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FC Barcelona - Internazionale
Champions League - 2 October 2019

Champions League – Follow the Football match between FC Barcelona and Internazionale live with Eurosport. The match starts at 20:00 on 2 October 2019. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Quique Setién or Antonio Conte? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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That's a great result for Barca, who rode out a rough first half before forcing their way home in the second. They join Dortmund on four points at the top of the group, but lie second on goals scored. Inter, with one point, have a lot of work to do.


Full-time: Barcelona 2-1 Internazionale


Barca have been good in the second half, or at least better. Inter haven't been able to counter, and two goals against these three centre-backs is not to be sneezed at.


There'll be three added minutes.


Dembele down the left - he's made a difference since coming on - and Suarez steps over his cross, allowing Messi to fire and Handanovic.


Through gritted fingers.


It's hard to see Inter coming back here, but they still look a team on the up, whereas Barca are in transition.


GOAL! Barcelona 2-1 Internazionale (Suarez) Yes they can! Messi beats Asamoah and runs towards Brozovic, checking to punch a square ball at Suarez .. who cushions to control with his left foot, bursts into the box past Godin, opens his body, and slot homes a left-footed finish. That's another lovely goal, though Inter shouldn't have made the mistake of attacking.


Inter counter and Lenglet does well to block Politano's shot ... can Barca exploit the space?


I think this is the first time I've seen a club's Twitter praise a rival's goal.


I'm not sure Barca have created a chance since equalising. Meanwhile, Conte gives mouth to the fourth official - keep yer hair on mate - who gives him a course mate, course look, then calls over the ref to book him.


Barca look a long way off here.


Final change for Inter, Politano for Sensi.


Hudson-Odoi has made a goal for Willian; Chelsea lead 2-1 in Lille.


Inter rest in possession. They're very well-drilled, always creating a spare man to find.


The ref comes over to book the already-subbed Sanchez. We're not shown what hideous act he perpetrated.


It's taken longer than you'd expect, but Vidal has been booked for clattering Barella. Of course he has.


This time the ball ends up with Messi, who bends towards the near post; Handanovic catches easily.


The ball ends up with De Jong, outside the box, and he dinks in towards Pique, Skriniar heading behind.


Barca have Inter pinned, and Dembele runs at Godin, winning a corner.


Inter have totally given ujp attacking. If they score it'll necessarily be a Torres 2012 kind of thing.


D'Ambrosio replaces Candreva.


Salah has put Liverpool back in the lead against Salzburg. 4-3 now.


That goal I mentioned earlier...


Dembele is on the left, which makes sense with Messi and Suarez on the pitch, but I much prefer him going on the outside. But perhaps the game isn't like anymore, and Dembele collects the ball off a shin having missed with a through-pass to Messi, then wallops a curler just over the top.


And a change for Inter: Gagliardini for Sanchez, who's done very little. Inter are guardian their point.


Change for Barca: Dembele on for Griezmann.


It's all Barca now, and they're moving the ball much faster, switching angles, flanks and positions.


Messi finds Griezmann down the left of the box - he might be offside - and the first touch isn't great, doing nothing to improve the angle, He should square for Suarez but decides to leather into the side-netting instead. Suarez finds the shebang absolutely hilarious.


WHAT A GOAL! Barcelona 1-1 Internazionale (Suarez) As I said, Barca didn't need Vidal and are being dragged down by Suarez. So Vidal clips a cross to Suarez, on the edge of the box, left of centre; he leans further left to make space for his leg, and power-strokes a horizontal volley across Handanovic into the far corner!


An Anfield, where Liverpool were leading Salzburg 3-0, it's now 3-2.


Candreva into Sensi, who runs across Pique to collect, then collapses. The ref waves him up.


Griezmann hangs about on the left and the ball eventually finds him; he crosses for Vidal, but weight of numbers is enough to smother his shot.


Just what Barca need, more aged slowness. Vidal replaces Busquets, so De Jong will most likely move into his favourite position, playmaking from deep.


Sensi, who's having a fine evening, breaks past Busquets, so Sergi Roberto hacks him down. Booking.


Messi's corner almost bobbles through to Suarez, but ends up behind.


Messi curls into the top of the wall, winning a corner.


It's possible Brozovic got the ball there, but Messi forced him into a risky challenge.


