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Napoli - Manchester City
Champions League - 1 November 2017

Champions League – Follow the Football match between Napoli and Manchester City live with Eurosport. The match starts at 19:45 on 1 November 2017. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Carlo Ancelotti or Josep Guardiola? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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Anyway, that's us - enjoy the rest of your nights!


Anyway, that was a really good game in the end, even if the teams took it in turns to raise things. City look very strong indeed, not just in terms of how well they move the ball but in terms of how they responded to setbacks. No one will fancy pulling them in the knockouts.


So City qualify for the last 16, while Napoli need two wins and Shakhtar to lose twice.


Full-time: Napoli 2-4 Manchester City


Mertens has had enough, whacking Sterling across the back of the knees. He's booked.


GOAL! Napoli 2-4 Manchester City (Sterling) De Bruyne chugs forward, a tired Napoli stand off, and when he slides into Sterling, a lovely touch gets the ball out of his feet and the truest of drives flies into the far bottom corner. What a player he now is!


Ounas skates down the line and Otamendi can't help himself, sliding in, getting all ball and no ball; he's booked.


Silva eases down the left, evades two challengers with masterful footwork, cuts back and Silva is wide with his shot.


Liverpool lead Maribor 3-0; Spurs lead Madrid 3-1.


Jesus replaces Sane, who's been great again.


Lovely from Bernardo, flicking the ball with the outside of his foot, turning onto it, and whizzing forward. The attack peters out, but it's just another example of how many options City have.


David Silva likes apple crumble and custard. More news as I get it.


Lovely from City, Silva leasering a low pass out to Sane, who cuts back for Bernardo, who sweeps a shot towards the far corner, but not hard enough to seriously trouble the diving Reina.


City are knocking it about confidently. They're a serious threat to win this thing now, though it doesn't really matter who does what at this point; the question is whether they'll be fit and in form come March.


A word also for Sane, whose dash from halfway made what looks like being the winning goal. He is such a beautiful mover, with that willowy strength to boot which makes him very difficult to unload.


Sergio Aguero, though. There are adults, many of them, who think Alan Shearer was a better player than him.


Change for City: Onas replaces Jorginho.


Shakhtar now lead Feyenoord 3-1; Napoli are going out of this competition, not tonight but presently.


Koulibaly dwels on the ball inside his own box and is nearly mugged by De Bruyne, in the end doing well to shepherd the ball back to Reina.


...it's Sane, and he can't get the dip, curving just over the bar.


Can De Bruyne get this up and down...


Koulibaly shoves Fernandinho over just on the edge of the D; good position this...


The game now looks dead.


Change apiece: Rog replaces Allan, and Bernardo replaces Aguero.


Oh, I meant to say, Silva is on for Gundogan, who did well in patches.


Spurs now lead Madrid 3-0!


The game's a while restarting because Guardiola is ruckusing the ref about something or other.


GOAL! Napoli 2-3 Manchester City (Aguero) Sergio Aguero is Manchester City's leading scorer of all-time! Out of nowhere, Sane screeches forward, and when he tangles with Hysaj, Gundogan picks up the loose ball, slides it square to Aguero, and he's not missing this, advancing to punch a sidefooter into the bottom-right. What a player!


Oh my, what a save! Lovely play from Napoli, Mertens turning and feeding in Callejon in remarkable space. He's not as composed as he might be, thrashing his shot, but even so Ederson does splendidly to dive hard and fast, flicking his shot over the top.


City are back in ascendancy, passing confidently across the width of the pitch. They're looking for Sterling at every opportunity and rightly so - he's been very good tonight, and there he is charging down Hamsik's attempted clearance! But Aguero goes to early when Gundogan tries to play him in, so up goes the flag.


Spurs have scored a third against Madrid! And Liverpool have scored a second against Maribor.


Strange game this, like a relay of goodness. Can City wrest back the baton?


GOAL! Napoli 2-2 Mamchester City (Jorginho pen) Jorginho ambles up towards the ball, leaps, and when Ederson dives right, he clips it straight.


PENALTY TO NAPOLI! Napoli win a corner and in the repechage that follows, Sane is careless in leaving a foot for Albiol to fall over; he tries to pull out, but it's too late.


