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CSKA Moscow - Manchester United

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So, thanks for your company - goodnight.


So, an excellent performance from United, who were devastating going forward and ought really to have won by more; they are going to rinse this group.


Full-time: CSKA Moscow 1-4 Manchester United


GOAL! CSKA Moscow 1-4 Manchester United (Kuchaev) Mourinho looks displeased. Golovin slips Kuchaev in, he controls well on his chest, and then slips a finish across and under De Gea, assuming that's etymologically possible.


Golovin is still trying too, and from just right of the D screws a shot which almost meets the path of Zhamaletdinov before rolling behind.


In fairness to United, they've not tossed it off despite being way in front - there'll be no accusations of Playstation football tonight. Of course some intensity has dulled, but they're still looking for more goals even now.


United win a free-kick 30 yards from goal, which Rashford wafts over the bar - over several bars.


Another youngster, Kuchaev, replaces Vitinho.


Vitinho finds himself with a bit of space outside the United box, right of centre, and drives a low shot which De Gea saves comfortably enough.


Lovely ball from Matic, sending Darmian in on goal! I've no idea what Berezutski is up to as he's screeched past, but the excellent Akinfeev saves with his feet again.


Harsh to carp, but I really don't see why Mourinho is handing out appearances to Darmian, who is never good enough for United, ahead of Tuanzebe, who might be.


It takes Vasin about ten minutes to pull down Lukaku, while behind Akinfeev, shirts are removed in ever-increasing numbers.


Behind Akinfeev's goal, the home fans are bouncing about with tops off. They look better than Mourinho does with his top on.


Wow, Basel now lead Benfica 5-0. Benfica must be exceptionally awful.


I'm not surprised; Wernbloom headed the back of his head, while sticking an arm in his back.


Lingard and Wernbloom clash heads; Lingard stays down for treatment.


Apparently Martial was limping as he went off, but I doubt it's anything severe.


Milanov comes on for Dzagoev


Martial has played very well indeed tonight - as he has pretty much every time he's got on the park this season. He is so, so talented.


Ever the romantic, Mourinho tells Scott McTominay to sit down and swaps Martial for Rashford. Surely both need to start on Saturday?


Not much going on now. Pretty sure both sides would happily call it a night.


What on earth is wrong with Benfica? They now trail Basel 4-0.


Off goes Chalov, on comes Zhamaletdinov.


Darmian replaces Young, who hands the armband to Smalling.


Golovin finds pace and feeds Vitinho, who drags a shot wide and then some.


Neymar has put PSG 3-0 up on Bayern. What a kicking! though apparently it's been end-to-end for large portions of the game.


Herrera turns into trouble and Chalov nicks possession, beating Matic, but Lindelof is there to mop up.


Alvaro Moarata has equalised for Chelsea in Madrid - they're playing very well this half, apparently - and Barcelona lead against Sporting, thanks to an own-goal from good old Sebastian Coates.


Basel now leads Benfica 3-0, which means United are in a ridiculously strong position in the group.


United could score any amount here! Martial zips away from a couple of men and slides a pass between Golovin and Wernbloom for Lingard! 15 seconds on the pitch and he's in front of goal! But Akinfeev spreads himself well, deflecting the shot behind. You sense there'll be another along in a bit.


Lingard replaces Mkhitaryan, who's been excellent tonight. he goes straight down the tunnel.


Vitinho accidentally puts an arm in Bailly's face, so is booked.


GOAL! CSKA Moscow 0-4 Manchester United (Mkhitaryan) Another miserable error from Ignashevich, who passes to Matic. He immediately sets Martial away, and though Akinfeev beats away his dig from just outside the box, Mkhitaryan is the only man following in, and he clips home a tidy finish from a tightish angle.


Matic intercepts Dzagoev's lax pass and immediately slides a through-ball for Lukaku. But his first touch is loose, and Berezutski nips in to tackle.


In centerfield, Mkhitaryan nips the ball away from Wernbloom, who duly sticks a forearm across his face. I've no idea how the ref sees that and deduces a yellow card.


Celtic now lead Anderlecht 2-0 in the battle for Europa League qualification.


