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FC Barcelona - Juventus
Champions League - 19 April 2017

Champions League – Follow the Football match between FC Barcelona and Juventus live with Eurosport. The match starts at 19:45 on 19 April 2017. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Ernesto Valverde or Massimiliano Allegri? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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So that's us - thanks for your company, and enjoy the rest of your nights.


So, that was pretty simple in the end. Barca created two decent chances, maybe three, took none, and never really got the momentum which can force collapses. At the same time, Juve were composed at the back and a threat on the break with Chiellini outstanding.


Full-time: Barcelona 0-0 Juventus (agg 0-3). Juventus advance to the semis, where they'll meet one of Monaco, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.


The Juve players are dancing on the touchline, which is, well hilarious.


Pique is late on Chiellini, who looks wounded, all the more so when the yellow card remains pocketed.


There shall be three added minutes which, ironically, is the number of goals Barca need to force extra-time. Also, Trevor Brooking didn't get many with his head.


Busquets hares down the right and crosses; Sandro turns into it and takes it on the arm, which is by his side. Suarez is outraged at the lack of penalty, for all the difference it'd make.


Final change for Juve: Higuain departs, Asamoah arrives.


Juve knock it about as their fans get involved with the old oles. It's really rather funny.


I know Barca have made a few chances, but I've never seen them look so clueless, like Damien Hirst with his ego tied behind his back.


Second change for Juve: Lemina replaces Cuadrado.


Juve break and Khedira romps into the box, Madzukic alongside him. But he's too exhausted to force himself around the ball to get a crossing angle, instead poking a tame effort into Ter Stegen's arms.


Chance for Barca! Clip over the top from Neymar, and there's Mascherano in the six-yard box, without a goal in 300-odd appearances for the club, getting a feather when all it needed was a tickle! Dear oh dear.


Juventus have done an absolute job on Barcelona tonight. The art world weeps bitter tears.


Mascherano replaces Sergi Roberto and goes to centre-back; Pique is now officially up front.


Barca win a corner down the left and Pique's first to it, turning a shot goalwards at the near post. But Chiellini gets a something on it, and the next corner is cleared.


To wind Barca up further, Juve bring on Barzagli; Dybala makes way, eventually. after fondling his hair and waving to the away fans.


Neymar, who's had a quiet few minutes, whips in a cross that Chiellini gets up to first, his flick enough to take it away from Alcacer. The corner comes to nothing, and Pique, who came up for it, is now knocking about up front.


Dybala's been quiet tonight but this is beautiful: he glides away from Alba then magics past Umtiti, before lifting a chip over the top.


It's not Barca's night. Messi does beautifully at the right corner of the box to move away from the goal before slipping a pass inside to Sergi Roberto. He ducks further inside, move slightly away fro goal to set his angle, and then drives a low one past the far post.


Is this the only disappointing game of the knockouts so far?


Barca win a corner, Buffon comes, misses, and Suarez clips the loose ball back for Messi! But it's a little high and on his right foot, so though he leaps well, he can only guide yet another shot off target.


While we wait for goalmouth action, enjoy this from Ousmane Dembele, who is forreal.


Sandro tries to get wide, looking to meg Suarez instead of walloping clear. So Khedira charges across, wipes Suarez out, shoves his mate and takes the yellow that'll rule him out of the semi that now looks likely. The free-kick is cleared easily.


Neymar cuts inside and skips past Alves. But he's still 20 yards out, so ought really to switch the ball back out wide to Alba, all alone, instead of balloon a shot high and wide. This is ill-received by his pal.


Barcelona have no ideas. They're just hoping Messi or Neymar conjure something, and Juve brick it.


Change for Barcelona: Alcacer replaces Rakitic.


Suarez finally finds some space outside the box, so Chiellini pulls him down, earning himself a yellow card from the ref and a low-five from Bonucci. Messi curls the free-kick over wall and bar.


Lovely from Rakitic, snapping a square pass to Messi from out on the right. Messi takes it beautifully too, moving it into his stride to shoot from 20. But Chiellini stretches every fibre of his being to narrow the angle, and the low left-footed curler is accordingly a foot wide of the far stick.


