Champions League • Group C
  • 2nd Half
  • Manchester City
  • Shakhtar Donetsk
  • Fernandinho
  • Júnior MoraesSikan
  • KovalenkoMarcos Antônio
  • RodriFoden
  • De BruyneSilva
  • Solomon
  • KonoplyankaSolomon
  • Gündogan

Manchester City - Shakhtar Donetsk

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So, City go through as group winners, and provided Dinamo do not beat them in the final game while Shakhtar lose to or draw with Atalanta, Shaktar will join them.


Full-time: Manchester City 1-1 Shakhtar Donetsk.


City have hit a lot of long balls tonight - I can't believe that was part of their plan - and there's another, which Jesus can't reach.


Alan Patrick goes down with cramp and the crowd immediately register their disapproval but the reality is that City are not really chasing a winner. They'll take one if it comes, but they're not forcing the issue.


There'll be four added minutes.


Fernandinho chops down Tete and is booked; he'll now miss City's final match, which will almost certainly be a dead rubber.


Argh! Junior Moraes, who was about to go off anyway, hurts himself and is stretchered off. Sikan, who is just 18, replaces him.


It's all going on in Madrid, where Sarabia and Mbappe have brought PSG back from 2-0 down to 2-2.


Angelino, who's had a tough night, clips a ball towards Sterling at the far post, who can't control his volley, slicing wide.


I was wrong. If Shakhtar get a winner, that'll take them through, because although they drew both games with Dinamo, they scored three away goals to Dinamo's two, and that counts as part of head-to-head, which is used before goal difference. That is not a good rule; one goal should be worth one goal.


I'm sure they'll still hand out some hidings, and if they pulled it off they'd not be the first good team to pull off a European Cup once past their best, but City have definitely lost a step.


Sterling bends a low cross into the box, directly into the arms of Pyatov.


Benzema has put Madrid 2-0 up on PSG.


Who knew. Though I actually think Kompany needed replacing three seasons ago.


Foden clips into the box but Bernardo is up against Ismaily, and he heads back to Pyatov.


Marcos Antonio replaces Kovalenko.


Cancelo lifts a ball over the top for Bernardo, who stretches to divert it across the face, only for Kryutsov to stick it behind. The resultant corner comes to nothing.


Spurs now lead Olympiakos 4-2; Bayern are 5-0 up in Belgrade; Madrid still lead PSG.


A lull.


I'm surprised this change wasn't made earlier, or pre-match. Foden replaces Rodri. I don't see that City needed him and Gundogan against this standard of opponent.


Rodri finds Silva who finds Bernardo, but his cross is easily claimed by Pyatov.


City have lacked tempo tonight. The balance isn't quite right with Rodri, but they also miss Bernardo in the middle when he plays out wide.


Otamendi flips a ball over the top for Jesus, who turns at the by-line and feeds Silva; he shoots inside the near post, Stepanenko slides towards the line and scoops brilliantly away.


David Silva replaces De Bruyne.


GOAL! Manchester City 1-1- Shakhtar Donetsk (Solomon) What a change! Excellent from Shakrtar, who pass through midfield with Kovalenko and Alan Patrick before Junior Moares again frees Tete down the right, who slides in Dodo screeching in overlap. He looks up, crosses, and picks out Solomon, who rams home.


One my six-year-old wrote: what's a pirate's favourite subject? Art.

And what's a turkey's favourite subject: Geography.


My days, this game is dull. Anyone know any jokes/


For your general knowledge:


Manor Solomon, the Israeli, replaces the disappointing Konoplyanka.


Cancelo picks up possession and strides forward, cutting inside onto his left foot and dragging a low shot that Pyatov saves easily.


Sarri gets it right once again.


De Bruyne frees Sterling at inside-left and he cuts in towards the centre, opening his body and sky a slice.


When he's good he's great.


If Dinamo don't win from 2-0 down to Atalanta, City will qualify tonight as group winners.


GOAL! Manchester City 1-0 Shakhtar Donetsk (Gundogan) De Bruyne picks it up at inside-right and curves a nice pass into the box for Jesus, who collects in his stride then drags outside of Kryutsov, before running out of angle and turning to lay back to Gundogan, who takes a touch and passes inside the near post.


Matviyenko swishes a free-kick long and over the top for Junior Moraes, who leaps to control, but Fernandinho challenges well.


