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Real Madrid - Tottenham Hotspur
Champions League - 17 October 2017

Champions League – Follow the Football match between Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur live with Eurosport. The match starts at 19:45 on 17 October 2017. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Julen Lopetegui or Mauricio Pochettino? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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so thanks all for your company - enjoy the rest of your nights.


That's a fine result and pretty fine performance from Spurs. They've held Madrid with relatively few alarms and surprises, and sit behind them on the group only on alphabetical order.


Ful-time: Real Madrid 1-1 Spurs


Spurs are ending this in the ascendancy, Son finding space to curl goalwards ... the shot is blocked.


Spurs are kotching.


There shall be three added minutes.


Achraf crosses into the middle, the ball's headed out to Marcelo, and his drive is deflected behind; Lloris easily seizes the resultant corner.


Son, who I'd thought might've been deemed useful in a game like this, comes on for Sissoko, who doesn't look badly hurt.


Sissoko is down with hurt leg.


This game is phutting to a climax now.


Seriously ... Trent Alexander-Arnold has scored Liverpool's seventh.


Lucas Vasquez replaces Isco.


Davinson Sanchez looks a very useful player. He was excellent when I saw him for Ajax against Lyon last season, though less so against Manchester United. Still, he looks very composed and alert.


Excellent defending from Alderweireld, who leaps early and high to flick Isco's cross away from Ronaldo.


One can only imagine how useless Maribor are - Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has scored Liverpool's sixth.


Madrid look wary of Spurs' threat on the counter - they've killed their tempo these last few minutes to make sure they don't wind up losing.


Eriksen, who's been much better this half, darts towards the right by-line and clips a dangerous ball back, cleared by Casemiro.


Kane and Casemiro clash knees, but both are fine.


Change for Spurs: Llorente, who's done very well, is replaced by Rose, making his first appearance since January.


Whatever happens from here, Spurs have been excellent tonight, without Rose, Alli, Dembele and Wanyama. Madrid can do better than this, but still - that's a fine effort nonetheless.


Oh, and Asensio is on for Benzema.


It's a nerve-jangler in Manchester - Diawara has scored a penalty for Napoli, who now trail 2-1.


Llorente, who's really come on a game in the last 15 minutes, finds Kane who beats Ramos and feeds Eriksen ... but Ramos implores the ref to blow for offside and he does. Hmmmmmm.


Aaaaargh! Eriksen has come to life! More woeful defending from Madrid allows Llorente to flick into his path, and driving into the box at inside-right, he opts for the near post, allowing Navas to palm away, should-high, and behind.


dortmund have equalised in Nicosia; a point here would be so good for Spurs.


Aaaargh! Lovely from Spurs, Eriksen darting a pass into Llorente, who picks a ball between Ramos and Varane for Kane! Left side of the box, he telegraphs where he's going with his shot, opening his body, but Navas doesn't freeze as desired, diving full-length to push away! That's a great stop!


The problem for Spurs is that they keep giving the ball away whenever they win it back, and they're not picking their passes on the counter as well as they did in the first half.


Great news for Spurs: Apoel lead Dortmund. If the scores stay as they are, they'll be very nearly qualified.


Ronaldo is finding hiimself here, zipping past three men like it's good old 2005, before leathering a low shot, on the run, which Lloris beats away.


Lovely again from Madrid, Casemiro lifting from centre to right for Ronaldo, who decides to let the ball drop, though it takes its time, before absolutely lamping a shot headed high into the net, only for Lloris to palm over the top.


Casemiro is late on Eriksen, who now has a good chance to put a dangerous ball into the box. But all he can do is find Navas; he's not played well tonight.


His movement and workrate allows the others to play.


Ronaldo finds space on the right pf the box and lifts a ball towards Kroos, but Davinson is calm, hooking away with minimum fuss.


this is a really enjoyable game of association football, even if it's missing a bit of needle. Still, there's time


Ronaldo barges through the middle and lashes a shot over the top; Spurs can't get anything going at the moment.


Isco wins a corner off Sanchez, and Madrid just work the ball back into play before, eventually, Casemiro crosses from the right ... Benzema is in light years! But though he heads firmly - he's certain he's scored - Lloris, in mid-dive, saves with his leg! Fantastic!


