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Atlético Madrid - Juventus
Champions League - 18 September 2019

Champions League – Follow the Football match between Atlético Madrid and Juventus live with Eurosport. The match starts at 20:00 on 18 September 2019. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Diego Simeone or Maurizio Sarri? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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Anyway, thanks for your company - check back for the report presently.


What a second half that was! Elsewhere in this group, Lokomotiv won 2-1 and Leverkusen.


Full-time: Atletico Madrid 2-2 Juventus


Oh my days! Ronaldo collects the ball from a thrown and sets off towards the box like it's good old 2007 storming past Felix, twisting Savic inside and out ... can he win it? No! He fizzes a shot this wide of the far post. Brilliant!


It's loud in the ground as Atleti press for a winner. But Juve are looking for one too ... and here comes Cuadrado, rousting over a cross that Dybala attacks ... he gets a flick, Gimenez gets a slice, and the ball comes at Ronaldo too fast for him to do anything with it.


There'll be five added minutes.


AND THERE IT IS! GOAL! Atletico Madrid 2-2 Juventus (Herrera) Trippier whips into the middle and Herrera, who attacks everything like a raving psychopath, attacks the ball like a raving psychopath, powering a shoulder past Szczesny. On the touchline, Simeone is the picture of restraint, no he isn't. What a half! Phew!


Atleti win a corner down the left; Trippier will take...


Joao Felix has been disappointing this half, likewise Saul.


Atleti probe, but Juventus sit tight.


And here he comes, making his Juve debut and playing his first match since diddling his hamstring in April.


It looks like Ramsey is about to come on for Pjanic...


But then Correa wriggles to the line, pokes a cross across ... and De ligt tries to clear, except he can only pick out Bonucci's arm! Atleti want a penalty and Costa is booked for his zealousness, but the ref makes the right call - there was a yard between the players and the ricochet was in no way deliberate.


The corner goes short again, and again Atleti struggle find an angle for a cross or pass....


Here comes Vitolo, sashaying around Pjanic and at the Juve defence before stretching into a vicious shot from 18 yards that Szczesny has to tip over.


Lovely from Dybala, feinting inside and moving outside Correa, before driving a low cross that Gimenez stabs clear.


It's not yet clear whether Dybala is playing in the middle or whether Ronaldo will move inside; I'd guess the former.


Change for Juve, Dybala coming on for Higuain.


Vicious little cross from Cuadrao, whipped in hard and right in front of Oblak, seeking Ronaldo ... Oblak rushes out and dives to prang clear. This match is a proper buzz now.


Gabriel Jesus has put Man City 3-0 up in Donetsk.


Partey goes down with cramp, and is replaced by Herrera, making his Atleti debut. Vitolo also comes on, replacing Lodi - perhaps Atleti will go to three at the back.


Here come Juve again, Bentancur picking up a loose header from Savic and playing in Higuain down the right of the box - that's a lovely ball. Higuain collects then drives low, hard and straight at Oblak ... but Matuidi collects the rebound! He could take a touch or square to Ronaldo, but drives low first-time, and Trippier, behind his keeper, blocks clear. Ronaldo, of course, doubles up with laughter.


The ground is absolutely jumping!


Lodi, who's made a miraculous recovery, powers down the left and slings over a cross which Szczesny has to jump and stretch to push away.


Cuadrado trips over the ball, losing it to Lodi, so shoves him over; Lodi goes down clutching his face and Cuadrado is booked.


GOAL! Atletico Madrid 1-2 Juventus (Savic) THIS IS MORE LIKE IT! Koke flips a free-kick from central, 40 yards out, to the far post and Gimenez is up yesterday, all over Danilo to head in the middle, where De Ligt is sleeping and Savic arriving, to head home from two yards.


Change for Juve: Bentancur replaces Khedira which, for my money, makes them stronger.


In fairness to Juve, though they've had less of the play, Atleti haven't created much.


ANOTHER LOVELY GOAL! Atletico Madrid 0-2 Juventus (Matuidi) The counter does the trick again! Ronaldo strides at the Atleti defence and from inside-left rolls a pass outside him for Alex Sandro; the weight is luscious, so without breaking stride, a cross is delivered to the near post where Matuidi murders a header past Oblak, off his shoulder.


The ref is down, after Khedira, chased by Correa, booted the ball right into his phizog. He'll be reet.


The intensity is increasing, and rightly so.


Change for Atleti: Correa replaces Lemar, who's been disappointing once again.


