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Manchester City - Tottenham Hotspur
Champions League - 17 April 2019

Champions League – Follow the Football match between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur live with Eurosport. The match starts at 20:00 on 17 April 2019. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Josep Guardiola or Mauricio Pochettino? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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Anyway, thanks all for your company - what a game, what a sport, what a night, what a life. I am done.


I need to lie down.


The spurs players are doing their absolute nuts and rightly so. They're bouncing up and down in front of their fans and their manager is with them - what an absolute gem he is.


That is one of the greatest games of association football that you will ever see. That is one of the greatest anythings that you will ever see. An amazing, devastating, hissing, spitting, absolute rush of adrenalin and love. Football football football football football, what would we do without you!


Full-time: Manchester City 4-3 Tottenham Hotspur agg 4-4 SPURS GO THROUGH AND WILL PLAY AJAX IN THE SEMI-FINALS!


Pochettino pogoes along the line at his players, telling them to concentrate, and they have a corner. that has got to be it.


The ground has absolutely gone. Guardiola was leaping about on the line like abslute billy-o, Pochettino was distraught, and then it came. And, to be fair, it wasn't especially close and didn't need a check from the ref.




GOAL! A HAT-TRICK FOR RAHEEM STERLING! AAAARRRRGGGH! Manchester City 5-3 Tottenham Hotspur (Sterling) agg 5-4 Spurs could clear the ball, but Eriksen loses possession and De Bruyne plays Aguero in! He squares to Sterling who, amazingly, has the presence of mind to take a touch ,.. before placing home! What composure! What a player!


Spurs have defended really well since going ahead, and Wanyama gets the ball on halfway. He has eEriksen inside, but absolutely cream-crackered, just kicks for touch.


Davis leaps above Sterling and is penalised for climbing - that looks ok to me - but City waste the free-kick and Spurs clear.


There'll be five added minutes.


Change for Spurs, and obviously it's the man furthest from the bench who goes off. Rose is replaced by Sanchez.


They may well still score, but for the first time, City appear to have run out of ideas, and spurs now have the ball in their half, keeping it nicely til Rose strays offside.


City have 521 men in the box, and Walkerr hoists a cross that for a second looks dangerously close the bar, but Lloris leaps to clutch.


Spurs see away another minute.


This pure, uncut, speedball football and I am here for it. My heart is doing donk x grime, and this is what it's all about.


In a way, spurs fans might've wanted City to score, so it was done and they had time to respond. Now, any goal is the winner and absolutely final.


Fernandinho tosses a ball over the top for Sane, who leaps and stretches to nod down for Gundogan .. who smashes a snapshot just over the bar. On the touchline, Guardiola is in agonised anguish.


De Bruyne down the right to drill in a low cross, which takes a flick off Vertonghen ... and Alderweireld humps clear.


Eriksen robs De Bruyne in centrefield and opts to lob Ederson - that is very silly, because it gives back possession when Spurs might've taken it for a walk.


He's not warmed up, but Sane is sent on for Mendy. He goes onto the left wing, with Sterling closer to Aguer in the middle.


Clever from Alli getting between Walker and the ball, just by the by-line, and elicting the foul.


This has been suuuuch a game, and who eve knows what's to come. It's unfathomable, really, how players maintain their equilibrium in these circumstances - if I was Llorente, i'd still be convulsing with delight.


Change for Spurs: Davies replaces Moura. I cannot feel my fingers.


ISane and Jesus are still on the bench, which I guess I understand - City are playing well enough - but sometimes you need weight of numbers, and ten minutes to go in a European quarter-final might be that time.


Spurs look more comfortable in defence that at any point tonight. But City have so much firepower, it's hard not to see them scoring.


Walker goes down the line and digs out a cross for Aguero, but he has to supply all the power himself, and Lloris clutches the header easily enough.


Again, City make their way into the Spurs box - the way they move the ball is so assured - and Bernardo's shot is blocked behind. The corner comes out to Gundogan, who smashes miles over the bar.