Firmino has scored again for Liverpool, who lead Maribor 5-0.


I ought to have said earlier, Dortmund are drawing 0-0 against Apoel; should that stay the same, Spurs will be pretty close to the knockouts even if they lose here.


Madrid are looking good again, but Spurs are lively on the break again, Llorente heading to Kane, who does superbly to hold up while advancing on the outside of Varane before crossing against his shins when Llorente arrives alongside. Ronaldo heads the corner clear.


Achraf is back for more right away, dropping a shoulder and easing by Vertonghen, who pulls him back. He's lucky to avoid a booking, and Kroos hits in a decent free-kick, flat from the touchline; it's headed out, and when he gets another go, Benzema nods back across goal instead of going for it.


Ronaldo sets Achraf away down the right, but an imperfect first touch allows Vertonghen to slide in at cost of a throw.


Away we go again.


An excellent half from Spurs, who limited Madrid to very little and created enough themselves. But Aurier's impetuosity, just as they looked like seeing out the half, undid their good work and assuming Madrid play better after the break, you'd expect them to go on and win.


Half-time: Real Madrid 1-1 Spurs


There was just no need for Aurier to make that challenge. Sanchez was on the scene, and there was certainly a better chance of Kroos not scoring than the ball being taken cleanly.


GOAL! Real Madrid 1-1 Spurs (Ronaldo pen) Ronaldo opens his body and plants the ball into the right of the goal, halfway up, while Lloris dives the other way. That's 110 Champions League goals.


PENALTY TO MADRID! This is lovely stuff, Marcelo into Casemiro, who lays off first-time to Benezema, and suddenly Kroos is picking a way into the box, whereupon Aurier dives in for a laugh and snaps into his shin. Aurier is booked.


Not this game, but dearie me.


All going for the English sides tonight; Salah has given Liverpool 4-0, and Dries Mertens has missed a penalty at the Etihad.


Madrid turn it up, Marcelo aborting another break and finding Benzema, who finds Kroos, who finds Isco; his shot is blocked.


The first 20 minutes were dicey, but Spurs have been excellent since then - how good they think they are is both advantage and disadvantage, but tonight it's all the former.




The corner comes in and Ronaldo shoves Vertonghen, who goes down like he's dead; Ronaldo is booked.


Isco materialises, picking up possession on the right of the box, ducking, diving and working the angle for a shot, which he larrups towards the near post; Lloris pushes out.


Again Spurs break in numbers, Eriksen with Sissoko, Kane and Llorente around him, but he can't find the pass.


I wonder if Isco will come into the middle at some point, because he's being suffocated out wide.


Now we have a game - and who'd bet against Spurs scoring again? Madrid have done very little with their possession - Isco has been quiet - while Spurs look incisive when they get downfield.


GOAL! Real Madrid 0-1 Spurs (Varane o.g.) Winks does well in midfield before Aurier goes down the right and crosses ... Kane backheels ... and the ball flicks off Varane and in!


Madrid win a corner down the right, which Kroos puts on Ramos' head - he looks to send it towards goal, but it flicks a defender and earns a further corner, which comes to nothing ... I say that, but it actually allows Spurs to break, Aurier charging downfield, and eventually the ball reaches Winks on the edge of the box, left of centre; he opens his body and curls over the top.


Kroos breaks down the left, and Sissoko trips him. In the crowd - the crowd! - a Madrid fans gestures for a card.


Eriksen is good, but he's nowhere near Modric's level, or that of the other best about. He's a good Premier League player, but not elite - in mine.


Kane does brillliantly down the right, beating Marcelo before finding Llorente in the box. He then moves away from goal then uses the outside of his boot to turn, as Casemiro comes into tackle. He gets enough of the ball such that it's not a problem when he follows it by getting enough of the man ... just. Promising for Spurs, but.


Spurs win a corner down the right, and Eriksen swings it out into Kane's path. With a run on Casemiro, he leaps early and high to thunk a header into the ground, which Navas does well to poke over the top off the bounce.