Rakitic has a sneaky little nibble at Alex Sandro from a prone position and the fourth official notices, but no one else does.


Goal in Monaco: Marco Reus gets it for Dortmund, who reduce the aggregate arrears to 5-3.


Lovely from Messi, coming deep, accelerating past Dybala, and rapping a quick one-two with Neymar before cracking a shot over the top.


Barcelona break down the left and it's Neymar again supplying the edge, slicing across a shot that flies over the bar.


Dybala robs Iniesta and finds Higuain, who slides right for Cuardrado ... his low drive scuttles just wide, though he insists it's a corner not the goalkick which is what's given. Ter Stegen might've got a touch, but I'd say not.


Sergi Roberto finds Rakitic, who rams his cross against Sandro; the resultant corner comes to nowt.


Amazing from Neymar, weaving past Bonucci, Alves and Cheillini in about two yards of space before the third of those gets back at him. He is trying everything.


McManaman says Barca need Juve to drop their level by 10% but that's really not so. Messi scores his sitter and they're in decent shape.


Juve get us underway.


Back come the players. Back come Ian Darke and Steve McManaman. Every silver lining.


Anyway, Juventus are pretty comfortable. Messi missed a great chance, but otherwise most of the play has been in front of them and under sufficient control.


Barcelona make their way off bitching at the ref for who knows what. Perhaps they might just try playing better?


Half-time: Barcelona 0-0 Juventus (agg 0-3)


There shall be one added minute.


Dear oh dear.


Messi jumps for a high ball, Pjanic runs into his legs, Messi breaks his fall with his phizog, Neymar avenges. He's booked, and will miss the first leg of any semi-final that Barca make.


Neymar, again, forces his way down the left, comes back inside and curls over a cross. Suarez goes for an overhead kick, Bonucci gets in the road, and the ref says goalkick to much distress.


Andres "Nuzzles yer legs" Iniesta launches into a challenge with Cuadrado from another age, scything him down and accepting his yellow card.


Lovely from Messi, out on the right touchline and twinkling Sergi Roberto away. His cross is a goodun too, but Bonucci is up to prevent it reaching Suarez.


Pjanic takes up possession at inside-right and lifts a glorious pass over the top for Higuain, who gets his lces to it - on the slide, but still, he's there, only to help a tame finish into Ter Stegen's arms.


I wonder if this will be the season in which Neymar became a whole nother level player, whatever that means. He streaks away down the left and whips over a cross to no one, but the point remains: he's currently the guy getting things going.


On the one hand, Barca need a first-half goal. On the other, if they've not conceded at half-time, there's more chance of a clean sheet. Now that's insight.


Iniesta, who's been quiet, slides a ball down the left for Alba, but Alves is in sharply and the eventuating corner is wasted. We've barely seen Luis Suarez so far, by the way.


Juve are struggling to get out now, so Khedira goes down and beats the turf a few times. Do Barca not like this, and as such paragons of beauty, the football world weeps with them.


Neymar is on the edge of a fantastic paddy here, and Dani Alves nudges him closer with a needless foul on halfway. Lovely stuff. Neymar then gets on the ball and causes trouble, though, Messi and Busquets playing a one-two before a shot from distance forces Buffon into shovelling away. Messi zooms onto the loose ball, but the angle is against him and all he can do is thunk over the top.


Neymar twists away Alves who buffets him; he wants a penalty, but none is forthcoming. So he takes possession again and wins a corner off Bonucci, then hits it into the box. It's headed clear easily.


Barca are becoming aggravated. A terrible shame.


Consternation! Mess floats forward, and Sandro pulls him back before he bumps into Bonucci. No free-kick, apparently.


And that's the real quiz.


The Messi one was a belter, but the others have been quarter-, maybe even fifth-chances.


Monaco now lead Dortmund 2-0. That tie looks pretty much over at 5-2.


Juve can feel it, Barca are coming in the air tonight. Busquets lofts a curve over the defensive line for Alba, who bumps back for Neymar, and his snap-volley whizzes past the near post.