But Spurs get the ball into the City box, lose it when Eriksen shoots into Kompany, and Wanyama has to trip De Bruyne. In the meantime, there's a check to see whether the block hit a hand ... not it did not.


Have Spurs taken that goal too early? They've got an absolute brute of a job still to do.


I think we're trying to see whether the ball flicked Llorente's wrist before it hit the hip. I don't think it did, and I certainly can't see for sure that it did .... IT'S A GOAL! SPURS LEAD AGAIN AND I AM RE-EVALUATING MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE!


To me, that's off the hip. Football does not need this, either way.


The ref is going to have a look at a video for handball!


GOAL! Manchester City 4-3 Tottenham Hotspur (Llorente) THIS IS EVERY TYPE OF LUNACY! Trippier's corner goes to the near post, Llorente leaps, and hips it into the net!


Trippier snaps a ball into space behind the City defence, looking for Son, and Ederson is out to smother, then palms the resultant corner behind.


Spurs are feeling their way into this, Eriksen taking a knockdown from Llorente and drawing another foul from Fernandinho. The longer City go without snaffling another, the more City will feel the nerves.


Sours haven't done anything yet, but they've had a bit more of the ball.


For a second it looks like Eriksen has space into which he can break, but then Fernandinho steams into a challenge, winning the ball - but the ref apprises a free-kick. There is fury.


Mohamed Salah has scored for Liverpool, who now lead Porto 2-0 on the night and 4-0 on aggregate. They'll play Barcelona in the semi, which will be an interesting affair - can their midfield run through superior passers, and can Van Dijk stop Messi on his own?


Spurs just need to stay in this - it doesn't matter if they don't score for the next ten minutes, they just need to avoid conceding. But that's easier said than done - City are faster, cleverer and more skilful.


Spurs are panicking: De Bruyne crosses from the right with no one in the box, and though Lloris is down, Trippier hoofs to no one nonetheless.


This is the 13th time this season that City have scored four or more times.


And things just got harder: Fernandinho replaces David Silva, who looks suspiciously just for menned.


Spurs, if they lose, will look back at that Bernardo goal immediately after they went in front on the night. It's hard to see a way back for them if City maintain their pace, because if they do, one probably won't be enough.


GOAL! Manchester City 4-2 Tottenham Hotspur (Aguero) agg 4-3 City lead! De Bruyne, the best player on the pitch by far, drives at the Spurs defence, inside-right, and slides into the space ahead of Aguero at precisely the right moment; Aguero is onto it in a trice, and absolutely mass-murders a vicious mutha of a finish that spits and hisses high past Lloris at the near post.


A quietish period, City with the ball, but then Eriksen and Moura combine to find Son and is he in? He should be, but his touch is off and Kompany nips in! But Spurs maintain the pressure, Moura crossing frpom the left, and Llorente dives to head ... Ederson is there.


Spurs need to do something here, because City have them pinned back. It's possible that they can defend the box so well they don't concede, as it is that they find a counter from somewhere, but it's far more likely that City score at least once.


Son loses out to Walker on right touchline and City spring forward, Ageuro eventually laying back to De Bruyne, just outside the box, right of centre. He looks ready to hit it first-time, then shifts the ball from his left to his right foot and fairly mashes a rising drive towards the far post that Lloris does very well to turn away with a nails top hand. The corner comes to nothing but you can feel it: City are coming in the air tonight. Meanwhile, Rose is booked for a foul during the move - the ref waved play on.


Aguero heads the cross up in the air and Eriksen completes the clearance.


Spurs cannot and will not survive 40 minutes of this. They need to get some control in midfield, and get themselves up the pitch; meanwhile, City win another corner.


OH MY DAYS! City are finding all sorts of space now, and Gundogan guides a delicious cross into Sterling, who opens his body and punches a finish .. straight at Lloris, who parries ... and Rose does brilliantly to get in the road as Aguero tries to slide home the loose ball, even winning a goalkick. This is already unbearably tense.