Golovin chips into the box, and Chalov is in space behind Bailly, but the defender does well to impart the necessary flick, taking the ball away from goal.


United are having their way with CSKA, Martial allowed time to set another move in motion before the ball works its way out to Young. His cross is a goodun, and Blind leaps to meet it, but can only guide his header over the bar.


Brilliant from United, Mkhitaryan and Lukaku exchanging passes outside the box before Martial fizzes a pass into it, right at Lukaku who tames it well and smacks an instashot which Akinfeev saves well. For a moment the rebound looks certain to be his, but Wernbloom does really well to intercede.


How much worse did CSKA need to defend in that first half for Viktor Goncharenko to make a change?


Golovin nips onto his right foot, outside the United box, left of centre. He then turns outside Young onto his left foot, and drives well over the top.


That jumper aside.


Off we go again.


Eventually the ref shows with a ball.


The players are back with us.


And one from last night...


That's a brilliant first half from United; they didn't quite play brilliantly, but they were very good, and in attack just have so much skill, variety and confidence. If they can be arsed, there are more goals for them here, however much CSKA improve at the back.


Half-time: CSKA Moscow 0-3 Manchester United


Anthony Martial is as good a dribbler as there is, Messi aside, and he rolls studs over the ball then sways past various men from out left into the box. Eventually, weight of numbers forces him to lay off to Lukaku, and the attack breaks down, but he is playing with so much verve and confidence.


Golovin loses patience with proceedings, running into Herrera then turning his back on the ref. this combination move earns him a booking.


Oh, and in Brussels, Celtic lead Anderlecht.


PSG now lead Bayern 2-0, while Griezmann has given Atletico the lead against Chelsea, scoring from the penalty spot.


Mkhitaryan and Martial have been particularly good for United, not that CSKA seem to have formulated any kind of plan to combat either of them.


David de Gea is so, so good. Dzagoev finds Chalov inside the box, and hesways inside Lindelof to absolutely shmice a rising shot. Fair dos, either side of the keeper and he's doing nowt, but even so, the reactions and strength required to prang it over the bar areremarkable.


CSKA are gone, to the extent they ever arrived. Mkhitaryan finds Lukaku outside the box, and he has so much time to drill a low shot towards the near post - Akinfeev dives to shove behind. The corner comes to nowt.


I wonder if Mourinho is already thinking substitutions. I'd be getting Matic off a-sap.


CSKA try and mount an attack, but United quickly break it up and fly forward with Mkhitaryan, Lukaku and Martial. Wernbloom is grateful to concede a throw.


Lukaku has 10 goals this season, in seven games.


GOAL! CSKA Moscow 0-3 Manchester United (Lukaku) United barely even celebrate this one. Mkhitaryan and Martial prompt outside the box, Martial sways inside Fernandes, crosses, and Berezutski makes an unbelievable hash of clearing. Lukaku, meanwhile, gambles, using his power and strength to anticipate the mistake while Ignashevich ruminates on life, and taps in before posing, arms crossed. If CSKA don't buck-up at the back, they're going to take a serious pasting; not easy with the game already gone.


The game is sort of even - bear with me - in that general play is whatever, it's just that in attack United have too much and CSKA, though not bad, do not. United's defence is better than theirs essentially.


Elsewhere in the group, Basel lead benfica 2-0.


Nice from Golovin, working space outside the box after dropping his shoulder and shifting the ball inside Herrera - he shoots well, low and hard, but the ball flies just wide of the far post.


This match is over.


GOAL! CSKA Moscow 0-2 Manchester United (Martial pen) This lad could become one of the great penalty takers. He ambles up, shimmies, waits for the keeper to move left and slots right.


PENALTY UNITED! Schennikov slides in on Mkhitaryan for absolutely no reason - he's on the right of the box, having just cut in, so danger is not imminent. And it's a clear penalty.


Elsewhere, PSG and Dani Alves took 84 seconds to score against Bayern Munich. That penalty ruck seems to be absolutely rinsing them.


CSKA are no mugs, but United just have too much for them going forward. They'll need to score twice to get a draw, I'd say.