Salah has put Liverpool 3-0 ahead.


Madrid are coming again, Ronaldo moving ito the box and away from goal before swivelling and forcing a shot across goal which skips only just wide.


Achraf goes at Vertonghen again - he fancies this - and wins a throw close to the corner flag, then another before trying a cross, which Alderweireld levers clear. He looks confident.


Philippe Coutinho has put Liverpool two-up and Gabriel Jesus has done likewise for City. Those games look over already.


Spurs are struggling for a kick here.


Modric slides a lovely pass into Ronaldo, in behind the Spurs defence on the right of the box. Vertonghen slides in and off somewhere towards Alicante as he ducks back inside, but he then slips and Spurs clear.


Sanchez snaps in on Isco and Spurs break - until Eriksen makes an absolute arse of the next pass in centrefield.


Madrid knock it about, Spurs shuttle about.


At the Etihad, Raheem Sterling has given City the lead.


Vertonghen crosses and Varane slices out for a throw, deep inside the Madrid half. But when the ball comes back in, Llorente is offside and Madrid clear via free-kick.


Spurs are here to defend really - two strikers is as much a defensive measure, giving them two out-balls, because who's going to feed them opportunities?


Brilliant from Madrid, Marcelo lifting a ball from the left touchline to the right side of the box, perfect for Achraf, who clips into the middle ... and with Vertonghen ballwatching, Ronaldo butts a header against the near post! Even so, Benzema should then score, with Lloris marooned, but he drags wide of the far post.


Spurs get the ball into Llorente, who pulls off Varane and from an acutish angle, left of goal, tries to poke with his right rather than swing with his left. The result is a tame effort which doesn't bother Navas.


In Maribor, Roberto Firmino has put Liverpool ahead.


Spurs look like they're playing five at the back.


Isoc gets on the ball and surges forward, looking to find Ronaldo with a through-pass, but Alderweireld intercepts.


The camera angle at the Bernabeu is niiiice, properly low so you're part of the game.


Away we go!


A moment is taken to mourn those who've died in the wildfires sweeping Portugal and Spain.


BT reckon Spurs will play a back-four, with Sanchez at left-back and Sissoko in midfield. Gulp.


The Berabeu is suuuuch a ground, maybe the best in world football; certainly one of the best I've been to, and way better than the Nou Camp which is just a concrete bowl.


Of course Ronaldo sings the Champions League anthem. Probably bottles his own farts as well, the absolute hero.


Play the music!


...and here they come!


The players are tunnelled....


Gary Lineker says there should be some goals, but Rio Ferdinand demurs ... because Spurs defend well! I'm reckoning 2-0 Madrid.


This man will make a huge difference to Spurs when he comes back - and even more of one if he can add the goals and assists that his ability ought to facilitate.


He admits that his team are struggling a bit in midfield, but his team are excited, which is sure to redress the imbalance in class.


Pochettino says that it's important to be brave, so he's playing with two strikers. His team need to rotate and find different options.


Yesterday, Mauricio Pochettino said that Harry Kane could emulate Francesco Totti, so win fewer medals that should, earn less money than he should, and attain less exulted status than he should. With friends like that...


People walking down stairs.


My guess is that Spurs are playing 3-5-2, with Aurier and Sissoko as the wing-backs - and I worry about them getting outnumbered and out-manouevred in wide areas. Their two up-front might be handy - both can hold the ball up, which is important - but that three in midfield doesn't look to have much hope as far as I can see. Winks is a talent and Dier is decent, but they're not even good Premier League players, let alone good enough to compete with the best.


Madrid are missing Carvajal and Bale, but still have a mighty XI,though one yet to rediscover itself after the maelstrom of last season's success. Though Ronaldo is their principal goal threat, it's Isco Spurs will have to watch, now their key creator. And in midfield, they'll need to get hold of Casemiro, Modric and Kroos in midfield. When you put it like that, Spurs are done for.


Apologies for the delay, technical gremlins. Anyway, here we are, so let's have a closer look at those tea,s.


Teams, then...


Evening all, and welcome to Real Madrid v Harry Kane. There is no way this isn't going to be great.