Aguero runs at Vertonghen, who does everything you can possibly do to concede a foul without quite conceding a foul, seeing the ball away with the help of Alli.


...this time De Bruyne isn't having it taken off him, and he gets the power right but not the angle, sweeping over the bar.


Aguero tips off for De Bruyne, so Son hauls him back and is booked. He'll miss the first leg of any semi they make, and more pressingly, City have a fee-kick just outside the D, just right of centre...


City's defenders look much more comfortable facing Llorente - I know he holds it up nicely, but Spurs need to get Son and Moura in amongst it.


Eriksen slices across an aerial pass for Llorente, but Kompany sees him away - he does offer an option to make the ball stick, but is much more the kind of player that City's defenders want to face. I know Spurs will want to sit back, but they also need to get Moura and Son in amongst it.


Right then, off we go again.


Oh my days, what a half that was - I've never seen an opening like it. Two absolutely brilliant goals, one very good goal, and an impossibly frenetic pace. Spurs wil feel like they chucked away a chance to make the tie safe by conceding so soon after Son's second goal, but they're still in charge, and if they can keep City out for the first ten minutes of the half, will get opportunities to finish things on the counter.


Half-time: Manchester City 3-2 Tottenham Hotspur (agg 3-3)


But then Alli overplays and Sterling robs him, just about held up by Alderweireld on the edge. City have Spurs boxed now - the visitors badly need the whistle.


...which finds Alli at the near post, and he chests down calmly before humping clear.


Trippier gets touch-tight to Sterling and forces him away from goal, then pulls his arm. Silly boy, free-kick City from on the touchline...


There'll be three added minutes.


De Bruyne, out on the right, chops inside and drives a low left-footer which Lloris saves easily enough.


Trippier has grown into the game, and does really well to hold Mendy up. Spurs still look dangerous on the break, too - City's defence just isn't good enough to cope if they play it well.


Niiiice from Llorente, holding up then finding Eriksen close by who drives a delightful first-time ball across the pitch to Son, left-footed; he goes at Walker on the outside, then spanks a low shot, which scooshes just wide of the far post.


Llorente comes on for Sissoko, which isn't a bad change - he gives Spurs a different out-ball, because he can hold it up well. Alli is now playing deeper in midfield, which he'll relish.


Sissoko is booked for something, staying down too long I think.


Sissoko is back on, then goes down again. He'll have to go off, but has at least wasted as much time as possible in the process.


And eventually, Silva takes the worst corner you've ever seen, looking for the near post but actually driving out of play before it.


sSissoko is down again...


First flash of Aguero, a lovely first touch on the half-turn taking him away from Alderweireld ... who reads the intention and blocks the shot on the spin.


De Bruyne turns away from Sissoko, who feels something turning on a sixpence - ok, a flying saucer - but after a pause he's up.


I wonder if Guardiola picked Bernardo on the right to get Sterling going at Trippier, who is Spurs' major weakness. Even if not, it's working well, and as soon he gets the measure, it'll be time for Sane.


Man, football. Football, man. This thing of ours is so, so good.


City wind it up and Bernardo ducks inside Rose then wipes his foot across a shot that swerves out; Trippier does well to kick away, though the ball was going wide.


Sadio Mane - what a player he now is - has scored for Liverpool away to Porto, who now need four to go through. That is not going to happen.


City try to turn it up again, De Bruyne sticking a ball into the box that Trippier clears.


Watching City defend tonight and over the last couple of seasons, it's hard not to see the similarities with Guardiola's Barcelona and Bayern Munich. The former could get away with a lack of pace and nous because their midfield was their midfield and Messi was Messi, but Bayern were found out eventually. I suppose it might not matter if they progress tonight - Ajax might be a less good version of them, and Liverpool might beat Barcelona - but you'd back someone to find them out eventually.


A decent spell of possession from Spurs, who needed to do this prior to Bernardo's goal. Anyway, eventually Eriksen, looking to find Trippier on the burst, chips to Walker instead.