More of the same, Barca with unthreatening possession, Inter looking sharp on the counter. Messi, though, runs by Brozovic who slides in and brings him down; free-kick 25 yards out, right of centre.


Messi takes it for a walk from the right hand side of the box, moving inside. He finds Sergi Roberto, who can't find him in return.


Barca haven't lost at home in Europe for 32 games, when they were beaten by Bayern Munich in the 2013 semi.


Off we go again...


Inter have been well worth that lead - it was a lovely goal, and they've been closer to a second than Barca have been to an equaliser. They're faster, stronger and better organised. That's a lot for skill to override.


Half-time: Barcelona 0-1 Internazionale


Messi into Arthur at inside-left and his first touch takes him past his man but wide and, forced to screw his shot, it goes over the bar.


Skriniar fouls Suarez; free-kick Barca, 35 yards out. Messi curls straight at Handanovic.


Another sweeping move from Inter, Sanchez involves on the right before the ball goes left to Sensi. Inside the box, he forces into space for Sanchez to attack, but his header is wide of the near post.


Barca lack pace and power. You can't get away with that if you plan to be the best side in the world.


Inter move from one end to the other, De Vrij and Handanovic starting things before they move the ball down the right then through midfield and over to Sensi. He darts into Martinez, who plays the wall, and bursting onto the tee-up, he curls hard and just over the top; what a goal that would've been! Inter are by far the better side here.


De Jong clips into the box and Handanovic rushes out to punch; Semedo thrashes the loose ball into orbit.


Candreva keeps the width and whips in a glorious cross! Martinez is up too, and makes a very acceptable connection ... but Ter Stegen, moving to his right, comes back towards his left, a strong hand pranging it away from close to his ankle.That's a very good save.


Sensi turns on the ball, conning Sergi Roberto into fouling him. He's played well so far.


Osimhen has equalised for Lille against Chelsea.


Barca have done almost nothing. They're missing an attacking midfielder and a centre-forward.


Inter are all over this, Sensi finding Martinez, who plays into Sanchez's feet. He rolls Lenglet, transferring the ball into Barella's stride, but Ter Stegen saves hsi shot.


On the touchline, Antonio Conte does his nut.


Inter are happy for Semedo to have the ball, and he's getting a lot of it. Barca are playing much too slowly, and are far too predictable.


Inter are playing well; Barcelona are not playing well. The form guide knows its business.


Brozovic, his back to the Barca goal, slings a lovely ball into space for Candreva, chasing onto it from the touchline. He wallops in off Ter Stegen, but is quickly adjudged offside in the first instance.


Andy Robertson has put Liverpool 2-0 up on Salzburg.


Messi finds a bit of space, easing onto a Suarez turn around the corner. He shoots low and hard from 20 yards, and Handanovic dives to collect.


But here come Inter, a ball into space sending Barella sliding through at inside-right. Lenglet does well to stick with him and come away with the ball.


It's gone a little quiet.


Tammy Abraham has given Chelsea the lead in Lille.


Nice bit of needle building here, and Pique tanks into a challenge on Barella, taking ball the man with absolutely all of himself. It looks fine to me, but you cannae tackle like that nae more, and he's booked.


Inter have players wearing 77 and 87. I don't think one can excuse that.


Barca are coming! Busquets plays a lovely ball towards the line for Semedo, who should cut back first time, except he has to switch feet. So his eventual cross, seeking De Jong, is just about intercepted by Godin and then Busqets shoots over from distance.


Nice little spell of passing from Barca, and they get it wide to Semedo. If that's Alba who bousts to the by-line, but Semedo can only slide a pass in behind that's to much on it for Griezmann.


Lovely from Inter, Brozovic dinking a lovely ball over the top for Martinez, played onside by Pique ... who dashes onto it and rounds the keeper in the process, getting too much on it to turn a shot goalwards.


Barca's first serious attack, Sergi Roberto getting down the right and clipping back for Griezmann, who gets up earliest and highest, but can only guide his header over the top.


De Jong slides around Sensi, fouling him in the process. Inter are keen for him to be punished by way of yellow, but the ref reckons not.


Hakim Ziyech has scored yet another brilliant goal for Ajax, this time in Valenica. Sadio Mane has put Liverpool ahead against Salzburg.


Barella is late on Semedo, who helps him by bouncing right back up again. Many more tackles like that and he'll be heading back down the tunnel.


Messi picks up possession and hovers at the Inter defence, nutmegging Barella, who botches the return.