Momentary indecision as Metens nips a ball in between Ederson and Stones; the former tells the latter to get expletive rid, so that's what he does. Stones is getting close to the player he always promised to be.


At Wembley, Spurs now lead Madrid 2-0, thanks to another goal from Dele Alli. Meanwhile, Mohammad Salah has put Liverpool ahead against Maribor.


Outside the box, Insigne sends Danilo spinning, Danilo falls on his tochus, Insigne edges across the face of the box, and curls a thumper against the bar! Great effort!


The Napoli fans try and get their boys going, and Allan nashes down the right, crosses low, and the ball's cleared.


Napoli are coming back a little, Mertens trying to weave his way into the box. But Stones, beaten once, recovers to tackle.




Looking at the goal again, it's a really, really good leap from Stones, up and backwards to get the necessary purchase. If City's strikers can pull their fingers out, there are more goals to be had here.


Napoli don't look to have the ideas to reverse momentum here.


GOAL! Napoli 1-2 Manchester City (Stones) Excellent corner from Sane and Stones, centrally stationed, powers a header against the bar and down. The ball's clearly over the line, but spin takes it into Reina's arms, and the ref awards the goal! City are going to the last 16!


Fantastic from Sterling, robbing Hamsik inside the box, weaving inside Jorginho and outside Koulibaly before having a shot blocked by Albiol. Corner


Napoli are in real aggravation if things don't change here. They'll be six points behind both City and Shakhtar if they draw and Shakhtar, who currently lead Feyenoord, win.


Callejon drives a cross low from the right, but Ederson dives onto it. What a signing he's been so far.


We've gone.


We're good to go...


Well that was the proverbial half of two halves. Napoli were excellent to begin with, but City got their passing going once they fell behind and Ghoulam went off, pulling Napoli taught across the pitch and looking likely to score a second at any moment. It's been a decent but not belting match so far, but if both sides can find their best gear at the same time, what's coming next will be a treat.


Half-time: Napoli 1-1 Manchester City


We'll have two extra minutes.


Maggio heads weakly away and Delph loads up on a shot which trickles sideways. I laugh.


De Bruyne attacks the Napoli box, beats Allan, and stabs wide for Sterling. His cross is blocked, and Napoli badly need half-time now.


I can't remember the last time Napoli did anything. They need to change something.


City are passing it beautifully now, their wingers keeping the width to great effect. And here comes Stirling, attacking Hysaj on the outside on his way to the line! They collide, Sterling goes down and wants a penalty, but the ref is having no such thing and rightly so.


The General.


City are all over this now, and Gundogan crosses low ... and at the back post, Otamendi almost makes it a brace! But he can only slice the ball back across goal, it rears up, and Stones loops a header onto the bar!


With Ghoulam out of the way, Sterling is coming onto a game and he runs at Hysaj, forcing a corner.


Now it's Napoli who can't get the ball or into the game. If both sides can sort themselves to be on it at the same time, we'll have a hell of a second half.


GOAL! Napoli 1-1 Manchester City (Otamendi )That too was coming. De Bruyne gets the ball outside the box, right-hand side, and with no pressure on him, stands up a cross to the back post where Otamendi directs a fine downward header past Reina.


Much better from City, Sterling wriggling down the right and cutting back to the edge. Gundogan is lining it up, but in front of him, Aguero doesn't see and takes the shot from around his arse. It's headed for the bottom corner, but Hysaj gets in a block and the ball slides just wide with the corner coming to nothing.


City are just easing into the game, and Gundogan puts a ball into the box, thinks he's been fouled, and enters into verbals while Aguero argues with Koulibaly.


Maggio replaces Ghoulam and goes to the right; Hysaj switches to the left.


Ghoulam is hurt - it's a knee situation - which is bad news for Napoli. He's a threat going forward, and more than that, has forced Sterling back.


This is a bit better from City, De Bruyne finding Aguero on the edge of the box, left-hand side. He contemplates easing a curler towards the far corner, opts for a cross instead, and Napoli clear easily enough.


City get some possession and the whistling starts. Aguero wins a free-kick, it's cleared, and Sane has a shot charged down at source.


Dele Alli has given Spurs the lead at home to Real Madrid.