De Bruyne swings in another cross, with Matviyenko humps clear.


Stepnaneko is down after wearing an elbow from Otamendi, and Alan Patrick is down after being fouled by Jesus. Both will be fine.


De Bruyne with it, and Pyatov punches clear.


De Bruyne moseys towards the line and crosses for Jesus, but Ismaily blocks behind. The corner yields another corner...


Kane has equalised for Spurs.


De Bruyne contests a challenge with Junior Moraes and has studs applied to shin for his trouble. But he rides it well, and Moraes somehow escapes a booking.


Atalanta now lead Dinamo 2-0; if nothing changes there, City are through with a defeat.


Gundogan clips a ball over the top towards Jesus' head, but not hard enough to mither Pyatov.


Elsewhere, Dele Alli has pulled a goal back for Spurs, who now trail Olympiakos 2-1.


Off we go again...


A draw takes City through and is a decent result for Shakhtar too, and actually the visitors have had the two best chances, by far. I'd expect to see a different game in the second half.


Half-time: Manchester city 0-0 Shakhtar Donetsk


There'll be one additional minute.


City are off in their passing but also their movement. They're not making the quick runs and performing the quick twists they usually do, the Sterling has been willing.


City are getting a rocket at half-time, but in the meantime Bernardo curls in a gorgeous cross which Kryutso heads clear.


City win a free-kick down the right, and with everyone expecting a cross, De Bruyne clips short to Cancelo, who curls directly into the nearest forehead.


Fernandinho slides a ball through seeking Jesus, but Matviyenko intercepts. City have been flat.


Rodri finds Gundogan, who makes clear his intention to shoot, and Kovalenko flings a leg to block behind. The resultant corner comes to nowt.


Alan Patrick finds Konoplyanka down the left, and he cuts in, in order to shoot straight at Ederson.


Afrer some magic sponge, Moraes seems ok - the sub has put his coat back on.


Moraes goes down with what appears to be a buttock issue.


Apparently Jose Mourinho has pulled Eric Dier off before half-time. That lasted well then.


Alan Patrick looks a decent player, and City give him the chance to lift a ball over the top for Junior Moraes - there is no pressure on him - but Moraes can't quite catch up with it.


The corner goes short, then back one more to Angelino, who curls in a very nice ball which Otamendi attacks, all over Kryutsov, only to head over the bar.


Sterling injects some pace and plays a wall-pass off De Bruyne, winning a corner for his trouble...


Real Madrid lead PSG; Bayern Munich lead Red Star.


In Italy, Atalanta lead DInamo, which is ideal for both of these teams.


Eek! Another ball over Angelino's head finds Tete down the right. He slides back to Junior Moraes, who squares to the onrushing Alan Patrick - this is a great chance! - but he leans back and balloons high and wide.


De Bruyne drives at the Shakhtar defence, flicking outside him to Cancelo ... who comes back inside onto his left foot, then curls a cross that's got just too much on it for De Bruyne and Sterling.


Tete telegraphs a pass infield and Jesus snaffles it, laying back for Rodri to advance towards the box. He has plenty of time to plan his shot, opting to open his body and sidefoot for the far corner, but doesn't get the angle or purchase and Pyatov saves easily.


I've seen better games, but the moments of quality suggest all is not lost.


Tete is finding a lot of space at inside right, and another ball to him sees him digging straight into Fernandinho.


Fernandinho spots Sterling moving from out to in and lifts a pass over the top for him ... but goes to late, and the flag is raised just as yerman villeys wide.


You've got to laugh: Olympiakos have scored again and now lead Spurs 2-0.


De Bruyne catches Junior Moraes extremely late, but the ref keeps his cards in his pocket. That's just about the right decision.


Stepanenko gets the ball in midfield and the through-pass to Tete is on, but he overhits it and Ederson, whose starting position is good, races out to kick clear.


Oh my days! Ederson comes charging out of his goal to cut out a long ball for Tete ... and misses it! Tete carries the ball into the box but, when the time comes to act, who ignores the man alongside him then restricts his own shooting angle and hits a low one, which the sliding Fernandinho sticks behind for a corner. That was a tremendous oversight.


De Bruyne tries a right-footed cross that's cleared, then a left-footed cross that Gundogan miscues.