Spurs are actually doing an ok job of relieving the pressure, the problem is that every time City get the ball into their box, they score.


But in the meantime, drink this in. What a game this already is, and we've got a whole nother hour of it yet!


City are warm favourites now. I can't see any way they don't score twice more, though I suppose Spurs should be good for one more of their own. Ok, I give up, I've not a scooby.


GOAL! Manchester City 3-2 Tottenham Hotspur (Sterling) agg 3-3 Seriously, I've no idea what Spurs are doing and I've no idea what this even is, but this is also brilliant from Kevin de Bruyne who, after lovely close control from Bernardo, finds himself in space down the right and snaps a gorgeous low cross to the back post ... perfectly into the path of Sterling, who makes a tricky finish look easy, sliding into the net just like that. I've no idea what Lloris was playing at, allowing a ball across the face of his goal like that, but Spurs now lead on away goals.


City have had 68% possession so far, but they've not really done anything bar the goals. Spurs are coming into it in that aspect now, though, with Eriksen increasingly influential - he finds space 25 yards out and digs over the bar.


...but he leaves it to Silva, who curls well over the top.


Walker barges forward and Wanyama shoves him over for no reason. Free-kick City, 25 yards out, right of centre. De Bruyne is ready to whip in a mutha...


"A curling effort".


Spurs need to slow this down. They need some bookings for timewasting, some niggly free-kicks in unthreatening areas and lots of throw-ins. City want basketball.


Those were the four fastest goals at the start of any Champions League knockout.


On the touchline, Pochettino is furious, and rightly so. When Son got his second, the tie was in the bag, so to give away a goal so soon, leaving a man unmarked in the box, is criminal. There's a very good chance City take this, though of course Spurs are better placed than before.


And breathe.


SKKKLKKKDDJSKS GOAL! Manchester City 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur agg 2-3 (Bernardo) I don't know. I DO NOT KNOW. City work the ball to Bernardo, wide on the right of the box, and he drills an ok shot the kicks off Rose to wrongfoot Lloris, and I don't even know anything anymore. City need two more without reply.


I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT I'M SEEING! GOAL! Manchester City 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur (Son) agg 1-3 Oh I say! Laporte's heavy touch allows Moura to rob him and he screeches forward then finds Alli, who finds Eriksen, who rolls to Son, 18 yards out, left of centre. And he opens his body to curl a dazzling, glorious, majestic, wondrous finish into the far corner! City need snookers!


SHUT UP! GOAL! Manchester City 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur (Son) (agg 1-2) Nice exchange between Moura and Eriksen, the latter taking the return and picking a nice little short pass to Alli on the edge of the box. He slides through to Son, and misses his target but the ball takes a kick off Kompany, then bounces into son's path, and Ederson gambles, diving right when the finish goes central, kicking off his legs and rising into the roof of the net! City need to score twice now!


You fear for Spurs now. City have their goal back without having to work, and how are thry not getting another in the next 20 minutes or so?


WHAT A GOAL! Manchester City 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur (Sterling) agg 1-1 This is brilliantly done! De Bruyne picks it up wide on the right and immediately darts into Aguero; it's not perfect, but it's good enough and Aguero holds then feeds back. Now in the middle, De Bruyne spreads left, and Sterling cuts inside an admittedly pathetic tackle from Trippier to punch-curl a glorious finish into the far corner. What a player he this man now is!


That Spurs diamond is a decent go at elevating strengths and hiding weaknesses. It means they can have four men in the middle of the pitch if they need, and two getting after City's defenders.


Alli chases after a ball that's in front of Kompany, but he crunches in early and sees the ball away.


Spurs are playing a diamond, apparently, which I guess has Wanyama at the base, Sissoko on the right, Alli on the left and Eriksen at the apex.


There's something wrong with the ball, but we're off again. Darren Fletcher says it's a full moon, but those of us celebrating Passover tomorrow night know that that's tomorrow.


City get us away!


But here we go!


