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Paris Saint-Germain - Borussia Dortmund

Follow the Champions League live Football match between Paris Saint-Germain and Borussia Dortmund with Eurosport. The match starts at 20:00 on 11 March 2020.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers: Thomas Tuchel or Lucien Favre? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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Otherwise, thanks for your company. Night.


So PSG are through! To what, no one knows, but finding enough tonight will be very good for them. They played well in the first half and defended well in the second - the players, Neymar in particular, go wild, and there's a load of noise from outside too. Dortmund, though, were extremely disappointing.


Full-time: PSG 2-0 Borussia DortmundPSG win 3-2 on aggregate.


Gotze curls a ball into the box for Haaland, peeling off, but Marquinhos holds his ground and clears.


We've hardly seen Haaland tonight, nor Sancho for that matter. Paris have shut Dortmund down really well.


I'd love to be writing tension and intensity, but Dortmund just can't find it. It's a long time since I've seen them so flat.


Paris disappear time well, and Mbappe is booked for kicking the ball away.


Kouassi replaces Paredes.


There'll be five added minutes.


Ok, this is what the red card was for: a yellow for the initial challenge - harsh - then Neymar stuck his phizog in Can's so Can pushed him away, incurring a second caution. I can't help but wonder if that would've happened without the melee, after which Neymar was also booked.


Di Maria, who was subbed a fair few minutes ago, is booked. He misses the next game.




Ruckus! Marquinhos absolutely loses it when Can has the audacity to tackle Neymar, and a rolling maul ensues. Anthony Taylor, the referee, steps away to allow people to hang themselves....


Gotze replaces the extremely disappointing Hakimi.


Neymar swishes a free-kick inside-out, looking for the far top corner and missing by plenty.


Paredes, who's had a solid game, runs across Zagadou, who brings him down and is booked. Free-kick Paris, 25 yards out, quite a way right of centre.


Paris keep the ball nicely, and I wonder if the lack of crowd is helping them here, because there's no outside source of nerves.


Dortmund probe, but find nothing.


Dortmund work the ball from side to side, seeking a gap, but PSG maintain discipline. Marquinhos is doing really well to keep the defence together.


Can's corner is headed clear at the near post.


Dortmund's corner comes to nothing, but the pressure is increasing and Kurzawa's first job is to head a cross behind for another corner, which yields another when Marquinhos stabs Guerreiro's cross behind.


PSG are ready to settle, bringing Kurzawa on for Di Maria.


Better from Dortmund, Hakimi rolling back for Brandt, who rolls studs over the ball to set then sweeps a shot that Gueye blocks at source, sending it looping over the bar.


Neymar skates towards the box again - he's done really well when playing through the middle - and Reyna dashes back to challenge.


Elsewhere, obviously.


Sancho is getting more touches now, combining with Guerreiro before finding Can, who wafts a hopeful shot somewhere on the way to nowhere.


Dortmund need to move the ball so much quicker, but at least have more players able to create on the pitch, and here they come, Piszczek turning up in the Paris box and turning beautifully before laying back for Brandt, who drives wide of the near post. Better from the visitors.


We all saw this, yeah?


Favre gambles now, replacing Witsel with Reyna.


Lovely flick for Neymar, using the pace of the ball to run it along the outside of his boot for Mbappe, running in behind. But Hakimi does brilliantly to slide in and block the shot at source.


I wonder when Lucien Favre will really gamble. Brandt for Hazard was like for like, and he needs to alter the flow of things, not hope that one bloke will do something.


Sancho boots the free-kick up into the air and Navas catches easily.


Hakimi skips inside Bernat, who ploughs through him and is booked. Brandt replaces Hazard.


PSG keep it nicely, and Di Maria slides a pass that very nearly snakes through to Neymar, inside the box. The home side look the more likely scorers here.


Neymar's been really good tonight, and he eases towards the Dortmund defence before scooping a lovely ball over the top for Mbappe. It won's quite drop where they want it to, but that was a very good idea.


Dortmund win a free-kick 40 yards from goal and Guerreiro whips it in! It hits Hummels ... and will it fall for Haaland?! .... not quite. But for a second, that looked very dangeros.