Shakhtar are looking to spring forward whenever they can; Alan Patrick is looking lively and their most likely route to an incision.


Good ball down the line from Bernardo for Cancelo, whose cross is a good one, but manages to elude the three blue shirts in the box.


City move the ball a little faster, but then Fernandinho clips a nothing ball into the box and Pyatov collects.


This has been a sedate start.


Rodri and Otamendi combine to win the ball and send Sterling away down the left. He nips the ball inside for De Bruyne, and his first touch is a goodun, taking him away from Matviyenko, but Kryutsov blocks the ensuing shot.


At the new White Hart Lane, Olympiakos lead Josemourinhosspurs.


Fernandinho, who is great at committing fouls and avoiding cards, thuds through junior Moraes. He escapes a booking.


Aguero is in a box, wearing hat, polo neck and blazer. We see you.


Bernardo slides a pass in behind Ismaily for De Bruyne, and his cross is deflected behind. The corner comes to nothing.


De Bruyne progresses down the right, but looks to lay back and passes to Kovelenko.


There are a lot of empty seats at the Etihad, which is understandable: football is expensive and it's an expensive time of year. What is not understandable is that surplus tickets aren't handed out to local kids.


Off we go!


Elsewhere and already tonight, Brugge scored late to salvage a draw away to Galatasaray; both are out, with PSG and Real Madrid set to progress for that group. And Leverkusen have beaten Lokomotiv, but the likelihood is that Atletico and Juventus will progress.


Here come the teams!


After 15 games in the Ukrainian Premier League, Shakhtar sit in top spot with 14 wins and one draw; they lead second-placed Dynamo Kyiv by a mere 13 points. Which is to say that, at the very least, they are a grooved and confident outfit.


Guardiola tells BT that he has picked a team to try to win the game; enlightening, Josep. He knows Shakhtar quite well and says that they put a lot of players in the middle of the pitch to play short passes and are very quick. His players, he says, need to remember that they haven't yet qualified.


In the studio, Joleon Lescott is extolling De Bruyne but says he'd prefer to have Yaya Toure. I'm not sure - De Bruyne has a higher bottom level and contributes more to controlling a game, whereas Toure was all about making sure his team won it.


BT are showing an interview with Gabriel Jesus, who is a good player but about as bad a player as you'd expect to see at City in his position, which is to say that he comfortably less good than their other attackers. Guardiola's plan was clearly that he replace Sergio Aguero and he tried to make it happen, but three years later Ageuro is still first choice. In fairness, Aguero is extremely useful at association football.


I'd hoped that Guardiola would give Foden a go tonight. I'm sure he'll play the final match in Zagreb if City are through, but he'll only really get better now by playing in meaningful matches.


It's been a while since Pep Guardiola picked his first-choice team, even if we discount Laporte and Sane, who are injured. I wonder if Guardiola is even certain about what that team is - I'd go with Bernardo and De Bruyne in midfield with Sterling and Sane wide, but I'm not sure the manager would.


Worthy of reporting.


In the end, the question for City is whether they're good enough to go all the way - especially as the league title already looks out of reach. And the answer, for the third consecutive season, is that at their best they are the best, but producing that, with their defence, against a quality attack, is unlikely. If the draw is kind, they have a great chance, but your correspondent would not back them to beat three quality teams in a row.


Particularly impressive in that Chelsea game were Fernandinho, who is beginning to look like a centre-back - like more of a centre-back than Otamendi or Stones, let's be real - and De Bruyne. He is the best player in the Premier league, by far, and look, finally, as though he is fit again.


City make various changes from the weekend's comeback win over Chelsea: at the back, Otamendi and Angelino comes in for Mendy and Stones; in midfield, Gundogan comes in for David Silva; and in attack, Bernardo Silva and Jesus come in for Mahrez and the injured Aguero.


Let's have some teams...


City are not quite through but almost through. They sit top of Group C with three wins and a draw from their four games, and will qualify tonight if they avoid defeat, or if Dinamo Zagreb fail to beat Atalanta. Shakhtar, meanwhile, need to better Dinamo's aggregate results tonight and in two weeks' time - both play City and Atalanta - because they are on the same points, but both matches between them were drawn, Dinamo's +2 goal difference gives them the edge over Shakhtar's -2.


Evening all, and welcome to Manchester City v Shakhtar Donetsk!