Lovely from Atleti when Juve fail to clear a corner, Trippier taking the ball off Saul and sliding a nice pass to the line where, Koke swivels brilliantly to pull back with everyone expecting him to go across the box ... for Gimenez, arriving late! He slides into a strong contact, but sends his shot high.


Ronaldo trips Costa as he tries to counter, but then says sorry so it's fine.


Atleti are struggling a bit here. I reckon we'll see Vitolo before long, whose two goals this season have both come off the bench.


Not even a scorer! Lovely stuff.


The corner goes short but Atleti can't find the angle to cross and when Trippier eventually has a go, he finds the nearest defender. Atleti keep Juve pinned back though, and a further clearance arrives nicely for Partey, who absolutely leathers a rasper over the bar.


Trippier finds Lamar, whose curled effort is deflected behind.


Cuadrado had barely even been around the fringes of the game, but that was such a goal. Can Atleti find another gear?


WHAT A GOAL! Atletico Madrid 0-1 Juventus (Cuadrado) Bonucci sends a lovely long pass out to Higuain, who trundles in behind and picks a pass to Cuadrado ... and he takes a touch, nudging inside to create the angle, and pastes a BRILLIAN curlerT into the far top corner!


Trippier takes possession down the right and instead of his usual lofted cross cuts back to Costa, who's touch isn't sure enough and Bonnuci robs him.


Yalla yalla, off we go.


Back come the boyz...


I should probably shut up, because after all I promised, that was not good. Atleti have been the better side, but we need more out of both.


Half-time: Atletico Madrid 0-0 Juventus


I'm waiting for Waiting for Hombrechester Unido.


I love stuff like this.


Whoops. Zagreb now lead Atalanta 3-0.


I'd like to see more of Saul, and I'd like Atleti to get Joao Felix on the ball more than they're currently doing.


I've seen better games.


Better, Cuadrado slinging over a decent cross for Ronaldo at the back post. He should probably head back across, but him being him, he goes for goal ... and is unable to generate the power necessary to test Oblak.


Atleti break, Lemar finding Lodi on his outside,who sends in a low, first-time cross. There's no one there to attack it, so Bonucci cleverly steps over it, allowing it to scoosh behind.


All the fun is elsewhere. Gundogan has put City further ahead in Donetsk.


Savic heads clear and Pjanic collects outside the box; he shoots, and Savic does well to get his head away at cost of a corner.


Madrid's goal has been chalked off by VAR - they'll like that - and Lokomotiv have scored again to lead Leverkusen 1-2.


It's pretty quiet on the pitch.


Di Maria has scored a second ... and Madrid have pulled one back. Bayern Munich now lead Red Star.


Atleti win a free-kick down the left, Koke and Lemar both pretending to take it before feigning an error in communication as neither addresses the ball. Koke then tries a surprise cross, but it's easily seen away.


Zagreb now lead Atalanta 2-0.


Another excellent cross tossed in by Trippier and Felix, who's got a leap on him, is up ... but De Ligt is there to flick away.


Lodi slides Koke in towards the left by-line, but he can't quite get the power in his swivel, allowing Szczesny to collect his attempted low cross.


Khedira raps Partey across the back of the knees.


Leverkusen have equalised against Locomotiv.


Riyad Mahrez has put Man City ahead in Donetsk.


Corner begets corner and Trippier crosses in, but no one is on-hand to profit from a very pleasant delivery.


Costa spreads wide to Trippier - that's very nicely done. The cross not so much, but Danilo gets himself in a muddle and slices behind.


Alex Sandro nudges infield for Ronaldo who has a look and a dig. His connection is ok, but he shoots straight at Oblak.


Bayer Leverkusen have had 82% possession against Lokomotiv Moscow, but are losing 0-1.


Bit of possession for Juve, Ronaldo turning up on the right and taking the ball off Cuadrado before being crowded out.


Trippier and Koke link up down the right, Koke winning a corner off Alex Sandro. It goes in towards Gimenez, who again attacks it hard, heading down and into Szczesny's arms.


Elsewhere, Angel di Maria has put PSG ahead against Real Madrid and Dinamo Zagreb lead Atalanta, the debutants.


Matuidi swings an arm in pursuit of the ball, catching Koke in the coupon. He's booked, but I'm not sure - he was minding his own business and Koke should take care of his own business.


Atleti are coming, Trippier hoisting over a cross for Felix, who gets up well ... and heads high.


