sure he'll have much to do but I'm looking forward to looking over Dayot Upamacano, who you'd expect to leave RB this summer. I've been told that Manchester United are interested, and I very much doubt that they're the only ones.


Julian Nagelsmann makes two changes from the 2-2 draw at Hertha, Angelino replacing the suspended Halstenberg and Mukiele in for Adams.


FC have yet to share their team with us, but this is RB's.


I'm looking forward to this one. Though the league has gone and whatever you think of their provenance, Leipzig are always a treat to watch, playing, fast, attacking, aggressive football - football from the future - and if they can keep this team together, they'll be something next season. On top of that, their spot in the Champions League is far from assured, two home draws in the three games played since the restart undermining what looked a solid position.

Ultimately, that sounds like bad news for FC, who first chucked a two-goal lead at home to Mainz - ! - then retrieved one at home to Dusseldorf, before getting whacked by Hoffenheim. They'll need to play well to get out of this one without a hiding, and may still get one even if they do.


Evening all, and welcome to FC Koln v RB Leipzig!