The announcer here, half hypeman, half kids' party entertainer, is not so good.


Horizontal handslaps abound - I'm choking up here.


And here comes the music. TUNE!


Here come the teams!


Hoddle and Ferdinand both think it'll be 2-1 to City - but if it is, then imagine how the last ten minutes will look. In that context, I'm going City to score and Spurs to subside every time.


Glenn Hoddle reckons if Spurs can get a goal, dayeinu - it'll be enough. I've no idea why or how he's so sure City can't get three.


We're nearly there. If Spurs can find an out-ball, they've a chance. If it's a siege, they're in trouble.


Spurs are going to need a big performance from Christian Eriksen tonight. Lucas Moura is unreliable and Dele Alli tends to decide games rather than dominate them; it's only really Eriksen who can give them control, and who's likely to create situations and opportunities.


Guardiola makes a point of saying that Fernandinho isn't injured, while Pochettino thinks Spurs will miss Kane.


He also thinks Spurs need to play well. Great stuff.


Pochettino thinks it'll be a difficult game. More news as I get it.


Great stuff.


The thing is, with all this talking, if Kevin de Bruyne is on, the rest probably won't matter. It's fashionable to say that Eden Hazard is the best player in the Premier League, and maybe his highs are higher, but he isn't as consistent as De Bruyne nor can he control a game in the same way. If you allowed me to sign one player of my choice, I wouldn't even have to think about it.


They look like they've just come out the cinema.


If I were Mauricio Pochettino, I'd be telling Son and Alli to gang up on Kompany, who lost his pace sometime in the 90s. He hasn't played for a while, and if they can get him on the turn he's going to have a problem.


One thing that's occurred to me about this City side is that Mendy will have been told to supply the width down the left, allowing Sterling or Silva, whichever is on that flank, to cut inside. It's not the same as Sane, but perhaps it shows us that Guardiola thinks the space will be between full-back and centre-back.


Guardiola says he doesn't have to pull he team back because they're too excited - "I'm there! I'm there!" he says.


Guardiola says the teams know each other very well, and City have been working on how they want to play, not on how Spurs might play. He goes on to say that Harry Kane is one of the best strikers in the world but Son, Llorente and Moura are "quite dangerous" too.


Also not great, but better by a factor of 104. Spurs win the clothes.


So how do Spurs win this? City have so much firepower, and if I was betting, which I am, I'd be going 3-1 to them on the basis that they're just better and also that Spurs missed their chance last week when City were awful and still only lost 1-0. My worry for Spurs is how they get enough quality possession to relieve the pressure, because otherwise they're just defending the box and hoping for a break.


These outfits, dearie me.


I wonder what it is about Leroy Sane that Guardiola doesn't like. Perhaps it's a personality thing, or perhaps he's not enough of an automaton, but it's something because he never starts the big games.


Basically it's another I AM CLEVER team from Guardiola ... problem being that he is. But it's fair to say that if City blow this, it'll be very obvious whose fault it is, because if they just play their game, with their team, they win this tie almost every time.


Spurs, meanwhile, go for a flat back-four but have Wanyama and Sissoko in front, then Moura, Alli and Eriksen behind Son. They'll need to cover the full-backs when City get it wide, and I'm not sure how well they'll hold the ball up, but there'll be space to exploit behind the City full-backs.


So let's look at City's team first, which it's very different from last week's. At the back, Kompany replaces Otamendi - Stones was a good signing, then - and Mendy is in for Delph. That's a positive change - at his best, Mendy is a one-man left flank, and playing his natural position. In midfield, Silva somehow survives, and De Bruyne comes in; I've no idea why Fernandinho is on the bench. And up front, Bernardo will play on the right, which seems like a waste of him to me, especially as it forces Sterling to the left and Sane is an option. I'd expect the Spurs defenders will be pleased with that.



Let's have some teams!


Evening all, and what an evening it's going to be! Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur, for the right to play Ajax in the semi-finals of the Champions League! Havesummadat!