City need a bit of possession, but it's not easy to see how they're getting it; they're hoping for a moment, basically.


"A well-taken strike"!


It's almost as if City aren't as good as the hype suggests.


WHAT A GOAL! Napoli 1-0 Manchester City (Insigne) It's been coming. Insigne darts a pass into Mertens on the edge of the box, and back to goal, he stab-strokes a tremendous return with the outside of his right foot, into stride at inside-left. Insigne opens his body, draws back his foot, and punches with his instep into the far side-netting, halfway up. Napoli could help themselves to another here, before City rouse themselves.


Napoli are a bit quick for City in midfield - Gundogan is a good player, but he's getting passed around at the moment, while Fernandinho, Danny Murphy's favourite in the squad, isn't really up to it at this level.


Elsewhere in the group, Shakhtar lead Feyernoord 2-1. Napoli could really do with a win here.


Napoli are very deft around the edge of the box and Mertens slides a pass into it, for Insigne. His cross is blocked ... corner ... and when the ball ends up with Ghoulam, along the by-line, Stones does very well to block his low cross.


City are struggling to get a kick in midfield, but have yet to concede a decent chance. They'll take that.



We've barely seen a tackle so far - these teams move the ball so quickly, and are more inclined to block than engage.


Napoli probe down the left and work the ball into the box. It's smuggled away, and from outside it, Hamsik whips an expansive curling effort over the bar.


Mertens megs Otamendi, who barges him ovrer; he can do no other. Free-kick Napoli, just left of centre, 30 yards out .... and Mertens clips straight into the wall.


Jorginho squares for Hamsik, who has a dig from 25 yards. There's venom involved, but it's directed right at Ederson, who catches in the midriff.


Sterling barges his way through a couple of challenges on the edge of the box but runs out of position when Albiol and Koulibaly combine to block. Napoli then move forward and Insigne, off the left, clips over the top looking for Callejon, but doesn't get his angles right and the ball runs through to Ederson.


Jorginho finds Hamsik, and he moves the ball to Insigne down the left. He looks for Mertens, but Stones is there to intercept.


But then Sterling finds Sane inside the box and he comes inside, as he did at the weekend, except this lot are a bit better than West Brom and block him off easily.


Immediately Napoli put the pressure on, pressing City high and looking ready to swarm at any opportunity.


City get us away, and it's raucous now.


What a ridiculous story the second half of this is.


The Champions League anthem plays and the crowd get involved at the end with a proper bellow. This is going to be great.


Here they come! The fans all have their mobiles shining, which is for kiddies ... you tell them.


The teams are tunnelled...


This is a rare occasion when some VT of the ground pre-match would be nice. So of course we've not been given any.


Guardiola described Napoli as maybe the best team he's ever faced so tonight will be a "good challenge for us". But he hasn't spoken to his team about the atmosphere, and they'll just focus on what's going on on the pitch. Gundogan is playing because it's time to rotate and give minutes to players who've not had many - he deserves it.


A difference between the teams: City like to make the pitch bigger, so have players moving away from the ball, whereas Napoli like to get close and move it fast with ridiculous short passes.


Fans have been banned from wearing belts in the ground, after some belt-related tomfoolery when the sides met at the Etihad. Luckily there are no other ways to cause mischief, so we're guaranteed an aggro-free evening.


Apologies, my system crashed. While you were away, Martin Keown literally just said that Silva and De Bruyne (no trophies together) are as good as Xaxi and Iniesta (25 trophies together).


The absolute state of that denim shirt-tie rig, dearie me.




Napoli are as you'd expect - these are probably the two most confident sides in Europe at the moment. Napoli gave City a proper game in Manchester despite not turning up in the first 20 minutes, missing a penalty that might have earned them a draw. They'll play better tonight, and I'd not be at all surprised to see them nab a win. City, meanwhile, need a draw to qualify for the last sixteen.


So City leave out Walker, both the Silvas and Jesus; in come Danilo, Gundogan, Sterling and Aguero. I guess that's a nod to how good Napoli are - Gundogan will add some defensive solidity, and Danilo might defend more than Walker.


Let's have some teams then...


Evening all. It's rare we can assert with certainty that anything, never mind a game of football, is going to be great. But this, definitely and indisputably, is going to great. Dig in!