As things stand, Dortmund need a goal to force extra-time.


Sarabia, who's done nothing apart from create a goal, is replaced by Mbappe.


I guess if the score stays the same for another 10 minutes, PSG will start to sit back and protect what they've got ... except Kylian Mbappe is getting stripped.


Cavani chases after a ball in behind Hummels; Hummels hauls him back and is booked. Obviously Neymar whines for a red, but the ball was going away goal and the incident was miles away from goal.


One of Drotmund's first little link-ups, Sancho darting a ball into Haaland who offloads for Hakimi. He can't find a shooting lane, but it's something.


PSG have scrapped really well tonight, whereas Dortmund have struggled to get going. It's simplistic to say the hosts have handled the atmosphere better, but it's als true.


DCortmund need to change something; this isn't happening for them. I'd expect to see Brandt pretty soon.


Cavani's movement is excellent, and he eludes Hakimi to take a pass on the outside of his right foot but can't quite transfer it into stride. His link-up play is much better than Icardi's though Icardi is a better finisher.


...and Di Maria curls it the "wrong" way, over the near side of the wall and towards the near top corner ... but Burki jumps well to palm away.


Free-kick PSG, 30 yards out, left of centre...


Paredes drives at the centre of the Dortmund box and Can loses patience, knocking him over.


Guerreiro sweeps Di Maria's legs, exactly what yerman was after. I can't wait to see how much time he wastes; he's such an artist.


PSG have taken the sting out of things now.


PSG work the ball clear nicely before tapping it into touch because Sancho is down after being nailed by Bites yer legs Di Maria. He's fine, though.


Guerreiro crosses for Haaland at the near post, but he can't quite stoop suffiiciently to flick on.


Dortmund have PSG boxed at the start of the half and both Hakimi and Pszczek have crosses kicked clear, then Hakimi has one blocked behind for a corner...


Already, Dortmund are playing with far greater intensity. They'll have heard some words at half-time, I shouldn't wonder.


We go again.


A very good half from the home side, who were much better than in the first leg. Dortmund didn't get going til they were behind and now have a lot of work to do.


Half-time: PSG (3) 2-0 (1) Borussia Dortmund


GOAL! PSG (3) 2-0 (1) Borussia Dortmund (Bernat) Neymar oozes towards the Dortmund defence and finds Kehrer who finds Sarabia, and his cross is steered home by the arch predator! PSG have played really well here, and are now in total command of the tie (until Dortmund score).


Dortmund are coming; slowly, but definitely. Hazard does really to skate after Bernat, robbing him, turning, and driving a low shot just past the near post. He had options, and should probably have used one.


Neymar chases back - that's awfully kind of him - and the PSG bench go wild.


Dortmund are improving, Sancho finding space on the left and pulling a shot towards the near post that Navas saves easily enough.


...Sancho gets it up and over the wall, but his shot is straight at Navas.


We've seen very little of Sancho so far, but after Hazard finds him, he drops a shoulder, nips across Paredes, and wears the inevitable foul. Free-kick Dortmund, 30 yards out, just left of centre; it'd take something remarkable to beat Navas from here, but Sancho is going to try...


Dortmund look a little livelier now, pressing higher up the pitch.


It's not going especially well for him at the moment, but he's still a brilliant player. If Tuchel can get him peaking, PSG will be a big threat, assuming the competition actually finishes.


Dortmund can on longer allow this game to pootle along. They need to up the pace and intensity, because PSG can go all night with it like this.


GOAL! PSG (2) 1-0 (2) Borussia Dortmund (Neymar) Di Maria swerves a nasty cross into the six-yard box and Neymar attacks it with a diving header - really! - as Hakimi waves a shoulder from behind him; that's a well-taken finish, but miserable defending. PSG lead on away goals!


PSG win a free-kick outside the box which Di Maria curves into it ..., and a stray head means it's a corner...


That wasn't an awful finish, but as a striker, you're waiting for precisely that opportunity and missing it is a tremendous oversight.


