Evening all, and welcome to an absurd night of Champions League football. Can a provincial club owned by an industrial monolith actually beat a monolith? Surely not! Such is the modern game. But despite it all, we know in advance that what awaits us is also assuredly spectacular. So, bring it on down. Kick-off: 7.45pm BST

Champions League / Quarter-final
Bernabéu / 12.04.2016
Aggregate score 3-2
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    Updated 12/04/2016 at 20:42 GMT
    Madrid really did not play all that well tonight, but they really don't need to when they have that man. Ronaldo is not just a great of the era, but an all-time great; we may never see his like again. Enjoy him.
    Thanks for your company - - night-night.
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    Full-time: Real Madrid 3-0 Wolfsburg (3-2 aggregate). What can you say? Ronaldo Madrid have their remontada - yet another - and advance to the semis with Manchester City.
    Stoppage time in stoppage time, and Marcelo and Bale hold possession when really, there was a fourth goal there for the taking. Migfht they regret it? Nah, course they won't.
    Wolfsburg can't get hold of it, and when they eventually sling one at Dost, Ramos is there to head clear.
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    Varane, returning from injury, replaces Modric.
    There will be three added minutes.
    Wolfsburg are lumping up to Dost whenever they can get the ball, which isn't very often.
    Jese, left side of the box, teases Vieirinha, finds space for a shot, and like Benzema, looks for the curler inside the far post. But this time, the defender manages to get in the road, looping the ball up and inciting Benaglio to hurl himsxelf right to save.
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    Ronaldo sees Dante coming, nips the ball away from him, rides the anticipated foul, and out comes the referee's book. Ronaldo is a quite ridiculous piece of work.
    Incidentally, Manchester City now lead PSG 1-0 on the night - they must concede twice to avoid progressing.
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    Off goes Benzema, on comes Jese.
    Benzema finds space in the box, left side, and a couple of stepovers buy him the space to let a shot go - a low, curling affair, headed for the far post - but Benaglio is there to palm wide, and the corner is wasted.
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    Ronaldo slides in on Arnold, late as you like, and he's booked for his trouble - even though it's his first yellow card worthy tackle of the night.
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    Wolfsburg bring on another striker, Dost replacing Guilavogui.
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    GOAL! Real Madrid 3-0 Wolfsburg WHAT A HUMAN BEING! IF THAT'S WHAT HE IS! Ronaldo caresses an effort at the wall, Naldo and Guilavogui split, and off it coasts past Benaglio. That is very naughty defending.
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    Modric stretches away from Gustavo, just outside the box, and with Guilavogui nowhere to be seen, he slides in hard, actually winning the ball, but felling the man and accepting a yellow card. Free-kick, 25 yards out again, almost dead centre. Reckon Ronaldo might have it.
    Madrid have created almost nothing either side of the goals.
    Bale backheels in the box, finding Benzema who, falling backwards, hooks a shot miles over the bar. Henrique then departs, replaced by Caligiuri.
    Henrique is still down so the crowd try and rouse their team. Play then continues, as Wolfsburg prepare to make a change.
    Bruno Henrique is down, having bumped his head. Sergio Ramos has a lot of fillings.