Barca have taken over these last few minutes, and here's Messi! He spreads wide to Alba, makes his way into the box, and when the ball does too, Suarez tees him up ... except, arriving onto it, he drags wide from eight yards!


We've seen this before! For the first time, Messi finds himself in space outside the box and lifts a pass into it for Jordi Alba. On the slide, he can't quite arrive in time, shinning over the bar.


Mbappe's calmness in front of goal is frankly obscene.


Juve come forward again, and Cuadrado finds himself in the box, taking possession on his thigh before looping a shot over his head and over the bar.


Lovely ball from Pjanic setting Cuadrado away down the right and Dybala's in the middle, but Pique slides in to block superbly. Immediately, Barca break with Neymar, and the move ends with Rakitic's shot from the edge of the box which flies over.


Higuain tries to flick a pass inside and Busquets intercepts, inadvertently completing the one-two. And the ball bounces beautiful, just outside the box and shin-high; Higuain welts a shot wide.


But this is nice, Neymar lifting the ball over Bonucci and into the box for Suarez, who can neither control nor flick-on.


Juventus have been exemplary so far. Barca can't get their passing going, let along get Messi on the ball anywhere useful.


Neymar finds Iniesta, edge of the box, left-hand side, and he tries wiggling into the box but is easily knocked over by Chiellini. A few seconds later, though, Barca win a corner down the same side and take it short, presumably because pumping one into the air is pointless. And when the ball eventually comes in, from Messi, Bonucci misses it, but behind him, Pique can't control.


Madre de dios! Mbappe has already scored, again; Monaco now lead Dortmund 4-2 on aggregate.


Cuadrado, another example of Jose Mourinho's eye for a player, sucks Pique in, nips the ball away, and falls over. Free-kick from the right by-line, which Rakitic heads clear, but Juve are by far the better side at the moment.


Huge row as Neymar skirts around Alves and makes into the box, falling between him and Bonucci. There are roars for a penalty, but the ref isn't interested.


Good free-kick, clipped into the box at an oblique angle, and Higuain has lost his marker, but can't a decent connection on his shot.


Dybala finds another pocket, not far from the centre-circle, and Rakitic boots him to the ground. From the aforementioned, Dybala makes a card-brandishing gesture, and the ref gives him a warning.


Juve aren't giving Barca any time to settle, pressing their defenders in possession. Busquets trips Dybala - Iniesta has already hacked through Pjanic - and Juve force themselves down the pitch. They're not here to see what happens.


Dani Alves runs along the Juve bench high-fiving, and we're off. He really ought still to be at Barca; he really ought to be on the pitch when play starts.


Buffon looks like he might eat Iniesta.


The players slap hands. They will now do everything possible to cheat one another.


They're singing the song. Mes que un... ought to be a round in Blankety Blank.


Neymar is the "hair to the throne"; not quite as good as "now Wayne Rooney has taken up the mantlepiece", but still nice from Rio.




I was actually at that game, and had a role-reversal with my dad. "Maybe we'll play better in the second half," he wondered at half-time. "I'm sorry," said I, with a gentle pat on the head, "but we can't. We're getting a hiding and that's that."


Rio Ferdinand says the best way to stop Messi is to crowd him out, which is how I thought his United might try it in the 2011 final. In the end they just defended their box badly, and were lucky Barcelona declared at 3-1, because it could've been a lot, lot worse.


Ah, here is it. Messi is good.


Steve McManaman thinks Juve willl go through. More insight as I get it.


La Vecchia Signora is/are feeling good.


Of course, when the individuals are the individuals, but Barcelona badly need midfield reinforcements.


So, looking at the teams a little more closely, I guess Barca had no choice to go with Rakitic and Iniesta in midfield; Andre Gomes and Denis Suarez haven't done enough. On the other hand, that midfield is a little pedestrian, especially given the dynamisim of Pjanic, Cuadrado and Dybala.


So, can they do it? Well, it's hard to seem them keeping a clean sheet, which means they'll need to win 4-1, which means no. Juventus are not going to collapse like PSG did and surely the ref will have a better game. With Messi, anything is possible, but even so.


Some teams, then.


Evening all. Can they do it again? Can the other team possibly do it again?