I am solemn.


Griezmann slides around and in from behind Barella, getting nowhere near the ball. He's booked.


Apparently Greizmann told an interviewer that neither he nor Messi talk much, so they don't talk much to each other. Which makes me wonder who runs the Barca dressing room with Pique, because there's not much personality there.


Barella lunges at Busquets, missing the ball and applying studs to metatarsus. He's booked.


Already Inter care concertinaing at the back. Of course they are.


So far this season, Inter have conceded fewer goals than any side in Europe's big five leagues.


GOAL! Barcelona 0-1 Internazionale (Martinez) Wow! Move over Lionel Messi! Inter wins a free-kick and it bobbles about in the centre-circle before a ricochet involving Sanchez puts Martinez through! He whips onto the ball, keeps hold of it brilliantly while holding Lenglet off, and then slides into a brilliant left-footed finish, across Ter Stegen! Have a look!


De Jong into Messi, and the ball moves over to the left before Arthur lashes a bobbler - yes, that is possible - wide of the near post.


Alexis Sanchez, who must not be able to believe his luck, hustles in possession immediately Perhaps he likes playing for a team that wins matches.


Away we go!


We see the Inter fans - I pity them. The away section at Camp Nou is the worst place in the world from which to watch football, stuck up behind chicken wire in the gods. You can't support your team - well you can, but they can't hear you - and you can't see the game. Pointless.


Here come the teams!


Clive Tyldesley is commentating - BT still have Darren Fletcher on the main game! And Peter Drury backing him up!


An absolute hive imo.


I can't see Inter getting a result tonight. The pitch at Nou Camp is a bit wide for their defence - another reason for Dembele to start.


Dortmund are about to beat Slavia ... Dortmund have beaten Slavia, 2-0. Hakimi scored both goals for them, in what was, apparently, a fine performance.


Napoli missed loads of chances in the first half, Milik the culprit; you probably guessed that.


Full-time: Genk 0-0 Napoli


I don't see Inter winning this thing. Conte is certainly possible of forcing his side through a hard tie or two, but not three two-leggers and a semi. The defence are solid enough to frustrate decent attacks, and the attack is good enough to hurt anyone on a good day, but the midfield isn't going to dominate against anyone half-decent and the bits in front and behind aren't making up the shortfall quality.


Looking at this Barca squad, I'm failing to grasp how they're not better with Dembele in for Suarez - they'd have natural width on the right and Messi in the middle. I know Dembele is inconsistent, but he'll only improve by playing, though perhaps I'm biased - the first time I saw him play, he was brilliant and I was sure he was a superstar. I think I wrote as much on this site.


That Atleti-Juve game I mentioned earlier was maybe the best I've seen so far this season. The first half was a little slow, but the second was an absolute joy. I'm not sure these teams are as good or as coherent at those, though I'm hoping both go after it.


Even the words to the music get me going.




Already underway: Genk 0-0 Napoli in Liverpool's group; in this group, Slavia Prague 0-1 Dortmund. They've played roughly 70 minutes in both.


Inter, meanwhile, also make two changes; they won 3-1 at Sampdoria at the weekend. Godin is back, replacing Bastoni, and Barella is in for Gagliardini.


Barcelona make two changes from the weekend win at Getafe: in the continuing absence of Jordi Alba, Semedo replaces Firpo at left-back, and Messi wangles his place back off Perez.


Let's have some teams...


Barcelona, meanwhile, are not yet at it. Already this season, they've been beaten by Bilbao and Granada, drawing their first European game in Dortmund. Amazingly, various managers have been unable to replace Xavi and Iniesta, while Messi isn't getting the help he needs off Suarez, who's legs have gone. They've got a lot of improving to do if they're to win this, and Ernesto Valverde probably needs to change his understanding of the game.


New-look Inter have started the season brilliantly, with six wins from six in the league, Milan and Lazio two of their victims. But last time out, they could only draw with Slavia, in a match that showed their limitations: they lack a bit of attacking verve, and Romelu Lukaku has no first touch. They're improving, but they're still pretty functional.


I seem to recall saying this prior to Atletico-Juventus, but the same rules apply here: however bloated and gazprommy the Champions League gets, certain fixtures will always get the love flowing, and this is one. I cannot wait for this.


Evening all, and welcome to Barcelona v Internazionale! Ooh yeah!