United should score again! The ball goes across the CSKA box from right to left, Young finding Mkhitaryan who picks the perfect pass for Blind. His cross is low and hard - Mkhitaryan meets it - but picks out Akinfeev's boot. Good save that, though the shot was only saveable if hit straight at him.


Lukaku holds the ball up and finds Mkhitaryan, who forces a corner. It goes short and Martial waltzes past Golovin along the line, but can't quite pick out the cross. He seems to have any man who comes near him on, er, absolute toast.


Within 2 minutes of the goal going in, the two commentators referred to Lukaku's strength, size and power nine times, including saying "He's just all over him". He barely touched Ignashevich.


Romelu Lukaku, then; the boy has the knack. Of course, he's fast and strong, but Ray Lewis isn't a centre-forward. He knows where to come and where to be, and he's confident and cool at the crucial moments. He also has loads of improving to do;what a player he'll be in two years.


Golovin accidentally finds Dzagoev, who drives low from the edge of the box ... and there's United's other star, De Gea diving low and full-length to tip behind. The corner comes to nowt.


GOAL! CSKA Moscow 0-1 Manchester United (Lukaku) Obviously. Lukaku holds up and sends left to Martial, who comes inside on his right to curl a cross into the middle towards the back post, where Lukaku is just too much for Ignashevich, leaping high to smack a header inside the near post.


CSKA break, and Golovin, CSKA's young star, gets on the ball and lifts over the top for Dzagoev ... but Young catches up and knocks back to De Gea.


Nice from Herrera, who beas a man outside the box and works a shooting position, only to batter his cross at Martial's midriff.


Lots of nothing to begin; it looks like Martial and Lukaku are playing as a two, with Mkhitaryan wandering.


United are playing in those famous light grey shirts, obviously.


Off we go!


It's good to see Axel Tuanzebe on United's bench. He was terrific at the end of last season, and going forward - sorry, I did really use that phrase - it just doesn't make sense to pick Matteo Darmian ahead of him.


As it were.


The players are upon us.


The players are tunnelled.


This lad will be key for United tonight. In the absence of Pogba and Mata, the responsibility to create chances is mainly on him. If CSKA don't get close to him, he will make things difficult for them, though he needs to involve himself more in general play.


So what'll happen tonight, you don't ask. I'd expect United to be too strong for CSKA, though they'll have to work for a win.


Ha ha. Des Kelly asks if CSKA are better than Spartak and Mourinho says I don't know, I didn't analyse CSKA. He says this is the best CSKA side that he's faced.


"It's just the second match against the team who is in the best position of all us because they won the first match away," says Mourinho. He goes on to say that he completely trusts Herrera, who had to wait for his chance because the team started so well, but it's about the squad not the team.


Realistically, it's hard to see United seriously challenging for this trophy; next season perhaps, but they're not devastating enough in attack to compensate for weaknesses in defence, and their midfield can compete with but not dominate the best. On the other hand, they have loads of players able to turn games and a manager who knows what to do - I doubt Europre's best sides will be all that keen to face them.


it's quite hard to decipher what's going on in front of their three - according to Uefa, it looks like a spread three, then a narrow two, then two strikers. We'll see.


Oh yes, and CSKA play three at the back too.


So United play three centre-backs - not entirely surprisingly. Mourinho clearly trusts Lindelof in Europe more than in the league, and would rather play him in a three than a two; doable because he's so good on the ball. Also, it's a good opportunity to practice a system that might be of use. I imagine it'll be a midfield four, then Mkhitaryan and Martial roving behind Lukaku.


As it were.


Ignore the #YoungBoys:


Let's have some teams, then.


"He hardly moves but because hes so big and powerful, he just barges people out the way"; Michael Owen there, analysing Lukaku with characteristic insight.


Evening all. United have started the season so well that they could actually wear a defeat tonight. Except Jose Mourinho isn't really into that sort of behaviour, and he'll expect his players to win, more or less securing their spot in the knockouts after two games; it seems inconceivable they'd not rustle up four more points from four games.

On the other hand, CSKA won at Benfica last time out, and will fancy themselves to take advantage of a United side set out in unfamiliar configuration and without Pogba, Jones, Valencia and Fellaini.