OH EDINSON! The game's biggest big-game bottler - along with Gonzalo Higuain, obviously - is sent through by Di Maria! But, at inside-right, he drills low and hard for the far post, only to allow Navas to extend a foot and save!


Di Maria does well to catch up with Sarabia's pass, putting it through Zagadou's legs on the by-line and hurling himself to the ground. No foul says the ref.


Hazard stretches down the left and curves a low cross towards Haaland, but Kimpembe - who's got unfinished business with this stage of the competition - does brilliantly to slide in and take the ball away. A mistake there and that was a goal.


This game is so slow. On the one hand, that's not how Dortmund like to play; on the other, it means they're risking nothing thus far.


Can was a really clever signing for Dortmund, adding stability, personality and know-how to a team not renowned for that. If they do this, he'll be a big part of the reason why.


Hakimi goes down the right and crosses, but Haaland can't connect so Guerreiro retrieves and clips to Sancho, on the edge of the box; he swings a leg at the volley, dragging a foot or two wide.


Have you ever turned up to a party and been the first person to arrive? This is like that. It's eerie.


PSG win a corner, which Neymar whips to the front post where none of his team-mates are. Haaland heads clear.


I wonder what kind of study you'd do to work out the impact of a crowd on a game of football. There just isn't any intensity here, or maybe there is and it seems like there isn't. In the meantime, Haaland tries to liven things up, chasing back after he loses the ball and running through Paredes.


Zagadou sticks Hazard away down the right - Sancho is on the left for now - but Kimpembe races across to unload him.


Sarabia breaks from deep inside his own half, so Witsel trips him, doing well to avoid a booking.


Neymar is up and looks fine.


Hummels slides in to rob Neymar, who catapults himself forward while falling. If he's injured, he's injured himself, and he might be; he stays down with a hurt shoulder.


Dortmund haven't yet settled, and Neymar, who's been handed a free role, runs at Hummels ... who reads him, stepping in with a fine challenge.


Bernat burrows infield and stabs a clever reverse-ball into the box for Sarabia, who whacks a cross beyond the far post.


It's very quiet, both inside the ground.


Paredes leaves one on Can, basically arsing him in the knee. No harm done, and we're quickly back underway.


Martin Keown is co-commentating; does someone at BT think "closed doors" means no TV audience?


First of many: Can chops down Neymar, as fireworks go off outside. It's like Disneyland, no joke.


Yes, we can hear the shouts of the players. Someone should have employed translators to record the patter.


Apologies for the technical gremlins and accordant gap in coverage. Off we go!


Dortmund, on the other hand, look absolutely nails going forward. Sancho and Haaland is a combination that can only introduce frisson to strides, while Hakimi is also extremely exciting. Dortmund were much the better team in the first leg, and I'd expect them to do enough tonight.


Dortmund, on the other hand, look absolutely nails going forward. Sancho and Haaland is a combination that can only introduce frisson to strides, while Hakimi is also extremely exciting. Dortmund were much the better team in the first leg, and I'd expect them to do enough tonight.


I'll tell you what, for a team that's had a billion pounds or spent on it, that PSG side is extremely whatever. Mbappe is only well enough for the bench, and without him, it's a lot of maybe. Di Maria is still a class act, but he's much better in midfield, not on the wing; Neymar is brilliant when it's going for him, but you're unlikely to get that in a 4-4-2; and Gueye and Paredes is a functional midfield pairing, but that's about it.


Right, let's have some teams...


I get and love this with every fibre of my being. Except seriously lads, go inside and stay there you absolute twonks.


This is a fine point, made by a player who cares and understands. Except...


It's just so hard to even talk about football given what's going on, except of course it's not remotely hard to talk about football, so let's just try that and hope things get better.


Every single one of us should be absolutely buzzing for this, except what is it all about? A question I ask myself a lot, granted, but with extra vehemence tonight. Does anyone think we're going to see the next round, never mind the semi and final? It's hard to have a scooby and, at the very best, it looks like someone will have to make a choice between the remainder of the club season and the Euros. I do not know.


Evening all, and welcome to PSG (1) v (2) Borussia Dortmund!