Koke whips over the resultant corner and Gimenez is up high and alone, cracking a header over the top.


Brilliant from Costa, holding up for Felix who glides through centrefield. He looks for Costa, but instead uses him as a decoy - two men are attracted to him - then, just as it looks like he's running out of room, he toe-pokes, futsal and original Ronaldo-style, giving Szczesny no time to set. But he dives to save nonetheless.


And now Pjanic tries a cross from the other side, but Trippier sees it away.


Alex Sandro gets down the left and swings out a cross, but Gimenez, who's an absolute brute, gets across Ronaldo to headbutt clear.


There's not loads going on here, but both teams are looking to change that.


It's Atleti putting on the pressure, Lemar nicking outside Danilo, who's extended leg guarantees a foul is given again him. But nothing comes of the free-kick and Juve build once more.


Nice from Lemar, making space for Felix, who's drifted wide. He curls in a cross, but Bonucci dives to head clear then wears a body-kick from Costa.


Atleti wins a free-kick which Lemar sticks into the box, but De Ligt heads clear. I wonder what Lemar can make of himself, because his development has stalled of late.


Very nice, Partey and Saul knocking it about themselves before Saul spreads gloriously out to Koke ... but Alex Sandro deals with him.


Pjanic curls to the near post, where Costa humps clear.


Right away Juventus get towards the Atleti goal, and Higuain wins a corner off Savic.


Off we go!


Play the music!


Here they come!


Atletico are tunnelled and ready to go. Juve are hanging back to get into character.


The lights have been turned down, which tells us that the teams are nearly upon us. As it were.


It's warming up in the Wanda Metropolitano, and with good reason. In the home dressing room, Simeone is guzzling a hunk of raw meat before issuing his players with instructions.


In Athens, it's finished Olympiacos 2-2 Spurs. That's a fair point for Spurs, but having been two goals ahead, they'll not be at all pleased with it.


Another player I'm looking forward to checking is Thomas Partey. Admittedly, this is parteyly because my wife is Ghanaian, but I think he has the raw materials to become a really excellent player. Him and Saul is a proper old-school, Keane and Ince, Souness and McDermott, Vieira and Petit-style partnership. Lovely stuff.


What are we saying about these tops? I'm going for "No."


I know it's only September, but we still need to think about who's going to win this thing - both these teams will fancy it. I actually think Atletico have a better chance, because they've got a defence drilled and inspired by Diego Simeone, and plenty of goals too. I'm not sure that Juventus midfield is good enough, and I'm not sure about their attack either.


I've learnt something else new. "Andiamo" means "here we go".


Spurs and Olympiacos are still at 2-2, and Spurs are not playing well.


Back to Sarri, he has done phenomenally well to get the Juve job. He did well at Napoli but his career was not stellar prior to then, and his performance at Chelsea, though he won a trophy, was miserable, wooden and stubborn. I cannot believe he is better than Max Allegri.


I've learnt somrthing: "partidazo" means "great game".


Dearie me, Sarri looks a shloch. For those interested, this is a Yiddish word for an untidy, dishevelled person


As for Juve, they also make one change - from their 0-0 draw at Fiorentina. Douglas Costa drops out injured, so Juan Cuadrado - not Paulo Dybala - comes in. I can't grasp a world in which he is deemed less useful than Gonzalo Higuain, but here we are. Aaron Ramsey is on the bench again.


Without Diego Godin, Atletico don't look quite as impermeable, but in front of that, they've got absolutely loads. I can't wait to wrap my peepers around Joao Felix - I'm surprised they were allowed to get him, but what a player already is, never mind is going to be - and I absolutely love Saul, who is the nearest thing I've seen to Bryan Robson in a very long time. And let me be clear, I am capable of dispensing no higher praise than that.


Atletico look extremely strong, and make one change from their weekend defeat at Sociedad: Thomas Partey comes back in, and to accommodate him, Koke moves to the right and Vitolo drops to the bench.


Anyhow, back to those teams...


Let's have some teams!


The group stages of this competition are frequently criticised and rightly so - with not even a handful of exceptions, we can predict the last 16, which makes us wonder what the point of it all is. Obviously the point is Gazprom, but aside from that, the point is games like this one - and like the one at Parc des Princes, where PSG take on Real Madrid. The teams involved will not be assuming qualification and holding back - they'll be making a statement and piling in. This will be intense.


Evening all, and welcome to Atletico Madrid v Juventus! Oooh yeah!